Thursday, September 03, 2015

Still Rotting

Case closed:
French judges investigating claims that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was murdered have closed the case without bringing any charges, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

“At the end of the investigation… it has not been demonstrated that Mr Yasser Arafat was murdered by polonium-210 poisoning,” the three judges ruled, according to the prosecutor at Nanterre court near Paris.

The decision was blasted as “fundamentally biased” by lawyers for Arafat’s widow Suha and rejected by the Palestinian Authority’s own inquiry committee.
Sometimes a conspiracy theory is just a conspiracy theory...

Robot Visions

How to make a robot hallucinate:
“This network was trained mostly on images of animals, so naturally it tends to interpret shapes as animals. But because the data is stored at such a high abstraction, the results are an interesting remix of these learned features,” wrote Google engineers Alexander Mordvintsev, Christopher Olah, and Mike Tyka in a blog post. “The results vary quite a bit with the kind of image, because the features that are entered bias the network towards certain interpretations. For example, horizon lines tend to get filled with towers and pagodas. Rocks and trees turn into buildings. Birds and insects appear in images of leaves.”

And because neural networks assess images in layers—by color, by the sorts of lines or shapes depicted, and so on—the complexity of the image generated depended on which layer the engineers asked the computer to enhance. The lowest layers are the contours of things—lines and shadows—whereas the highest layers are where more sophisticated imagery emerges. “For example, lower layers tend to produce strokes or simple ornament-like patterns, because those layers are sensitive to basic features such as edges and their orientations,” the engineers wrote.
This is your robot's CPU on drugs...

King Of The Leaf

Insects roar:
What’s also special about the roar of the mirid bugs, New Scientist pointed out, is that there’s no leg or wing rubbing to produce the noise.

“It must be a specific organ in the abdomen producing the roars,” Mazzoni told the publication, noting that he hasn’t found the source yet.

The study about this discovery was published last month in the Journal of Insect Behavior. The study authors wrote that they believe the roar is part of the insect’s mating behavior.
The Love Bug is here?

School For Profit

One hand shakes the other:
New emails released from Hillary Clinton’s email server reveal that while she was secretary of state, Clinton did a favor for a for-profit education company that later paid her husband more than $16 million.

In 2009, just a few months after Hillary took over at the Department of State, she was involved in planning a private dinner on education policy that featured herself, several State Department staff, and about a dozen individuals involved with higher education…

A second email shows that Clinton’s wish was carried out, as Laureate Senior Vice President Joseph Duffey was one of 20 guests at the Aug. 17 dinner. Laureate wasn’t the only school to be invited due to Clinton. Methodist-run Africa University had a representative at the dinner after Clinton proposed it (Clinton is a United Methodist)…

Just a few months later, in spring 2010, Bill Clinton was named as Laureate’s honorary chancellor, a post he held until stepping down in April 2015. His pay at the time wasn’t disclosed, but in July, Hillary’s publication of her tax returns revealed that Bill was paid over $16.5 million by Laureate from 2010 through 2015.
Just a favor for a few friends...

Here's Your Pledge

So Trump signs:
Here’s Trump pledging his allegiance to the Republican Party, an organization despised by pretty much everyone in the United States apart from its own leadership. He signed a second copy of the pledge with the correct date at some point this afternoon, so if you were hung up on the date thing that I mentioned up top, forget it.
He doesn't seem all that concerned about it himself:

How To Be A Better Metro Male

Don't show your manhood:
In 2012, Katz gave a TED talk with the title, “Violence against women—it’s a men’s issue.” In his talk, Katz asserts we need to “change the socialization of boys and the definitions of manhood that lead to these current outcomes [violence against women].”

Other events as part of “Healthy Masculinities Week” include “Maintaining ‘Bro’ Status: Fraternity men discuss masculinity and mental health,” “Masc 4 Masc: Policing masculinity in the gay and bi communities,” “Masculinity XXL? The portrayal of manhood in Magic Mike,” and a screening and discussion of the film, “The Mask You Live In.”

The advertisement for “Healthy Masculinities Week,” which was emailed to members of the student body, includes a portrayal man with a thought bubble, thinking, “Don’t cry,” “Have sex,” “Major in business,” “Play sports,” and “Man up.” Allegedly, these are examples of unhealthy masculinity.
I'm sure pajama boy would agree...

Super Happy Fun Airline

Communism, propaganda, and low discount fares:
Cockerell said Air Koryo's weaknesses tend to be the kind of thing SkyTrax focuses on: cabin attendants tend not to speak foreign languages very well, there is no in-flight magazine, the meals aren't going to win any awards and, on older planes, condensation from the cooling systems tended to dampen seats and drip on passengers.

"It's not Emirates," he said, referring to Dubai's Emirates Airlines, a four-star according to SkyTrax. "It's not quite the flying experience people are used to."

In-flight entertainment is usually limited to the popular Moranbong Band girl group singing patriotic odes to the leader, or North Korean cartoons, shown on drop-down screens attached to the cabin ceilings. On the less than two-hour hop from Beijing, there is a meal of sorts. It resembles a hamburger.
So, basically, they've caught up with most American carriers...

Do You Pledge Allegiance?

It's come to this:
The pledge states in part that if the GOP contender does not become the nominee: “I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is.”

The pledge follows concerns that leading Republican candidate Donald Trump will run as a third-party candidate if he fails to win the GOP nomination. Such a move would likely result in Trump taking enough votes with him to possibly sink the Republican Party’s chances of defeating the Democratic nominee and taking the White House.

A GOP source with direct knowledge of the meeting told Fox News that the pledge would be at the center of a scheduled meeting Thursday between Trump and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in New York City.

During the Aug. 6 Republican debate, Fox News moderator Bret Baier asked the main-stage candidates to raise their hand if they would not pledge to support the eventual nominee and not run as an independent if they lost the nomination.

Trump was the only candidate to raise his hand, to a smattering of boos from the Cleveland crowd.
Loyalty is earned, not demanded...

Back To The Earth

The last to leave:
Newman was 5 years old when the quake struck, shaking her home in a Healdsburg ranch about 70 miles north of San Francisco the early morning of April 18, 1906.

"She remembered being downstairs and her father picking her up and running out of the house," said Newman's daughter, Beverly Dobbs of Fair Oaks.

The family remained on the ranch, where she grew up, because the house wasn't damaged, Dobbs said.

"She would tell us she remembered my grandmother being upset because they had just milked the cow earlier and she had separated the cream and all and put it in containers that got thrown to the floor," Dobbs, 85, said.

Newman passed away July 29 at her home in Pebble Beach, California, the coastal town where she and her late husband moved to after living in Pacific Grove, Dobbs said.

Her death leaves only one known earthquake survivor still living. William Del Monte, 109, was 3-months-old when the earthquake hit, said Lee Housekeeper, an organizer of the quake's commemoration events.
We sometimes forget that history has survivors...

The Man Child Comes Of Age

Justin Bieber sort of matures:
"It was just so overwhelming for me, everything," Bieber said: "The performance; I missed some cues, so I was disappointed at that; and just everyone.... I wasn't expecting them to support me in the way that they did." The last time he was at an awards show, the crowed booed him, he added. "I worked so hard at this album, I worked so hard at just becoming the man I want to become," that the moment overwhelmed him.

Fallon lightened the mood with a joke about harnesses, but then the chat got back to why everybody was booing Bieber before: He was acting like an immature jerk. Bieber blamed that on the "knuckleheads" he was hanging around with, and the fact that his period to "test the waters" was in the spotlight.
Short, arrogant, and stupid is no way to go through life son...

Free The Yoga

The right to wear yoga pants?
“It’s pretty much like the same thing that’s going on in the Middle East,” a male student said. “Women can’t drive because it’s a distraction to men and I don’t think it’s fair that we can take something away from the girls just because it’s either distracting the guys or its non-professional.”
For now, violators won’t be punished
“In the hallways we’re always addressing dress in one way or another,” said Superintendent Robert Sanborn. “It’s hats indoors, tank tops things of that nature, and it’s a teachable moment it’s not a disciplinary action it’s not detention.”
Meanwhile, the debate goes on.
“Yoga pants are really comfortable,” one female student said.
It's the relaxed fit, I suppose...

Rich Man, Gay Man

Wealthy is the gay?
The researchers could find no conclusive evidence that homosexual behavior was present in human prehistory, before the rise of organized societies. Moreover, their anthropological search revealed that homosexuality does not appear to be a universal trait. In some societies, particularly those that are smaller and more isolated, homosexuality is entirely absent. For example, the Aka people of the Central African Republic don’t even have a word to describe same-sex sexual interaction. It is literally unheard of. Finally, the authors did indeed find a link between social stratification and homosexuality. The more highly stratified a society was — by rank, wealth, or power, for example — the greater the chance that male homosexuality was present.
By this standard, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney must be a married couple...

Down By The River

Ah, yes-the dreaded baptism:
The clip in question was reportedly first published on the First Baptist Villa Rica YouTube page.

It came along with a caption that read, “We had the privilege of baptizing a bunch of football players and a coach on the field of Villa Rica High School! We did this right before practice! Take a look and see how God is STILL in our schools!”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist activist group, sent a letter to the Carroll County School District, demanding that officials investigate the apparent baptism ceremony that unfolded on August 17, calling it an “egregious constitutional violation.”

“Please reply detailing the steps being taken to bring Carroll County Schools into compliance with the First Amendment,” the letter concludes.
Clearly, God and school water cannot mix...

Gold Diggers

Donald Trump versus...Kanye West?
Reacting to West’s announcement at the VMAs, Trump said he didn’t “quite get” the comparisons people have made between the two, but said he looked forward to a political face-off with the rapper.

“He’s said very nice things about me in the past … extremely positive things,” Trump said, adding that West is friendly with his daughter Ivanka Trump.

“I was actually watching, I saw him do it, and I said, ‘That’s very interesting. I wonder who gave him that idea?’” Trump added. “He’s actually a different person than people think. He’s a nice guy. I hope to run against him someday.”
The way things are going, Kanye may well be a Republican by then...

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

No ID, No Big Gulp

Are you old enough for that Big Gulp?
Titone thinks this legislation is urgently needed because sugar is a deadly threat: “Sugar in large quantities is a dangerous product. Like a gun, it will kill you. It’s just going to take a little longer,” he told a CBS2 reporter.

He also proposed a companion bill earlier in August requiring warning labels be affixed to sugary drinks. One proposed version of the warning label reads: “Safety Warning: Consuming food items and beverages with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.”

For New Yorkers, Titone’s quest to crack down on sugary beverages feels like déja vu: It calls to mind former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s unpopular crusade against the drinks. Bloomberg tried to impose regulations via the city’s health board that would have prohibited the sale of most sugary drinks in containers exceeding 16 ounces in the Big Apple. But his ban was rejected in 2014 by the New York Court of Appeals for bypassing the legislature.

Unlike Bloomberg’s ban, Titone’s bill would apply only to minors. But while it doesn’t infantilize adults, it’s just as open to charges of ineffectual nanny-statism.
If at first you don't succeed, ban and ban again...

Blackmail Wiki

The peril of being an encyclopedia that "anyone can edit":
Wikipedia has taken action against what it described as the “co-ordinated group” of fraudsters by blocking 381 accounts. An investigation had found that the accounts were controlled by Wikipedia users offering to change articles about companies and private individuals in exchange for payment.

In some cases, the requests for money amounted to blackmail, Wikipedia told The Independent.

The crackdown represents the culmination of a two-month investigation, dubbed “Orangemoody” after the first questionable account was identified earlier this year. It is suspected that many of the suspect accounts were “sock puppets” – meaning they were controlled by the same person. The true identity of the scammers – or scammer – is still unknown.
At least they'll get their own page...

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Day Care Cage Match

Two kids enter:
The videos show about a dozen boys and girls shoving each other to the ground and trying to hit each other, according to prosecutors. The charges stem from Aug. 13, but investigators are looking into whether the fights were ongoing.
The Snapchat videos only last 10 seconds and then disappear, but investigators were able to find the video after someone recorded it.
“We don’t believe there were any serious injuries at this point, but we are still investigating the case,” Park said.
Prosecutors said the former workers staged the fights for pure pleasure. Neighbors of defendant White were stunned.
“It’s unbelievable – God, it’s unbelievable,” said the Rev. James Smith.
“She was very nice, but you don’t really know anybody, really,” said neighbor Betty Farinelli.
If you won your match, you got a gold star...

E.T. In Russia

Paging Fox Mulder:
Local news reports said the corpse with a "mysterious skull" was found by two residents next to the River Kovashi, on Sunday, in the Russian town of Sosnovy Bor, a town built in 1958 to serve the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.

It is said that the locals, who spotted it by chance, initially believed it could be a mutant chicken embroyo that had been discarded.

However, local experts have been so far unable to say what it is.

One researcher was quoted as saying: "It seems that this body is neither fish nor fowl - this creature has a mysterious skull, no neck and wings."
Is anyone missing a Gremlin?

Obama Versus The Iceberg

President Obama in the wild:
From a distance, Exit Glacier appears as a river of white and blue flowing down through the mountains toward lower terrain. In fact, it's just the opposite. The 2-mile-long chock of solid ice has been retreating at a faster and faster pace in recent years - more than 800 feet since 2008, satellite tracking shows.

"This is as good of a signpost of what we're dealing with when it comes to climate change as just about anything," Obama said with the iconic glacier at his back.

Obama trekked up to the glacier with photographers in tow in a carefully choreographed excursion aimed at calling attention to the ways human activity is degrading cherished natural wonders. The visit to Kenai Fjords National Park, where the glacier is located, formed the apex of Obama's three-day tour of Alaska, his most concerted campaign yet on climate change.

The president, dressed for the elements in a rugged coat and sunglasses, observed how signposts along the hike recorded where the glacier once stood and now only dry land remains.

"We want to make sure that our grandkids can see this," Obama said, describing the glacier as "spectacular."
Maybe it just doesn't want to be seen with him in public, which would be understandable...


remember Jimmy Snuka?
Snuka, who had been at a World Wrestling Federation taping at the Allentown Fairgrounds, told police shortly after Argentino's death that he had returned to the couple's Whitehall Township hotel room to find her unresponsive in bed. She was pronounced dead at a hospital several hours later.

An autopsy determined she died of traumatic brain injuries and had more than three dozen cuts and bruises, and concluded her injuries were consistent with being hit with a stationary object. At the time, forensic pathologist Isidore Mihalakis wrote that the case should be investigated as a homicide until proven otherwise, according to a grand jury report released Tuesday. But the investigation went cold.

A June 2013 investigation by The Morning Call of Allentown raised questions about the case. Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin told the paper last year that Argentino's sisters approached him after the story ran, prompting him to give the case another look.
In his time he was about as big as they came. I guess you never know...

Canuck Cash

Blame Clinton, and Canada:
In a five-minute video compilation, Veritas showed senior members of Mrs. Clinton’s team appearing to accept a donation from a Canadian women at Mrs. Clinton’s campaign announcement rally in exchange for hats and pins bearing the candidate’s name. The staff members — Molly Barker and Erin Tibe — express awareness that they cannot except a donation from a foreigner but agree to allow the Canadian woman to give the money to an American citizen standing next to her who made the transaction on her behalf.

Although the American happened to be one of Project Veritas’s staff members who used a fake name, Mr. O’Keefe made the case that the video showed a willingness by the campaign to skirt laws that forbid taking donations from foreigners by using a conduit. The transaction amounted to $75, and Project Veritas has asked Mrs. Clinton’s campaign to refund the money.

“They have demonstrated a willingness to contravene the law,” Mr. O’Keefe said.
As long as the money's good, at least...

They Are Women, Hear Them Roar

Feminists aren't fans of Hillary:
In addition to women taking to the app to say why they wouldn’t vote for Clinton, when you search her name on Whisper it also turns up a host of posts in favor and against the politician. Some of these posts though take a particularly nasty tone.

Searching GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina to see if she received the same treatment, as a woman campaigning for the nomination, revealed that while there are far fewer posts about her on the platform, the tone overall is much more friendly than that about Clinton.
Maybe because they prefer someone who has actual accomplishments to speak of?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Black Gold Mine

Not everyone in Alaska is enamored by a visit from the President who renamed a mountain for them:
The Inupiat people, who live in ANWR on the northern coastal plain, also oppose Mr. Obama’s proposal because they support energy development on their own lands. Arctic Slope Regional Corp., an Alaska Native regional corporation, owns subsurface rights to land within ANWR, and Kaktovik Inupiat Corp. owns the surface rights.

Alaska state Rep. Benjamin Nageak, a Barrow Democrat who was born in ANWR and is a member of the Inupiat tribe, objected to the president’s proposal when it was announced earlier this year.

“We have thousands and thousands of acres of land that our people in the state of Alaska, especially in ANWR, have title to, and [they] cannot even use that resource to enrich themselves,” Mr. Nageak said. “That is wrong. When you give the people the ability to enrich themselves, you don’t lock up their lands so they don’t do anything else but just sit on it, and nothing comes out of it except the renewable resources that we depend on.”
Just because it's their land, doesn't mean they can use it. Just ask the EPA...

Gone To Texas

California, there they go:
Nearly 600,000 Californians wound up in Texas, while about 348,000 Texans moved to California. The other top net recipients of Californians were Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, the analysis found.

Even so, California has seen its population increase slightly from 37 million in 2010 to nearly 39 million, thanks largely to an influx of foreign-born immigrants.

Analysts blame a host of factors for the migration, starting with California’s high tax rate and cost of living. The state is also entering its fourth year of drought and recently enacted mandatory reductions on residential water suppliers.
Somebody has to stay to make sure the faucets are turned off...

Do Not Collect One Million Dollars

The Illinois lottery is broke:
The Chicago Tribune reported that disbursements of Illinois Lottery winnings of more than $25,000 have been halted because the state doesn't have a budget.

"For the first time, we were finally gonna get a break," Rick said. "And now the Illinois Lottery has kind of messed everything up."

Under state law, checks for such winnings must be cut by the state comptroller's office and, since lawmakers have yet to approve a budget, the office cannot release those funds, the newspaper said.
No winnings for you...

Ape Army

Unleash the monkeys of war:
According to Wang Minghzi of China's air force, Peoples' Liberation Army monkeys have “mastered” the skills necessary to destroy birds’ nests.
The primates take twigs out of the nests one by one, before shaking the remnants out of the branches.
Two of the army's fastest apes, Qitian and Ziyun, can do so in under a minute, having cleared 180 nests between them this month.
“There is no problem doing this”, Wang said on Sunday, as the macaques have “graduated” after a month’s training.
Beware of where this could lead:

Mountain Man

If the mountain won't come to Obama:
For more than a century, the tallest mountain on the continent was named after the 25th U.S. president, William McKinley.

Now, in honor of Alaska’s indigenous Athabascan people, who had always called it “Denali,” President Barack Obama is changing it back, the White House said in a release Sunday.

“This designation recognizes the sacred status of Denali to generations of Alaska Natives,” the release said.
I guess a dead President's name just isn't worth what it used to be these days...

Hand 'Em Over

Sorry, IRS:
White House emails to the IRS about individual tax returns cannot be exempted by the embattled agency under the Freedom of Information Act, a federal judge ruled Friday.

United States District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that Section 6103 of the tax code does not justify the IRS from withholding from FOIA requesters by refusing to say whether the records exist. She ordered the IRS to respond properly to an FOIA request submitted by the non-profit watchdog group Cause of Action.

“As we have said all along, this administration cannot misinterpret the law in order to potentially hide evidence of wrongdoing. No administration is above the law, and we are pleased that the court has sided with us on this important point,” said Daniel Bernstein, executive director of Cause of Action.
You can't hide these in a sewer...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Meal Time, Human

Your robot will serve you now:
Traditionally, the Turing Test is evaulated on conversation bots, as a panel of judges guess whether they are conversing with a human or an algorithm. In Eatsa’s case, the leadership team of Scott Drummond and Tim Young want to iteratively develop a restaurant design which will look the same when they eventually implemented the automated food preparation and delivery assembly line.

“Our initial prototypes will allow us to test the customer experience and our food, as well as the software system that we’ve developed to tie everything together from ordering through kitchen operations to pick-up,” Drummond tells The Ferenstein Wire.

Perhaps more importantly, Eatsa’s model is one of many technological advancements that is pressuring us to choose between restaurants that provide many low-paid jobs to low-skill workers or restaurants that provide bowls of healthy, hygienic, cheap, no-worry food to wealthy and poor customers.
Come and get it, flesh bags...

Hunting for Idiots

If you're this dumb:
Viewers issued “likes” with hearts and commented live, spurring on the pair — one follower asked Gonzalez to prove the gun was real, and shortly after the weapon was fired, KMAX added. Their supposed target apparently wasn’t found.

“We’re very fortunate that it ended this way, that no one got hurt,” Sergeant Doug Morse told the station, adding that “it’s not something we see every day.”

Police reviewed a copy of the Periscope broadcast Wednesday night, identified Batson and Gonzalez — who also displayed what appeared to be marijuana plants in the broadcast — and then took the pair into custody.

Social-media expert Julie Gallaher told KMAX that social media can skew users’ desires to be famous.

“Recognition is a basic human desire that everyone has, but some people have it more than others,” she told the station.
Sadly, these morons will probably enjoy the attention-until they get to prison...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Dark Age

Getting it right:
“In less than two minutes, comedian Colin Quinn paints a hilariously scary picture of what it’s like in the United States of Political Correctness, where people walk on eggshells and fear insulting someone or being ‘noninclusive.’ This is the atmosphere most modern college students live under, and they’re sure to get a knowing chuckle at Colin’s all-too-real joke on PC culture run amok,” the YouTube description read.
See what it means to be funny in this day and age:

No Protests Near Me

Hey you free speech kids, get off their lawn!
The appeals court judges upheld a 1949 law that forbids demonstrations on the grounds of the high court, on the premise that protests at the court’s doorstep might lead to the perception that the justices are swayed by vox populi rather than the dictates of the law.

“Allowing demonstrations directed at the Court, on the Court’s own front terrace, would tend to yield the opposite impression: that of a Court engaged with — and potentially vulnerable to — outside entreaties by the public,” wrote U.S. Circuit Judge Sri Srinivasan, who argued often before the court as a lawyer and is sometimes mentioned as a future ­Supreme Court justice.

On days when controversial cases are argued and decided, the 50-foot-wide sidewalks surrounding the court are filled with chanting, flag-waving, ­bullhorn-toting protesters of all stripes. The Supreme Court itself, in 1983, ruled that these sidewalks — on First Street NE, just across from the Capitol — are open for protests.

But demonstrators are not allowed any closer. The court in its 1983 decision did not address the protest restrictions on the court’s grounds, which include the 252-by-98-foot oval marble plaza, with its fountains, benches, flagpoles and steps leading to the court’s iconic, six-ton bronze doors.
But if the court acts on its own, is that free speech? Maybe the protesters should ask...

Friday, August 28, 2015

Return Visit

Bush comes back to New Orleans:
He and Laura Bush visited the oldest public school in the city – Warren Easton Charter High School, which was closed for a year because of storm damage and then reopened as a charter school. Bush visited the same school on the storm’s first anniversary, and the library foundation of his wife helped rebuild it.

The Bushes met with students and were greeted by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco, who fought hard to get federal aid during Katrina. Laura Bush wore a purple dress to honor the school’s colors.

The school’s success is a rare bright spot from what was an extremely trying time for Bush, who was vilified for his administration’s lackluster response to the catastrophic storm.
Mayor Nagin didn't help much, either...

Jack Strikes Back

Don't mess with Jack Sparrow:
According to the Daily Mail, Depp had his security detail look into Roy’s past during the 2010 movie shoot, but the investigative team was forced to drop the issue when their criminal records search came up empty. That changed recently after Roy’s now-ex-wife, Michelle Schrauwers, went to police.

Investigators said Roy was keeping as many as 40 videos and 400 photos. Reportedly among the secret stash were “upskirt” shots taken at a shopping mall in Los Angeles, a Target store and the bathroom of his own home, according to the Daily Mail.

Roy pleaded not guilty in May to invasion of privacy charges involving secret videos allegedly taken in bathrooms and dressing rooms in California, Louisiana and Hawaii.
Feed him to the Kraken...

Picking And Choosing

Are you entitled to ask a certain question? The Queen seems to think so:

Brother Of The Wind

Quiet contemplation, and sunbathing?
Miller wrote on Reddit that the wind turbine is located at Portsmouth Abbey Monastery and School. He added that the man, he is “Brother Joseph, one of the Benedictine monks that live on campus. He likes to take students up the windmill when the weather’s nice, and goes up there a lot in the summer to pray and reflect. I’ve been up twice, and the view is absolutely amazing.”

Portsmouth Abbey’s Twitter and the local newspaper are also confirming the man on top of the turbine is Brother Joseph Byron.

Byron told the Portsmouth Journal that while he’s not afraid heights, finding it “peaceful” on top of the turbine, he did find all the attention of the drone footage a bit annoying.
It could have been worse. He could have been nekkid...

The Z Words

In Tennessee, catching up on your z's:
"With the new semester beginning and an influx of new students on campus, it is important to participate in making our campus welcoming and inclusive for all. One way to do that is to use a student's chosen name and their correct pronouns," blogged Donna Braquet, director of the school's Pride Center.

"We should not assume someone's gender by their appearance, nor by what is listed on a roster or in student information systems. Transgender people and people who do not identity within the gender binary may use a different name than their legal name and pronouns of their gender identity, rather than the pronouns of the sex they were assigned at birth," ze wrote.
What do zu say?