Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Usual Suspects

And the latest person to claim being Deep Throat is:

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP)-A former FBI official claims he was "Deep Throat," the long-anonymous source who leaked secrets about President Nixon's Watergate coverup to The Washington Post, his family said Tuesday.

W. Mark Felt, 91, was second-in-command at the FBI in the early 1970s. His identity was revealed Tuesday by Vanity Fair magazine, and family members say they believe his account is true.
Personally, I think Woodward and Bernstein made the guy up to protect their various sources. Everybody from John Dean to Alexander Haig has been suspected of being Deep Throat. Heck, I'm surprised Elvis's name never came up.

Update: Well, John Gibson on Fox News says that the guy's identity has indeed been confirmed by the Washington Post. Too bad; my money was on the King.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Remembering The Fallen

It's Memorial Day, and while it has become a three-day weekend and the start of Summer for many people, some of us still remember it as the day to honor the veterans who are no longer with us. God bless them, and never forget their sacrifice.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Oliver Stoned

Paging Kevin Costner-Olver Stone has been busted:

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.-Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone was arrested on suspicion of drug posession and driving while intoxicated, police said Saturday.

Stone, 58, was arrested Friday night at a police checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard after showing signs of alchohol intoxication, police Sgt. John Edmundson said.

A search of his Mercedes urned up drugs, Edmundson said. He did not specify what kind.
Stone will make the case that the drugs were planted by exiled members of the Cuban Mafia, but the cops are sticking with their lone dopehead theory.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

We Shot The Sheriff

But we did not get the deputy. With Zarqawi now apparently seriously injured and seemingly out of commission, his group's answer to Barney Fife has now apparently stepped in to become the next man with a bulls' eye on his back.

FOX NEWS: The first Internet statement, on Tuesday, claimed that al-Zarqawi had been wounded and asked Muslims to pray for him.

A second, on Thursday, signed in the name of Abu Doujanah al-Tunisi of the media committee of Al Qaeda in Iraq-an unfamiliar name from his past statements-said an interim leader had been appointed to stand in for al-Zarqawi because of his injury.

The statement said the new leader would be Abu Hafs al-Gemi, "deputy of the holy warriors."
Considering the average lifespan of a member of Al Qaeda, I wouldn't hold out any hope for Barny Al-Fife to be collecting his pension.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Back On My Feet Again

Well, I had my surgery today at 11 A.M. I woke up a couple of hours later and got home about three hours ago. I have three small incisions and a drainage pouch which I assume will be removed soon. The only problem I've had so far is that I have to move more slowly than a Robert Byrd speech when I sit down or stand up. But this too, shall pass.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

Well, tomorrow is the day of my laproscopic gall bladder surgery-11 A.M. to be precise. Depending on how I feel afterwards, I'll post an update about how the procedure went.

Home Is Where The Tinfoil Is

So this is what Howard Dean's place looks like.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.-A home in Sacramento's south Natomas neighborhood is surrounded by sheet metal, and neighbors are calling it an eyesore.

The D'Souza family lives in the home on Timberwood Court, and claims the aluminum pieces are necessary to protect them from unknown neighbors who have been bombarding them with radio waves and making them sick.

"(It's) a shield to protect us against radiation, because microwave radiation is reflected off of aluminum, so it's a protective measure," resident D'Souza said.

The D'Souzas said the bombardment began after the first anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and that the radio waves have caused them health problems ranging from headaches to lupus.
It also helps give the home stealth protection against the black helicopters and evil mind control rays.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

May The Farce Be With Them

Well, I was watching the Democrats' protests against the use of the "Nuclear option" to force a straight up or down vote on President Bush's judicial nominees on c-span, and what do I see but Senator Lautenberg of New Jersey-first with a huge picture of Jimmy Stewart (who was a staunch Republican) in a scene from "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." But the kicker was when he put up a picture of Senator Palpatine from Star Wars. I kid you not. You cannot make this stuff up.

Lost their minds, these people have.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

MSM Meltdown

The fallout continues from Newsweek's now infamous retracted story, as the MSM circle the wagons and go into deep denial.

DRUDGE REPORT FLASH-Mainline reporters moved into battle mode today during a White House press briefing-as one of their own outlets continued to hemorrhage over a now retracted story!

Afghanistan's government said Tuesday that NEWSWEEK should be held responsible for damages caused by deadly anti-American demonstrations after the magazine alleged U.S. desecration of the Quran.

The White House said the United States' image had suffered irreparable damage by the story.

But it was the press's turn to fight back as Bush spokesman Scott McClellan opened his briefing to questions.

(Joined in progress)

Q With respect, who made you the editor of Newsweek? Do you think it's appropriate for you, at that podium, speaking with the authority of the President of the United States, to tell an American magazine what they should print?

MR. McCLELLAN: I'm not telling them. I'm saying that we would encourage them to help-

Q You're pressuring them.

MR. McCLELLAN: No, I'm saying that we would encourage them-

Q It's not pressure?

MR. McCLELLAN: Look, this report caused serious damage to the image of the United States abroad. And Newsweek has said that they got it all wrong. I think Newsweek recognizes the responsibility they have. We appreciate the step that they took by retracting the story. Now we would encourage them to move forward and do all that they can to help repair the damage that has been done by this report. And that's all I'm saying. But no, you're right, it's not my position to get into telling people what they can and cannot report...

Q Are you asking them to write a story about how great the American military is; is that what you're saying here?

MR. McCLELLAN: Elizabeth, let me finish my sentence. Our military-

Q You've already said what you're-I know what-I know how it ends.

MR. McCLELLAN: No, I'm coming to your question, and you're not letting me have a chance to respond. But our military goes out of their way to handle the Koran with care and respect. There are policies and practices that are in place. This report was wrong. Newsweek, itself, stated that it was wrong. And so now I think it's incumbant and-incumbant upon Newsweek to do their part to help repair the damage. And they can do that through ways that they see best, but one way that would be good would be to point out what the policies and practices are in that part of the world, because it's in that region where this report has been exploited and used to cause lasting damage to the image of the United States of America. It has had serious consequences. And so that's all I'm saying, is that we would encourage them to take steps to help repair the damage. And I think that they recognize the importance of doing that. That's all I'm saying.

McClellan is absolutely right, of course. Newsweek got caught in a huge lie, one that got people killed. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Monday, May 16, 2005


The Russians have been ratted out.

FOX NEWS: WASHINGTON-Saddam Hussein and his government bribed Russian officials, paying them millions of dollars in Iraqi oil allocations, as part of the Oil-for-Food program, a congressional investigation concluded.

The payments were madeso that Iraq could buy support for lifting sanctions against Iraq in the U.N. Security Council, former Saddam officials told the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs investigations subcommittee.

Saddam's vice president, Taha Yasin Ramadan, told investigators that the allocations were "compensation for support" according to one of two reports released Monday.

Sorry guys-no more caviar for you.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It must be contagious. Howard Dean is the latest to be afflicted with foot in mouth syndrome.

BOSTON.COM-Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Party, said yesterday that the US House majority leader, Tom DeLay, "ought to go back to Houston where he can serve his jail sentence," referring to allegations of unethical conduct against the Republican leader.

Dean's remark, in a speech to Massachusetts Democrats at their party convention, drew an immediate rebuke from US Representative Barney Frank, the Newton Democrat and one of DeLay's harshest critics. "That's just wrong," Frank said in an interview on the convention floor. "I think Howard Dean was out of line talking about DeLay. The man has not been indicted. I don't like him, I disagree with some of what he does, but I don't think you, in a political speech, talk about a man as a criminal or his jail sentence."

Somebody please check to see what the temperature in Hell is because I think it just froze over.

Foot In Mouth Disease II

Any good leftist will tell you that America is the most racist country in the world. Well, he never met the President of Mexico.

MEXICO CITY (AP)-President Vicente Fox on Saturday issued a written statement expressing his "enormous respect for minorities" after a comment on the work ethic of Mexicans in the United States prompted critical headlines.

In a public appearance on Friday, Fox said, "There's no doubt that the Mexican men and women-full ofdignity, willpower and a capacity for work-are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States."

But just remember-we're the bigots, right?

Friday, May 13, 2005

I, Sadistic Thug

Apparently bored with staring at four walls while waiting for his people to send him to that place which he so richly deserves, Saddam has decided the world needs to hear his side of the story.

FT.COM-Saddam Hussein has decided to write his memoirs while he languishes in an Iraqi jail awaiting trial after more than two decades of being responsible for brutal abuses.

According to Giovanni di Stefano, who is a member of Mr. Hussein's legal team, the former writer of allegorical novels better known as Iraq's dictator resolved in recent weeks to start writing his biography.
Look for the original crayon-written version on E-Bay soon.

It's Dead, Jim

Well, tonight marks the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise. Instead of boldly going where no show has gone before, it will now be consigned to the dustbin of cancellation and syndication.

Never having seen it my self, since we don't get UPN where I live, I've had to rely on the reviews of others. By all accounts the show started with a great idea-show the beginnings of the Trek universe through the adventures of the captain and crew of Earth's first warp-driven starship-and then just let it wither until it died. Too bad, I guess Scott Bakula couldn't quantum leap his way out of this one.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Foot In Mouth Disease

By now, a lot of people have commented on Pat Buchanan's latest version of history (available at www.worldnetdaily.com). Rather than post any of it here, let me just say that hindsight is always 20/20 and that Pat should ask the surviving veterans of that war if it was "Worth it." Oh, yeah-and those pesky Jews, too.

Pat Buchanan. The sad part is that there were actually people who wanted this clown to be President.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Divided They Fall

Well, well, well. Seems like things aren't going all that well for Al Qaeda, and that they're not quite the big, happy terrorist group that Usama wanted.

Fox News: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan-American and Pakistani intelligence agents are exploiting a growing rift between Arab members of Al Qaeda and their Central Asian allies, a fissure that's tearing at the network of Islamic extremists as militants compete for scarce hideouts, weapons and financial resources, counterterrorism officials say.

The rivalry may have contributed to the arrest last week of one of Usama bin Laden's top lieutenants, a Lybian described as Al Qaeda's No. 3 and known to have differences with Uzbeks.
Poor Usama. You just can't get good terrorists these days.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hero's Welcome

New Europe gets it:

This Is London (www.thisislondon.com): George Bush told a huge, cheering crowd today that the former Soviet republic of Georgia is proof that determined people can claim freedom from oppressive rulers.

Speaking in Tblisi's Freedom Square, the US President told tens of thousands of Georgians: "You gathered here armed with nothing but roses and the power of your convictions and you claimed your liberty."

And in a line that appeared directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Bush declined to support the bid of two seperatist regions aligned with Moscow to gain independence from Georgia.

"The sovereignity and territorial integrity of Georgia must be respected," Mr. Bush said.

On the sixtieth anniversary of the end of WW 2, most of Old Europe can't stand Bush and compares him to Hitler. New Europe knows better, and God bless 'em for it.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Thar She Blows

Oh, my. Nikki Finke over at laweekly.com has the scoop on Arianna Huffington's blogging debut, and shows Arianna and her has-been hangers-ons for the delusional buffoons that they are:

Judging from today's horrific debut of the humongously pre-hyped celebrity blog the Huffington Post, the Madonna of the mediapolitic world has gone one reinvention too many. She has now made an online ass of herself. What Arianna Huffington's bizzar guru-cult association, 180-degree conservative-to-liberal conversion, and failed run in the California gubernatorial-recall race couldn't accomplish, her blog has now done: She is finally played out publicly. This Website venture is the sort of failure that is simply unsurvivable, because of all the advance publicity touting its success as inevitable. Her blog is such a bomb that it's the box-office equivelent of Gigi, Ishtar and Heaven's Gate rolled into one. In magazine terms, it's the disasterous clone of Tina Brown's Talk, JFK Jr.'s George or Maer Roshan's Radar. No matter what happens to Huffington, it's clear that Hollywood will suffer the consequences.
Arrogance, thy name is Arianna. Go read the whole thing.

Brazilian Nuts

On the heels of my previous post about exhibitionist Belgians, we now have this:

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP)-Sex rarely makes the news in Brazil's conservative Northeast-until a small town declared an official Orgasm Day on Monday.

Espertantina Mayor Filipe Santolia endorsed the May 9 holiday, which he said was intended to improve realtions between married couples.

"We're celebrating orgasm in all its senses. There's even a panel discussion on premature ejaculation. But from what I've seen, women have more trouble achieving orgasm than men, expecially in marriage," Santolia said by telephone from Esparantina, 1,500 miles (2,100 kilometers) north of Rio de Janeiro.
We all know that when they celebrate this holiday, they're just faking it.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Frozen Belgian Waffles

If you ever want to see what the world would look like if it was run by San Fransisco, look no further than Europe's doormat.

Bruges, Belgium-almost 2,000 people braved the frigid weather early on Saturday, but they didn't get cold feet.

They all went naked in the centre of gothic Bruges in an art "happening" organized by photographer Spencer Tunick.

With temperatures closing in on freezing, winds lashing the turrets of the city and rain putting a shine on the ancient cobblestones, 1,950 people shed their clothes at dawn, with many posing in a street close to the mideval city of Belfry or touring the canals on boats.

"It was a good feeling, everybody went naked and there was this sense of togetherness. There was no shame," said Charlotte Logghe.

Hercule Peroit was unavailable for comment.

Friday, May 06, 2005

But I'm Feeling Much Better Now

Well, if you ever want to know what it's like to be stir crazy, try spending a week in the hospital recovering from gall stones.

On Tuesday, April 26th, I started having dry heaves that lasted until Wednseday afternoon. I went into the hospital, had a CAT scan, and it turns out I have gall stones. So I've been spending the last eight days getting fluids and antibiotics. I just got out of the hospital, and my next appointment with the doctor who will remove them is on May 12.

My life really sucks some times.

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