Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"With Fava Beans And A Nice Bottle of Chianti"

All Hannibal Lector had to do was wait.
The world's first artificial liver has been grown from stem cells by British scientists. The resulting "mini-liver" is the size of a small coin; the same technique will be further developed to create a full-sized liver.

The mini-liver is useful as it is, within two years it can be used to test new drugs, reducing the number of animal experiments as well as providing results based on a himan (rather than animal) liver.

Researchers Dr. Colin McGucklin, Professor of Regenerative Medicine at Newcastle University, and Dr. Nico Forraz, Senior Research Associate and Clinical Studies Business Manager at Newcastle University, say that pieces of artificial liver could be used to repair livers injured by injury, disease, alchohol abuse or other causes in the next five years. These artificial livers could also be used outside the body in a manner analogous to the dialysis process used to keep patients alive whose kidneys have failed.

In fifteen years' time, entire livers could be grown in the lab and then be transplanted into human beings.
Imagine the implications here. At some point we may be able to clone every part of the human body for spare parts. Michael Jackson will never have to go without noses again!

Le Surrender Monkey Network

Oh, this is rich.
A round-the-clock international news channel Franch is to launch in December will challenge the "Anglo-Saxon" views supported by market leaders BBC and CNN by relying on "French values," the network's chief said.

France 24, as the network is called, will start broadcasting in English and French on the Internet on December 6 and then via satellite two days later, its chairman and chief executive, Alain de Pouzilhac, told Le Figaro newspaper.
Where's Monty Python when we need them?

Monday, October 30, 2006

A Winning Combination?

Could "The Smart One" be Romney's ticket to the big leagues?
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has hired several of Jeb Bush's top aides, leading to speculation that Romney may be courting the outgoing Florida governor for a possible Romney-Bush 2008 ticket for the White House.

After Bush's former chief of staff and top political adviser, Sally Bradshaw, joined Romney's Commonwealth political action committee earlier this month, Romney flew to Florida to join Bush for campaign events and fund-raisers-and to gauge Bush's interest in being a running mate, sources, told the Boston Herald.

Soon after, Bush's chief finance director, Ann Woods Herberger, also joined Romney's political action committee.
As much as I have disagreed with Bush Brother # 1 at times, it would be worth voting for Romney just to see the lefts' heads explode if he and Bush # 2 won.

Wither The Revolution?

Most Americans agree: This is not your father's GOP.
WASHINTGON (CNN)-A quarter century after the Reagan revolution and a dozen years after Republicans vaulted into control of Congress, a new CNN poll finds most Americans still agree with the bedrock conservative premise that, as the Gipper put it, "government is not the answer to our problems-government is the problem."

The poll released Friday also showed that an overwhelming majority of Americans perceive, correctly, that the size and cost of government have gone up in the past four years, when Republicans have had a grip on the House of representatives, the Senate and the White House.

Discretionary spending grew from $649 billion in fiscal year 2001 to $968 billion in fiscal year 2005, an increase of $319 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
Reagan is spinning in his grave.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's The Direction, Stupid

Dick Armey lays the smackdown on the once-Grand Old Party.
Somewhere along the road to a "permanent majority," the Republican Revolution of 1994 went off track. For several years, we had confidence in our convictions and trusted that the American people would reward our efforts. And they did.

But today, my Republican friends in Congress stand on the precipice of an electoral route. Even the best-case scenarios suggest wafer-thin majorities and a legislative agenda in dissaray. With eight days before the election, House speaker-in-waiting Nancy Pelosi has already begun her transistion planning.

Where did the revolution go astray? How did we go from the big ideas and vision of 1994 to the cheap political point-scoring on meaningless wedge issues of today-from passing welfare reform and limited government to banning horsemeat and same-sex marriage?

The answer is simple: Republican lawmakers forgot the party's principals, became enamored with power and position, and began putting politics over policy. Now, the Democrats are reaping the rewards of our neglect-and we have no one to blame but ourselves.
There is a Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, and his name is the Fed-Up Conservative. From the Contract with America to the Pandering Proclamation. What a sad legacy.

There's Not A Riot Goin' On

What if they gave a protest and nobody came?
Hundreds of police officers showed up to keep the peace at what was supposed to be an anti-war rally Saturday afternoon. Police are now calling it a waste of resources after the protesters did not show.

It's a mix up that will cost tax payers tens of thousands of dillars. The anti-war demonstration at Washington Square was supposed to start at noon and the Chicago Police Department was ready. But the protesters were a no show, and police say it was a big waste of time and money.

They waited patiently on foot, on bike and in the streets. Hundreds of Chicago police officers were ready to make sure Saturday's anti-war demonstration stayed peaceful. Their job was easier than expected--because nobody showed up.
I hope Cindy Sheehag is paying attention. Because the same thing could happen to her, too...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Moonbats On Parade

I've heard of being desperate for attention, but this is ridiculous.
HOLLYWOOD-About 1,200 people, including vocal anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan and a handful of celebrities, marched to CNN's Hollywood bureau Saturday calling for an end to the war in Iraq.

"To stop the war in Iraq, to bring the troops home, that is the major point," said Carlos Alvarez, a member of a student-based group that makes up part of the A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) Coalition.

They chose to march to CNN because they believe the network's coverage is too pro-war and too pro-President Bush, Alvarez said. CNN used yellow tape to block protesters from the entrance. They did not answer phone calls and their voice mail was full.
So let me get this straight. These nutbars think CNN is too pro-Bush. You can't make this stuff up.

That Dangerous Aussie Regime

Australia, meet the Edsel of American politics.
HAROLD Ford, a handsome 36-year-old from Tennessee, has become one of the sensations of the mid-term elections in the US and a reason why Democrats are a good chance of winning back control of the US Congress for the first time in 12 years.

But if Mr. Ford, already a US congressman, wins his bid to become a more powerful senator, Australia had better watch out.

Because according to Mr Ford, Australia has an interest in nuclear weapons and is part of the borader nuclear threat to the US.
That's right, this guy says the land down under is as big a threat as North Korea. Well, I guess Australia could get away with it if they sent nukes inside fembots disguised as Nicole Kidman...

"Sacre Le Schedenfruede!"

As nasty as our elections can be, be glad we're not the French.
A cascade of bad news has hit the once unstoppable campaign of Segolene Royal to win the French Socialist Party's presidential nomination.

Miss Royal-derided by her rivals as a policy-light populist-yesterday failed to conceal her indignation after she was booed and whistled by about half of the 6,000 Socialist party members who attended a candidates' debate in Paris.

"Socialists should not jeer each other. I don't understand what happened," Miss Royal told reporters after the rowdy meeting, which was closed to television cameras by prior arrangement.
When you're a Socialist and you're not considered left wing enough, that's gotta hurt.

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's The Straw Man, Stupid

How desperate is the GOP getting? They're resorting to their favorite scare tactics.
The divisive debate over same-sex marriage, which played a prominent role in 2004 campaigns but this year largely faded from view, erupted anew today as President Bush and Republicans around the country tried to use a New Jersey court ruling to rally dispirited conservatives to the polls.

Wednesday's ruling, in which the New Jersey Supreme Court decided that gay couples are entitled to the same legal rights and financial benefits as heterosexual couples, had immediate ripple effects, especially in Senate races in some of the eight states where voters are considering constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage.

President Bush put a spotlight on the issue while campaigning in Iowa, which does not have a proposal on the ballot. With a Republican House candidate, Jeff Lamberti, by his side, Mr. Bush-who has not been talking about same-sex marriage in recent weeks-took pains to insert a reference into his standard stump speech warning that Democrats will raise taxes and make America less safe.

"Yesterday in New Jersey, we had another activist court issue a ruling that raises doubts about the institution of marriage," Mr. Bush said at a luncheon at the Iowa State Fairgrounds that raised $400,000 for Mr. Lamberti.
Yes, Mr. President, we all know those durn evil homos are a bigger threat than the Islamofascists, at least in an election year in which you've been having trouble trying to explain the clusterfuck you've allowed Iraq to become. Let the states decide this issue, sir-I think you've got bigger problems right now.

NBC/Dixie Line

Wow. I wonder what Keith Olbermann thinks about this.
In an Ironic Twist of Events, NBC and The CW Television Network Refuse to Air Ads for Documentary Focusing on Freedom of Speech

NBC Claims that the Network "Cannot Accept These Spots as They are Dispariging to President Bush"

The CW Television Network that the Network Does "Not have Appropriate Programming in which to Schedule this Spot"

NBC and The CW Television Network have taken a stand against the Dixie Chicks' new documentary "Shut Up & Sing" a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible political and media fallout that occured in 2003 after the Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines said that she was "ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas." "Shut Up & Sing" opens in theaters in NY and Los Angeles on Friday and in theaters nationwide on November 10th.
All together now, lefties: "NBC is stifling our right to dissent!"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blue Dog Destiny

If anything will save the Democrats from the likes of Pelosi and make life very difficult for the GOP, it's candidates like this guy.
He is pro-business and antiabortion. He is an evangelical Christian and an avid hunter. But, unexpectedly, Heath Shuler is a Democrat, and he is running for Congress in North Carolina.

Shuler is part of a phalanx of unusually conservative Democratic candidates who may deliver crucial victories over GOP incumbents and help their party win control of the House.

Republicans are ringing alarms about what the House would be like if the GOP lost control: a throwback to the unreconstructed liberalism of big-government activism, tax increases and a weak-kneed defense policy. They point with Halloween-season horror to the likely lineup of Democratic committee chairs, including Henry A. Waxman (D-Los Angeles) and other liberal old-timers.

But, like Shuler, many of the Democratic candidates most likely to be elected are cut from a different cloth. Sixteen of them have been endorsed by the Blue Dogs, a coalition of conservative Democrats. Several used to be Republicans. Shuler was recruited to run as a Republican a few years ago but opted not to.
Again, we see evidence that, in spite of all the talk of doom and gloom from social conservatives, things might not be that much different if the other party was in power. They want to win national elections again, and that means being able to appeal to the kind of people who would vote for a guy like Shuler if he had an "R" after his name. The more things change, etc, etc.

"Hey, Remember Us?"

Now this is something that the GOP should be paying attention to. But if they follow their usual pattern, chances are they won't.
Since as early as 2001, Rove's campaign strategy has been based on the faulty premise of polarization. On this view, we're a country split down the middle: Red versus blue, liberal versus conservative. With fewer true independents and swing voters, elections are supposed to be won by turnout of the base. Guided by pollster Matthew Dowd, Rove has opted for narrow electoral victories that ignore the small group of voters in the center and concentrate instead on the base.

But new polling data demonstrates that Rove's premise is wrong. In our analysis of data from Pew, Gallup, and American National Election Studies, we find that the terrorism issue has masked an otherwise large swing of independent voters away from the Republican party from 2000 to 2004.

These independents are larely libertarian: They are fiscally conservative and socially liberal on a series of general questions about the role of government. According to our research, about 15 percent of American voters hold libertarian views-about the same share of the electorate as the "religious right," and a larger share than the fabled "soccer moms" and "NASCAR dads."

(snip) Republicans have spent the past six years pushing libertarian swing votes away. President Bush's record on fiscal spending, the war in Iraq, expansion of entitlements, executive authority, the federal marriage amendment, and civil liberties have held little appeal for libertarians. Moreover, by emphasizing turnout of social conservatives and promoting a "values agenda," Republicans have further antagonized libertarians, who should be a key part of the Republican coalition.

Bullseye. Under the Christian Socialists' influence, the Elephant isn't what she used to be. If you tell people who would otherwise support you that you're no longer welcome, then you shouldn't complain if people reject you on election day because you wouldn't listen to them when they say you've lost your way.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Take My Sidekick, Please

Baby Hugo goes for Plan B.
CARACAS, Venezuela Bolivia's president said Tuesday that Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez would throw his support behind the Andean country if Venezuela is unable to win enough votes to defeat U.S.-backed Guatamala for a seat on the U.N. Security Council.

Bolivian President Evo Morales, a close ally of Chavez, raised the possibility during a speech in El Atto, Bolivia, while in Caracas Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said Venezuela would continue its drive for the rotating Security Council seat.
I hope Baby Hugo has a big enough parachute for the huge fall he's headed for.

"Dis Wirr Not Be Torerated"

Mini-Me puts South Korea on notice.
North Korea warned South Korea against joining international sanctions, saying Wednesday that its neighbor would "pay a high price" if it joins the U.S.-led drive to punish the reclusive communist nation for its nuclear test.

The statement from the North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland came as South Korea struggles to determine how it should enforce the U.N. sanctions, including whether to help interdict North Korean cargo ships uspected of transporting materials for unconventional weapons.

"If the South Korean authorities end up joining U.S.-led moves to sanction and stifle (the North) we well regard it as a declaration of confrontation against its own people...and take corresponding measures," the North's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland said in a statement.
For a guy who wants "Peaceful reunification," Mini-Me sure likes to rattle his ritter sword (although given his size most people understandably mistake it for a pocket knife).

What's On Your Mind

Hell, I could have told them this.
NEW YORK, Oct. 24 (UPI)-Researchers at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indiana University say most men are always thinking of sex.

A study released Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found 54 percent of men and 19 percent of women admit they think about sex every day-or several times a day-in a society where they are bombarded with subconscious erotic images.

Scientists at the University of Minnesota found sexy subliminal images competed for attention in the brain even when the images were not right before a subject's eyes and most people are not consciously aware of them, ABC News reported.
Now, when a woman thinks about sex, does she tell herself she's faking it? Enquiring minds want to know...

Bad Boys

Where does a 7-foot deputy go? Anywhere he wants to.
ORLANDO, Fla.--Shaquille O'Neal was present during a botched child pornography raid last month while working in Virginia as a reserve sheriff's deputy.

The Miami Heat center, who pursues his interest in law enforcement during the offseason, denied Tuesday taking part in serving the serach warrant at the wrong house Sept. 23. However, Bedford County Sheriff's Lt. Michael Harmony confirmed to The Associated Press that O'Neal was there.

O'Neal, in Orlando to play a preseason game Tuesday, was asked about the raid and several times somewhat playfully responded, "It wasn't me."
For some reason, this reminds me of Hightower from the Police Academy movies. "If all the cops looked like him, there wouldn't be any crime!"

Mr. Rightside

Green Day? Not OK.
Brandon Flowers has criticized Green Day for what he sees as their calculated anti-Americanism.

In particular, Flowers singled out the track "American Idiot" and the fact that they filmed their DVD "Bullet in A Bible", which features the song, in the UK.

"You have Green Day and 'American Idiot'. Where do they film their DVD? In England," The Killer's frontman told The Word. "A bunch of kids screaming "I don't want to be an American idiot' I saw it as a very negative thing towards Americans. It really lit a fire in me."
For a band that's really from California, Green Day sure seem intent on wanting to stay outside of the U.S. Maybe we should oblige them.

Rocket Scientist

Now this is what I call a snafu.
A drug raid on a Los Alamos scientist's home in New Mexico turned up what appeared to be classified documents taken from the nuclear weapons lab, the FBI said Tuesday.

Agents searched the home of the female scientist, whose name was not released, as part of a methamphetamine investigation, according to an FBI official in Washington who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the case.

Once inside, the agents found documents that belonged to the lab, said the official, who would not describe their contents except to say that they appeared to contain classified material.
Maybe her boyfriend thought they were rolling papers...

On The Road Again

Well, it worked for the Romans.

A Dutch mayor has supported the idea of sending prostitutes to accompany troops on missions abroad. The mayor said, "The army must consider ways its soldiers can let off steam."

Reuters quotes Annemarie Jorritsma, mayor of the town of Almere in central Netherlands, telling the nationa TV, "There was once the suggestion that a few prostitutes should accompany troops on missions. I think that is something we should talk about."

But Wim van den Burg, a spokesman for a military union, told a Dutch paper, "I don;t think my wife would find it a good idea." The idea has led to mixed reactions from the Dutch community.

I say this is something our own guys should be allowed to do. Think about it-President Bush, Pimp-In-Chief!

Pipes' Proposition

If this guy says we need to change direction in Iraq, you know we've got problems.
As coalition policy reaches a crisis, may I resurrect an idea I have been flogging since April 2003? It offers a way out of the current debate over staying the course (as President George W. Bush has long advocated) or withdrawing troops on a short timetable (as his critics demand).

My solution splits the difference, "Stay the course-but change the course." I suggest pulling coalition forces out of the inhavited areas of Iraq and redeploying them to the desert.

This way, the troops remain indefinitely in Iraq, but remote from the urban carnage. It permits the American-led troops to carry out essential tasks (protecting borders, keeping the oil and gas flowing, ensuring that no Saddam-like monster takes power) while ending their non-essential work (maintaining street-level order, guarding their own barracks).

Beyond these specifics, such a troop redeployment would imply a profound and improved change of course.
Wow, you mean there's an alternative solution to Iraq that Bush hasn't considered? I am shocked.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Give Groceries A Chance

Hippies and business don't mix.

Citing losses this year of nearly $60,000 as well as back taxes and other debt approaching $100,000, board members of the Mifflin Street Community Co-op say the downtown grocery, in operation since 1969, cannot remain open.

"The mistakes of the past and the changing climate of the present have become too great to overcome," Board President Matt Stoner wrote in a message to co-op members on Monday. "The board feels it is time to acknowledge this reality and let Mifflin pass into memory."

Eric Cartman will be deeply saddened...

Neanderthal Nuttiness

I think this guy's been watching too many old Flintstones cartoons.

Poland's far-right League of Polish Families (LPR), which is part of the coalition government, claims Darwin's theory of evolution is all wrong, that humans lived alongside dinosaurs and that Neanderthal man is still among us.

Las week, Poland's deputy education minister Miroslaw Orzechowski, a member of the LPR, bluntly rejected British naturalist Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection and his postulate that man is descended from apes.

"The theory of evolution is a lie, a mistake that we have legalised as a common truth," said Orzechowski.

(snip) Taking up the mantra of creationists-who have a strong following among Christian fundamentalists in the United States, but whose theory that God created all living creatures at the same time has not won a huge following in Europe-Giertych also propounded that man and dinosaurs roamed the earth together.

"Research shows that dinosaurs and man were contemporaries. In every culture, there are indications that we remember (dinosaurs). The Scots have Loch Ness, we Poles have Wawel dragon (in Krakow), Marco Polo spoke of an imperial carriage in China which was pulled by a dragon," Giertych said.

Well, following this idiot's logic, maybe I should write a paper showing that little people are really leprachauns, and that horses are really unicorns trying to hide their true identity. Gotta keep your fairy tales consistent, ya know.

"Don't Worry; I Am A Fire Marshal"

I think they've found Beavis's dad.

TIPTONVILLE, Tenn. (AP)-The city's fire chief and three volunteer firefighters, including the chief's grandson, were charged Tuesday with setting a string of fires in vacant buildings over the past two years.

The men, all members of the Tiptonville Volunteer Fire Department, were arrested Monday. No one was hurt in the blazes they were accused of starting.

All four men were in the Lake County jail Tuesday after a judge set bond at $100,000 for Fire Chief James Blackburn and $25,000 or more each for the others.

The next time you yell "Fire!" make sure there aren't any firemen around beforehand.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Communism Is A Lonely Business

Baby Hugo is finding out the hard way that becoming the commie prince of Latin America isn't as easy as he thought it would be.

President Hugo Chavez has suffered a string of international setbacks, seeing his campaign for a U.N. Security Council seat fall short and his favored leftist candidates losing elections in Peru and Mexico.

Calling President Bush "the devil" still rallies faithful Chavistas in Venezuela, where Chavez leads in the polls six weeks ahead of elections. But critics say his superheated rhetoric is turning away some potential supporters elsewhere.

"Taking these kinds of broadsides against the U.S. hasn't really worked for him politically abroad," said Daniel Eirkson of the Inter-American Dialouge, a Washington-based think tank. "A lot of governments indicated they would vote for him in the U.N., and then when it came to the secret ballot, they didn't."

Sorry, Baby Hugo. the world's already had nearly fifty years of rule by one Communist thug in Latin America; it doesn't need another.

The Check Bounced

And if Bush wants to know why things are so effed up in Iraq, maybe it's because they've allowed crap like this to go on.

NEW YORK-Iraq's former finance minister alleged in a U.S. television report aired Sunday that up to $800 million meant to equip the Iraqi army had been stolen from the government by former officials through fraudulent arms deals.

The former minister Ali Allawi told CBS' "60 Minutes" that $1.2 billion had been allocated from the Iraqi treasury to the defense ministry to buy new weapons. About $400 million was spent on outdated equipment, while the rest of the money was simply stolen, he said.

Allawi said the arms fraud is "one of the biggest thefts in history" and that corrups former Iraqi officials are now "running around the world hiding and scurrying around."

When it comes to incompetence, it seems the Iraqis have indeed learned well from the Bush administration...

Changing Tune

Is Bush finally getting it?
The Bush administration has dropped the phrase "stay the course" from discussions about Iraq as a recent surge in violence has forced a change in tactics on the ground and renewed calls in the U.S. for a different approach to the conflict.

President George W. Bush remains committed to the goal of setting Iraq up to govern itself and take responsibility for quelling sectartian strife, Press Secretary Tony Snow said today. Because the administration is flexible about how to achieve these goals, he said, Bush is no longer talking about sticking to one approach.

"It left the wrong impression about what was going on," Snow said. "And it allowed critics to say, 'Well, here's an administration that's just embarked upon a policy of not looking at what the situation is,' when, in fact, it's just the opposite."
Well, maybe, Mr. Snow, but seeing is believing and I'll feel a whole lot better when I hear these things coming from Bush himself.

U Can't Touch This

In France, it's Islamists versus the facts of life.

France's leading gynaecologists have challenged hard-line Muslims to bow to France's secular, "modern" rules of society, and to stop insisting that their wives are examined by female doctors.

The heads of the French National College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians issued a public declaration, rejectiong any moves to undermine the principal that public hospitals are part of a secular state, in which patients must accept being examined by a doctor of the opposite sex.

The move came after a consultant in Paris was punched by a Muslim who was concerned that a male doctor wanted to examine his wife after complications in childbirth. Though incidents of gynaecologists being attacked on religious grounds remain rare, the declaration said Muslim rejection of secular norms appeared to be rising.

It's only rising as much as Europe's appeasers will allow it to. Unfortunately the appeasers seem to be winning.

Gas Me With A Spoon

Arnold, build this sucker.

Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan and other celebrities gathered Sunday to protest a natural gas facility proposed for a site 14 miles off the Malibu coast.

"We have to use our voices and band together and stop this," said Oscar winner Halle Berry.

The gathering-also attented by Cindy Crawford, Jane Seymour, Dick Van Dyke and Tea Leoni-was intended to raise awareness about how the energy industry has invested billions to liquefy and ship natural gas across oceans.

I wish we could ship these self-important has-beens who have too much free time on their hands across the ocean, too.

Last Candidate Standing

Well, stop the presses!

Sen. Barack Obama acknowledged Sunday he was considering a run for president in 2008, backing off previous statements that he would not do so.

The Illinois Democrat said he could no longer stand by the statements he made after his 2004 election and earlier this year that he would serve a full six-year term in Congress. He said he would not make a decision until after the Nov. 7 elections.

"That was how I was thinking at that time," said Obama, when asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" about his previous statements.

Hillary vs. Gore vs. Kerry vs. this guy. The Democratic primaries are going to be so much fun to watch as they try to out-dull each other.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Midwest Madness

Want to be a lifestyle Nazi? Move to Nebraska.
Omaha's tough new anti-smoking ordinance banning the practice in nearly all public places comes with an even tougher enforcement policy.

The Nebraska city's elected leaders and police department are urging residents who see violations to call the 9-11 emergency system for an immediate response.

Omaha banned smoking in public Oct.2. Penalties are $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second and $500 for the third and subsequent infractions.
"You, with the Marlboros! Put..the pack...down! You're under arrest!"

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Brokeback Wild Animal Park

Queer Eye for the zookeeper guy?

The nation of Norway has now given us the first museum exhibition that claims that the birds, the bees, and other animals may be homosexuals.

The Oslo Natural History Museum exhibit is just one more example of propaganda invading the scientific world. Based on its assessment of same-sex attraction in the animal kingdom, the museum draws the conclusion that homosexuality cannot be considered "unnatural."

The exhibit's project leader, Geir Soeli, was quoted as saying, "The sexual urge is strong in all animals...It's a part of life, it's fun to have sex," Soeli made this statement in trying to explain the bizzare conclusion that homosexuality is rampant among animals.

Hmmm. I always did wonder why Bugs Bunny spent so much time in drag...

Will Be A Kook For Food

Michael Moore will be deeply saddened.

PROVO, Utah--A Brigham Young University physics professor who suggested the World Trade Center was brought down by explosives has resigned, six weeks after the school placed him on leave.

"I am electing to retire so that I can spend more time speaking and conducting research of my choosing," physics professor Steven Jones said in a statement released by the school.

His retirement is effective Jan. 1, 2007.

Jones recently published theories about U.S. government involvement in the events of Sept. 11, including one suggesting that explosives inside the World Trade Center-not airplanes striking the towers-brought the complex down.

Well, if he needs work I understand CNN needs resesearchers...

Chronic Stupidity

I can be as libertarian as the next guy, but this isn't the best argument for legalization.

LONDON-George Michael praised marjiuana and apparently smoked a joint in a recently taped television interview, prompting criticism from anti-drug campaigners Friday.

British television network ITV said the singer lit up while being interviewed for "The South Bank Show." The interview is to be broadcast Oct. 31.

"This stuff keeps me sane and happy," Michael, 43, said.

As if George didn't already have an excuse to hide in a public restroom...

"He Just Smiled And Gave Me A Vegemite Sandwich"

You'll be pleased to know that our government is really on top of things when it comes to protecting our borders, yes they are.

THE US has banned Vegemite, even to the point of searching Australians for jars of the spread when they enter the country.

The bizzare crackdown was prompted because Vegemite has been deemed illegal under US food laws.

The great Aussie icon-faithfully carried around the world by travellers from downunder-contains folate, which under a technicality, America allows to be added only to breads and cereals.

As an American, please allow me to apologize to Aussies everywhere for the stupidity of our government. Yeesh.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Baptist Blather

If it's over the top hyperbole, it has to come from our own version of the Taliban.

If you like sexually transmitted diseases, shootings and high teen pregnancy rates, by all means, send your children to public schools. That's the word from a leader in the fast-growing movement within the 16 million-member Southern Baptist Convention for parents to pull their children from those schools in favor of homeschooling.

The program is called Exit Strategy and Pastor Wiley Drake, whose home state of California has done some things especially offensive to Christians this year, is a leading promoter.

In an interview with WND, he said that those problems and others are prevalent in public schools, and some Christian leaders even said it could be considered child abuse just to register children in such a facility.

There's no doubt that many of our public schools are a mess. There's no doubt that homeschooling can be a viable alternative. But there's also no doubt that guys like this should maybe stick to preaching the word of God and leave educating the kids to the parents.

Allah Don't Surf

Welcome to Beachistan.

MOGADISHU, Somalia-An Islamic court banned women from swimming at the main beach in the capital to keep women from mingling with men, an official said Friday.

The ban applies only to the northern Mogadishu Leedo beach, where families usually go on weekends.

"We stopped women from swimming in beaches because it is against the teaching of Islam for women to mingle with men, especially while they are swimming," said Sheikh Farah Ali Hussein, chair of a northern Mogadishu Islamic court.

Miriam Isse watched others swimming in the Indian Ocean Friday.

"They cannot prevent us from our right to swim in the sea," she said. "What is wrong with us enjoying ourselves like men? That is clear discrimination."

Well, I'm sure the feminists in this country would agree with you, once we can get a statement from them. (Sound of crickets chirping...)

Pelosi, Yay Or Nay?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi? Not so fast.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's prospects for becoming the nation's first female House speaker depend not only on a Democratic victory in November but also on her ability to prevent any Democrats from voting against her-primarily centrists opposed to her liberal stances.

At least one Democratic House candidate has pledged not to support Mrs. Pelosi, and others in conservative districts have refused to commit their support-potentially leaving Mrs. Pelosi shy of the 218 votes required for the chamber's top post.

This only further confirms something I've long thought-if the Dems ever do get back into power, they'll want to move to the center to make themselves electable for the White House again. So much for the argument that the world would come to an end.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Masterpiece Bodysnatcher

Shades of "Coma".

THE daughter of Alistair Cooke called for the world to focus on the sale of body parts yesterday after the undertaker who cremated the legendary Letter from America broadcaster pleaded guilty to a ghoulish scheme to harvest his corpse.

Susan Cooke Kittredge told The Times that the revelations about her father-whose arms and legs were stolen after his death for use in surgery-lifted the lid on an issue of global concern. "It's a conversation we are going to have to have as human beings," she said.

The undertaker, Timothy O'Brien, is one of seven funeral directors who have struck confidential plea deals with prosecutors pursuing the spreading body-snatching scandal, sources close to the case told The Times yesterday.

I'll take dead celebrities for sale on Ebay for $100, Alex...

Calling All Romulans

Now this is spiffy.

A Star Trek-style "cloaking device" has been built using technology developed to make objects invisible.

The "cloak," based on a British design concept, measures less than five inches across and only responds to radar waves.

But within five years there might be devices powerful enough to make qhole vehicles "vanish"-including battlefield tanks.

Can you imagine the effect this would have on certain unfriendly countries? "Yeah, we got invisible armies in your back yard right now-good luck trying to find them!"

The Secret of My Success

How to succeed at self-delusion without really trying.

October 12, 2006-A young Yale overachiever just wanted a job on Wall Street-but his overblown video resume is triggering an Internet firestorm rivaling Paris Hilton's sex video.

Aleskey Vayner, a senior history major, envisioned himself as a perfect candidate for Wall Street power, boasting of an "insatiable appetite for success" and a credo to always "ignore losers."

Instead, he unleashed a torrent of outrage and jokes on the 'Net, where his slock video resume was derided as egotistical bunk loaded with fakery, such as a karate chop through seven red bricks and a scene supposedly portraying him bench-pressing 495 pounds.

The whole sad thing is available on YouTube. Word to future geeks-if you have dreams of world domination, keep 'em to yourself.

"It's A Short, Short Way To Tipperary..."

Britain may be calling it quits.

Tony Blair yesterday shifted ground on the continuing presence of British troops in Iraq by saying it was government policy to leave the country within 10 to 16 months-so long as the security situation allowed.

The prime minister also agreed with the chief of the general staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, that the presence of British forces could become a provocation, but disagreed with Gen Dannatt by insisting it was still the government's aim to secure a liberal democracy in Iraq.

From what I can see this is a good move. It says they (and we) won't be there forever, and that just maybe President Bush is starting to get it, too, even if he won't say so out loud. The Brits have been our staunchest and most reliable allies in this mess, so I give them kudos for putting up with it for as long as they have. Whatever their decision is, I'm sure it will be the right one for them, and I wish them well.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dude, Where's My Boss's Car?

Would Rudy have put up with this?

A personal employee of Mayor Michael Bloomberg was beaten by thieves who then carjacked the billionaire's car Wednesday morning in New Jersey, authorities said.

The employee was driving the 2001 Lexus in Hackensack, N.J. on an errand for the mayor shortly before 9 a.m. when he was approached by a woman who came to the window to ask for money, police said. As he declined and began to roll up the window, a man got into the passenger seat and punched him in the face.

"They force him out and take off," said Hackensack police Capt. Frank Lomia.

First mistake: Driving an expensive car through New Jersey. Second mistake: Working for Bloomberg.

Hang 'Em High

It's about time.

WASHINGTON-President George W. Bush signed legislation Tuesday to allow the trial of terrorism suspects by military tribunals, and his administration immediately used the law to challenge suits by hundreds of people held at Guantanamo Bay.

Bush said the new Military Commissions Act "provides a way to deliver justice to the terrorists" captured after the 9/11 attacks. But the law continued to draw criticism.

Personally I don't see why the Left should be complaining-trials for these scumbags is what they wanted, after all. Of course, if Bush had done this right away and hadn't wasted the last few years monkeying around with the law to suit his own ends, there wouldn't be any lawsuits over Club Gitmo in the first place.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Money Train

Simon says you're busted.

TAMPA, fla. (AP)-Actor Wesley Snipes was indicted Tuesday on eight counts of tax fraud for allegedly failing to pay nearly $12 million in taxes and failing to file returns for six years.

Federal prosecutors in Tampa said Snipes fraudulently claimed refunds in 1996 and 1997 on taxes already paid, and then failed to file returns from 1999 and 2004. If convicted, he could be sentenced to 16 years in prison.

I blame Whistler...

Mini-Me Against The World

Chia Pet says them's fightin' words.

Seoul, South Korea (AHN)-A North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday, the U.N. Security Council resolution is a "declaration of war," and made threats to "deal merciless blows" against those in the way of Pyongyang; he also blamed the U.S. for prodding the U.N. to draft a resolution imposing sanctions against North Korea over the weekend.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "The UNSC 'resolution,' needless to say, can not be constrused otherwise than a declaration of a war against the DPRK (North Korea) because it was based on the scenario of the U.S. keen to destroy the socialist sustem of Korean-style centered on the popular masses."

North Korea's state-run news agency, KCNA quoted the spokesman, "If anyone attempts to infringe upon the DPRK's sovereignity and right to existence even a bit under the signboard of the UNSC 'resolution,' it will deal merciless blows at him through strong actions."

Well, if it were just the U.N. they were fighting, those blows could consist of post-it notes with angry messages scribbled on them. Along with an envelope of cash attached.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The White Flag Brigade

Oh, this would be interesting.

Commanders of the French contingent of the United Nations force in Lebanon have warned that they might have to open fire if Israel Air Force warplanes continue their overflights in lebanon, Defense Minister Amir Peretz told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Monday.

Peretz said that nevertheless, Israel would continue to patrol the skies over Lebanon as long as United Nations resolution 1701 remained unfulfilled, adding that such operations were critical for the country's security, especially as the abducted IDF soldiers remain in Hezbollah custody and the transfer of arms continue.

It shouldn't be too hard to find the French targets if this happens. The yellow streaks down their backs will make them light up like a Christmas tree.

Shrillary's Solution

Hey, all you McCain haters! Guess who agrees with Bush on the torture issue?

Washington, Oct. 16: Senator Hillary Clinton has said that she supports legalizing the torture of a captured terror suspect who knows about "an imminent threat to millions of Americans."

This, she said was an exception to her opposition to torture.

"If we're going to be preparing for the kind of improbable but possible eventuality, then it has to be done within the rule of law," the New York Daily News quoted Hillary as saying in a phone interview on Friday.

She said the "ticking time bomb" scenario represented a narrow exception to her opposition to torture as morally wrong, ineffective and dangerous to American soldiers.

"In the event we were every confronted with having to interrogate a detainee with knowledge of an imminent threat to millions of Americans, then the decision to depart from standard international practices must be made by the President, and the President must be held accountable," she said.

Well, thanks to President Bush, she would have a lot of leeway to decide what those standard practices are. Feel better now?

Swedish Meatballs

Jeeze, you'd think these guys worked for the Bush administration or something.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP)-Sweden't new center-right government got off to a rocky start, with two minsters resigning within 10 days after revealing dark secrets from their past.

Their downfall-unpaid TV licenses and illegaly hired nannies-was perpetuated by their upper class status and dealt a bitter lesson to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt: There's nothing the tax-burdened Swedes despise more than when the privelaged cheat the system.

"If Reinfeldt is lucky, it will stop at this," said Ulf Bjereld, a political science professor at Goteborg University. "But eyes now will be drawn close to him who also haven't paid the TV license."

If they need jobs, they can change their citizenship, come here and join the Republican Party.

Jailbird Mouthpiece

A terrorist enabler is getting sent up the river.

A firebrand civil rights lawyer who has defended Black Panthers and anti-war radicals was sentenced Monday to nearly 2 1/2 years in prison-far less than the 30 years prosecutors wanted-for helping an imprisoned terrorist sheik communicate with his followers on the outside.

Lynne Stewart, 67, smiled, cried and hugged supporters after U.S. District Judge John G. Koeltl pronounced the sentence of 28 months.

The judge said Stewart was guilty of smuggling messages between her client and his followers that could have "potentially lethal consequences." He called the crimes "extraordinarily severe criminal conduct."

One crooked shyster down...several more to go...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Same As The Old Boss

How screwed up is the Bush Administration's Iraq policy? The Iraqis want things back the way they were before.

IRAQ'S fragile democracy, weakened by mounting chaos and a rapidly rising death toll, is being challenged by calls for the formation of a hardline "government of national salvation."

The proposal, which is being widely discussed in political and intelligence circles in Baghdad, is to replace the Shia-led Government of Nouri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister, with a regime that is capable of imposing order and confronting the sectarian militias leading the country to the brink of civil war.

Saleh al-Mutlak, a prominent Sunni politician, travelled to Arab capitals last week seeking support for the replacement of the present Government with a group of five strongmen who would impose martial law and either dissolve parliament or halt its participation in day-to-day government.

If this happens, will Bush finally wise up? Or will he still "Stay the course" in defiance of reality?

Fly The Environmentally Unfriendly Skies

If you're in government, don't fly. It makes Al Gore and his camp followers cry.

The inevitable head-on collision between Britain's climate change and aviation policies moves a step closer today with figures showing the total distance flown by the Government's own ministers and senior officials last year alone is equivelant to 14 return trips to the Moon.

Tony Blair, his cabinet colleagues and their officials clocked up 6.5 million air miles, according to the Cabinet Officer's list of flights during the 2005-2006 financial year-and in doing so pumped almost 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, analysis shows.

Environmental groups went on the attack last night over the huge scale of the emissions. The figures startly underline the fact that, although the Blair Government is talking ever more loudly about the problem of global warming, it cannot itselt get to grips with its fastest-rising cause-emissions of greenhouse gases from aircraft engines.

So what do these nuts expect people to do-swim across the Atlantic? Why doesn't somebody do a study on the amount of paper wasted in criticizing people for being unable to follow an unenforceable idea?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm A Man (Or Maybe Not)

Let's hear it for wimps!

It's hard to be a man; hard to live up to the demands that come with the dominant conception of masculinity, of the tough guy.

So, guys, I have an idea-maybe it's time we stop trying. Maybe this masculinity thing is a bad deal, not just for women, but for us.

We need to get rid of the whole idea of masculinity. It's time to abandon the claim that there are certain psychological or social traits that inherently come with being biologically male. If we can get past that, we have a chance to create a better world for men and women.

Ugh. If this is this guy's idea of evolution, I'd rather stay up in a tree, thanks.

An Im-Pole-ite Proposal

Wanna be a Christian Fundie and live in the Dark Ages? Move to Poland.

"The theory of evolution is a lie, an error that we have legalised as common truth," Miroslaw Orzechowski, the deputy minister in the country's right-wing coalition government, was quoted as saying by the Gazeta Wyborcza daily Saturday.

Orzechowski said the theory was "a feeble idea of an aged non-believer," who had come up with it "perhaps because he was a vegetarian and lacked fire inside him."

Hmmm. I must need more fire in my belly.

Clamping Down On Chia Pet

The U.N. has finally grown a spine.

UNITED NATIONS (CNN)-The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Saturday to slap North Korea with trade, travel and other sanctions as punishment for its claimed nuclear weapons test.

President Bush described the U.N. action as a "swift and tough" message that the world is "united in our determination to see to it that the Korean Peninsula is nuclear-weapons free."

He said North Korea has an opportunity for "a better way forward" and promished help for the impoverished country if it verifiably ends its nuclear weapons program. North Korean ambassador to the United Nations Pak Gil Yon said Pyongyang "totally rejects the unjustifiable resolution."

Well that's just too bad, Mr. Yon. Mini-Me will just have to live off his stash of porn and caviar that he got at the expense of his own people until he learns how to behave.

That Old Radical Magic

I'm sure these guys will be wheezing their way to the Revolution.

BERKELEY, Calif.-The Black Panther Party officially existed just 16 years, but its reach has endured far longer.

Co-founder Bobby Seale never expected to be around to see that reach 40 years later.

"A lot of times I thought I would be dead," he says.Seale and other former members will commemorate the party's founding when they reunite in Oakland this weekend.

They plan a mix of events, including workshops on topics ranging from Hurricane Katrina to ethnic studies in higher education, as well as presentations on party history.

There's something pathetic about old revolutionaries having reunions. When the revolution fails, what do they have to talk about?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Land Of Lockup

As if to prove that Republicans don't have the corner on corruption (and maybe to make Harry Reid feel less lonely) the state where dead voters do count does its part to add to this year's election follies.

Four weeks before Gov. Rod Blagojevich stands for re-election, federal prosecutors Wednesday indicted his top campaign fundraiser in what they called a "pay-to-play scheme on steroids" aimed at extorting millions from firms that wanted business from the state's teacher pension system.

Blagojevich denied knowledge of the alleged scheme, saying he does not expect to be indicted in the next four years and feels "a tremendous sense of personal betrayal" if the allegations against 51-year-old Wilmette buisnessman Antoin "Tony" Rezko prove true.

"If these allegations are true, it's a violation of my trust and it's more important a violation of the public trust," said a subdued Blagojevich at a hastily arranged news conference at his Chicago campaign office. "Any wrongdoing must be punished."

Aw, come on, Blaggo, where's your team spirit? Let's go scandal!

The Morning After

Guess what? Radical Muslims and the religious right have something in common after all!

A Muslim chemist repeatedly refused a mother the "morning after" pill because of his religious beliefs.

Jo-Ann Thomas, a school crossing patrolwoman with two children, was told that even though the item was in stock she should go to her doctor for her supplies.

When she was denied the pill at a Lloyds Pharmacy near her home in Thurcroft, Rotherham. she asked why and says she was told the pharmacist was a "deeply religious Muslim."

She said: "I am a 37-year-old woman, not a daft girl who doesn't know what she's doing, and the chemist has no right to tell me whether I can or can't take the pill.

"It's my choice, not his. It's his religion, not mine. He's a dispensing chemist and his job is to dispense drugs."

In America, the chemist would be a perfect candidate for the Republican Party.

Plan? What Plan?

And finally, we have this bit of encouraging news for all you diehard Bushbots out there.

Some Republican strategists are increasingly upset with what they consider the overconfidence of President Bush and his senior advisors about the midterm elections November 7-a concern aggravated by the president's news conference this week.

"They aren't even planning for if they lose," says a GOP insider who informally counsels the West Wing. If Democrats win control of the Hoise, as many analysts expect, Republicans predict that Bush's final two years in office will be marked by multiple congressional investigations and gridlock.

"The Bush White House has had no relationship with Congress," said a Bush ally. "Beyond the Democrats, wait till they see how the Republicans-the ones that survive-treat them if they lose next month." GOP insiders are upset by Bush's seeming inability to come up with new ideas or fresh approaches. There is even a heightened sensitivity to the way Bush talks about advisers who served his father.

Denial. It ain't just a river in Egypt-it runs all the way through 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Corruption Is A Dirty Word

If I were this guy I wouldn't protest too loudly at a time when his party looks like the Hindenburg.

CHARLOTTE, NC-Rep. Charles Taylor demanded Friday that The Wall Street Journal correct and retract statements contained in an article published Wednesday and said he will sue the newspaper if it does not comply.

The demand, made in a letter written by Asheville lawyer Robert B. Long Jr. and released by Taylor's office to The Associated Press, follows a front-page article titled "Seat in Congress Helps Mr. Taylor Help His Business."

The article written by John R. Wilke cited congressional, corporate and real-estate records. It said Taylor has used earmarks in the federal budget to benefit his private business interests, an assertation Taylor called libelous.

Ah, the Wall Street Journal-yeah, there's an example of the left-wing MSM if I ever saw one...

The First To Fall

Speaking of morally bankrupt, things just keep getting worse for the GOP these days.

Rep. Bob Ney pleaded guilty Friday in the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling investigation, the first lawmaker to confess to crimes in a scandal that has stained the Republican-controlled Congress and the Bush Administration.

Standing before Judge Ellen S. Huvelle, Ney pleaded guilty to conspiracy and making false statements. He acknowledged taking money, gifts and favors in return for official actions on behalf of Abramoff and his clients.

The 52-year-old lawmaker faces a maximum of 10 years in prison. Huvelle said prosecutors had agreed to recommend a term of 27 months, and said federal guidelines suggest a fine of between $5,000 and $60,000.

Maybe we should have them take numbers...

Brother, Can You Spare A Million?

Frankenweenie is broke.

Air America Radio filed for bankruptcy reorganization Friday, in the latest patch of turbulance to hit the liberal talk radio network that launched two years ago headlined by the comedian and author Al Franken.

The network will continue to operate with funding from its investor group, led by RealNetworks Inc. CEO Robert Glaser, who owns 36.7 percent of the company, and two other former board members.

Frankenweenie has been morally and intellectually bankrupt for a long time, so this should be nothing new for him.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's Sweet Tooth Time

As Homer Simpson says, "Is there nothing it cannot do?"

MILWAUKEE-Chocolate or beer? Now, lovers of brew and sweets won't have to make the choice.

Miller Brewing is launching a new holiday beer that's sure to appeal to chocolate lovers. The company said Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager is brewed with six different malts.

It goes on sale this month through Decembere in a number of Midwestern markets including Wisconsin and the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland and Indianapolis.

Once again, proof that God exists and He wants us to be happy.

Pigs On The Wing

Ladies and gentlemen, your representatives at work.

WASHINGTON-Staring into the abyss of a minority status in Congress, republicans signaled dedication to pork barrel spending before recessing for midterm election cmapaigning. Behind closed doors, the GOP's King of Pork dressed down the party's leading foe of earmarks. In the open, the last bill passed before the election was filled with carefully hidden pork.

In a caucus of Republican senators, 82-year-old, six-term Sen. Ted Stevens charged that freshman Sen. Tom Coburn's anti-pork crusade hurts the party. Stevens then removed from the final version of the Defense Department appropriations bill Coburn's "report card" requiring the Pentagon to grade earmarks. The House passed, 394 to 22, the bill, stripped of this reform and containing some 2,800 earmarks worth $11 billion. That made a mockery of a "transparancy" rule passed by the House earlier this year, supposedly intended to discourage earmarks.

"You would think that with a war and all the controversy surrounding earmarks that the appropriators would hold back a little," said Steve Ellis of the non-partisan Taxpayers for Common Sense. "But with an election just weeks away, they dug into the trough to find pearls to send home to their districts." Ellis located unauthorized spending embedded in the bill that was harder to find than ever. Republicans in Congress seem unaffected by their conservative base's anger over pork.

Well of course they're unaffected, because these are Bush era Republicans who are too busy keeping us safe from ourselves and making sure those evil gays don't marry to worry about little things like fiscal responsiblity. Worthless, all of them.

Johnny Jihad Pt. 2

Now this is a guy with a severe death wish.

Washington: A California-born convert to Islam, accused of making a series of Al Qaida propaganda videos, on Wednesday became the first American charged with treason since the Second World War era, US Justice Department officials said.

Fugitive Adam Gadahn, 28, who is believed to be in Pakistan, was accused of treason, which carries a maximum punishment of death, and providing material support to Al Qaida, they said.

Well, if he's the first in sixty years, let's hope they can go after the others: Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, the Dixie Chicks...

In Your Dreams

She may be nuts, but that doesn't mean this couldn't happen.

Would you believe Cindy Sheehan, Nobel Peace Prize winner?

At a signing for her new book "Peace Mom" in Austin, Texas, Sheehan-President Bush's most vocal critic against the war in Iraq-announced that she is a finalist for the Nobel Peace Prize.

But the committee that selects the winner of the prize, which is to be awarded on Friday, Oct. 13, has not revealed the list of nominees to Sheehan or anyone else, and has stated only that it had received 191 names by the Feb. 1 deadline.

Well, if she doesn't win, obviously it will be Bush's fault.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Give Me Land, Lots Of Land

As Gene Hackman said in the original Superman, "People are no damn good. But they will always want land."

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1. million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

In the process, Reid did not disclose to Congress an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to records and interviews.

The Nevada Democrat's deal was engineered by Jay Brown, a longtime friend and former casino lawyer whose name surfaced in a major political bribery trial this summer and in other prior organized crime investigations. He's never been charged with any wrongdoing-except for a 1981 federal securities complaint that was settled out of court.

It's nothing personal, Harry-it's strictly business. But here's your very own personal October surprise!

No Fly Zone

The moral of this story? story? Inexperience and arrogance don't mix.

Sources tell NBC 10 that former Phillies pitcher Corey Lidle was in a small plane that flew into a New York high-rise on Wednesday.

Officials now say Lidle and another person were killed in the crash. An FAA official told the Associated Press that there may have been another person on the small plane with Lidle.

(Snip) NBC 10 has also learned that Lidle was not instrument rated to fly the plane and could only fly when visibility was good. It was an overcast day in Manhattan.

Stupidity. It knows no economic or celebrity status boundaries.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bubba's Legacy

It was the payoffs, stupid!

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan (AP)-Repbulican Sen. John McCain on Tuesday accused former President Clinton, the husband of his potential 2008 White House rival, of failing to act in the 1990s to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

"I would remind Senator [Hillary] Clinton and other Democrats critical of the Bush administration's policies that the framework agreement her husband's administration negotiated was a failure," McCain said at a news conference after a campaigh appearance for Republican Senate candidate Mike Bouchard.

"The Koreans received millions and millions in energy assistance. They've diverted millions of dollars of food assistance to their military," he said.

But he's criticized Bush over his torture policies, so obviously that makes him one'a them durned libruls and not worth listening to, according to the current GOP base. So I guess they'd rather support Shrillary?

Village Idiot

It's baaaack.

It takes an anniversary, and a lot of sales, to inspire a new edition.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's "It Takes a Village" is being reissued in December, with a new forward by the senator, to mark the book's 10th year since publication.

"When we published 'It Takes a Village' 10 years ago, Hillary Clinton brought to the fore her long-standing concerns about how public policy affects our children-in ways both large and small," Carolyn Reidy, president of Simon & Schuster, said in a statement released Tuesday.

I'll pass, thanks. I've already got enough toilet paper.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Got Planet?

Mother Earth-she's what's for dinner.

Rising consumption of natural resources means that humans began "eating the planet" on 9 October, a study suggests.

The date symbolised the day of the year when people's demands exceeded the Earth's ability to supply resources and absorb the demands placed upon it.

The figures' authors said the world's first "ecological debt day" fell on 19 December 1987, but economic growth had seen it fall earlier each year.

The data was produced by a US-based think-tank, Global Footprint Network.

I'm thinking of starting a new group called PETP-People Eating Tasty Planets. I understand they taste like chicken...

Testing, Testing

And it looks like Mini-Me isn't done yet.

SOUTH Korean authorities suspect that the communist state might be preparing a second nuclear test after unusual activities were detected in a rugged area in North Korea yesterday, a news report said.

Kim Seung-Gyu, head of South Korea's spy agency, told Parliament that activity involving vehicles and as many as 40 people was under way at Punggyeri in the northeastern county of Kilju, Yonhap news agency reported.

"From 4 pm (AEST) yesterday, there have been some unusual movements under way at Punggyeri where we had thought the first nuclear test would be carried out," Mr. Kim was quoted as saying.

I'm sure Mini-Me already has a shark tank waiting for any U.N. representatives who are going to come and tell him they are going to send him a letter telling him how very, very angry they are.

Dirty Harry Speaks

When in doubt, investigate. Even if it means WW 3 could be right around the corner.

Reacting to the announcement that North Korea successfully conducted a nuclear test, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called Monday for an investigation of the Bush administration's "failed North Korea policies."

In a release, Reid said that "on the Bush Administration's watch, North Korea's arsenal has grown to as many as a dozen bombs," because he said Bush is "distracted by Iraq and paralyzed by internal divisions."

Spoken like a guy who just learned that Mini-Me may have just cost his party the election. Hey, Harry, why don't you ask Bubba how his policy of paying off Lil' Kim so he could keep his "Peace dividend" worked out?

Dangerous Toys

Mini Me has gone and done it.

North Korea said Monday it had performed its first nuclear weapons test, an underground explosion that defied international warnings but was hailed by the communist nation as a "great leap forward" for its people.

The reported test drew harsh rebuke from North Korea's neighbors. The U.N. Security Council is expected to discuss the North Korean issue on Monday, and the United States and Japan are likely to press for a resolution imposing additional sanctions on Pyongyang.

Ah yes, the United Nations. We'll see how effective THAT's going to be, won't we?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Two Dragons Versus The Snake

I'll bet Mini-Me wasn't expecting this from his (former?) ally.

Japan and China agreed Sunday that a North Korea nuclear test "cannot be tolerated" and that Pyongyang should return unconditionally to six-party negotiations on its nucelar programs, the Japanese prime minister said.

Shinzo Abe, speaking to reporters at the end of a day of meetings in Beijing, said he and China's President Hu Jintao that a North Korean nucelar test would be unacceptable.

"We need to prevent a nucelar North Korea," Abe said. "We saw eye-to-eye that North Korea's announcement of a nuclear test cannot be tolerated because it is a great threat to East Asia and the international community."

Well, now Mini-Me will really be ronery.

Fidel Jr.'s Worst Nightmare

Well whaddya know! It seems not everybody is happy that Baby Hugo wants to turn Venezuela into a colony of Cuba.

Tens of thousands of people have marched through the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in support of the main opposition candidate, Manuel Rosales.

Mr. Rosales will face President Hugo Chavez in December's presidential poll.

The march, which filled the main avenues of the city centre, was the biggest opposition rally Venezuela has seen since early 2004.

Then, protesters made an unsuccessful bid to oust Mr. Chavez from a recall election.

I don't know how successful Mr. Rosales will be, but the day Venezuela and Latin America are free from the Fidel Wanna-be will be a good one for all concerned.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Divided They Stand

It looks like Iraq may wind up getting carved up like a roast turkey.

AN independent commission set up by Congress with the approval of President George W Bush may recommend carving up Iraq into three highly autonomous regions, according to well informed sources.

The Iraq Study Group, co-chaired by James Baker, the former US secretary of state, is preparing to report after next month's congressional elections amid signs that sectarian violence and attacks on coalition forces are spiralling out of control. The conflict is claiming the lives of 100 civilians a day and bombings have reached record levels.

The Baker commission has grown increasingly interested in the idea of splitting the Shi'ite, Sunni and Kurdish regions of Iraq as the only alternative to what Baker calls "cutting and running" or "staying the course."

Well, Baker must be one of those durn libruls then. After all, "Gotta stay the course" is the only acceptable option for Bush and Co., right?

Hit List

Ladies and gentlebeings, I present to you your government at work.

WASHINGTON (AP)-Thousands of people have been mistakenly linked to names on terror watch lists when they crossed the border, boarded commercial airliners or were stopped for traffic violations, a government report said Friday.

More than 30,000 airline passengers have asked just one agency-the Transportation Security Administration-to have their names cleared from the lists, according to the Government Accountability Office Report.

(Snip) "Misidentifications can lead to delays, intensive questioning and searches, missed flights or denied entry at the border," the report said. "Whether appropriate relief is being afforded these individuals is still an open question."

It's nice to know that one of the things government hasn't forgotten how to do is waste your time and money for the sake of an incompetent Big Brother, isn't it?

New Game Plan

Well, it took them long enough.

WASHINGTON-Drawing on its successes and failures in Iraq, the military is completing a new counterinsurgency strategy that emphasizes working with and protecting civilians, defense officials said Thursday.

The Army and Marines have jointly written a new field manual that is to provide commanders with a framework for thinking about counterinsurgency missions-explaining what they are, what to expect and how to operate in such environments.

The new doctrine is scheduled to be completed this month and released next month, senior defense officials said Thursday.

Considering the incompetence with which the Bush administration has handled the occupation, any change is bound to be an improvement. Let's hope they don't screw this up, as well.

Weekend At Fidel's

Well this is just too darn bad.

Ever since President Fidel Castro was sidelined for what was said to be abdominal surgery last July, Cuban officials have maintained that the country's leader will return to his post. "We will again have him leading the revolution," said Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque just two days ago, speaking at an outdoor rally to protest the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, according to the Communist Party daily newspaper Granma.

But U.S. officials tell TIME that many in the U.S. government are now convinced that Castro, 80, has terminal cancer and will never return to power. "Certainly we have heard this, that this guy has terminal cancer," said one U.S. official.

It couldn't happen to a nicer thug. Hugo Chavez will be deeply saddened.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Assimilator

The Governator tells the unassimilated to get their act together.

LOS ANGELES-California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that some Mexican immigrants "try to stay Mexican" when the come to the United States, and he urged them to assimilate into the fabric of American society.

Recalling his own experience emigrationg from his native Austria, the Republican governor said Thursday that immigrants should learn English and U.S. history and "make an effort to become part of America."

"That is very difficult for some people to do especially, I think, for Mexicans because they are so close to their country here so they try to stay Mexican but try to be in America. So there's this kind of back and forth," he said.

"What I'm saying to the Mexicans is you've got to go and immerse yourself and assimilate into the American culture, become part of the American fabric. That is how Americans will embrace you."

In a response, Angeliedes said that would be too difficult for him to do as Governor, once he gave the state back to Mexico.

Fat Man's Food Fight

Well thank goodness Bubba is confronting the important issues of our day!

NEW YORK-Snacks sold in schools will have less fat, sugar and salt under the latest crackdown on junk food won by former President Clinton.

Just five months after a similar agreement targeting the sale of sodas in schools, Clinton and the American Heart Association announced a deal Friday with several major food companies to make school snacks healthier-the latest assault on the nation's childhood obesity problem.

"This is voluntary," Clinton said. "They don;t have to do it. But they recognize the challenge we face, and they are helping us to face the first step."

Hey, Bubba-when you eat a cheeseburger or a pizza, do you do it for the children because they're not allowed to?

Ronery Boy

Mini-Me is just determined to win that nuclear pissing contest with Abby Dinnerjacket.

Neighbours hold urgent talks as North Korea's leader says that blast must not rock sacred peak too much

NORTH KOREA could carry out a nuclear test as early as tomorrow, according to Chinese sources.

Preparations to detonate a bomb at a 2,000-metre-deep abandoned coalmine close to the Chinese border have reportedly been completed, enabling North Korea to go ahead with the controversial test as the leaders of Japan and CHina hold urgent talks at a summit in Beijing.

Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader who celebrates 19 years as head of his country's Worker's Party tomorrow, is reported to have given orders that the test should "not excessively rock" Mount Paetku, a nearby peak considered sacred by many Koreans.

I don't suppose there's any chance the mountain could blow up and kill Lil' Kim with debris? Nah, cockroaches are the one thing that can susrvive a nuclear blast...

None Of The Above

Now this is a guy I'd vote for in a heartbeat.

BLAINE, Minn.-Vote for my opponent. Please. Paul Herold entered the primary for a City Council seat in this Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb, but then he landed a new job that he saus wouldn;t leave him enough time to do a decent job for his constituents.

He missed the deadline for removing his name from the ballot, so he wrote a letter to a local paper pleading for nonsupport. He even offered to drive friends and neighbors to to polls to vote for anyone but him.

"I tried my best not to get any votes," he said.

It didn't work. He came in second in the three-way race, advancing to the November ballot against incumbent Kathering Kolb.

Now he's urging people to vote for Kolb.

If only more of our politicians were like this...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Black Hole Sun

"My God! It's full of stars!"

SAN FRANCISCO-For the first time, astronomers have looked inside quasars--the brightest objects in the universe--and have seen evidence of black holes.

The study lends further confirmation to what scientists have long suspected--that quasars are made up of super-massive black holes and the super-heated disks of material that are spiraling into them.

The results of the ohio State University-led project were reported Thursday at the meeting of the American Astronomical Society (ASS) High Energy Astrophysics Division in San Francisco.

Well, now we know where all the money in Washington goes!

Up In Smoke

This is your brain. This is your brain at the rest home.

WASHINGTON (Reuters)-Good news for aging hippies: Smoking pot may stave off Alzheimer's disease.

New research shows that the active ingredient in marijuana may prevent the progression of the disease by preserving levels of an important neurotransmitter that allows the brain to function.

Researchers at the Scripps Institute in California found that marijuana;s active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, can prevent the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from breaking down more effectively than commercially marketed drugs.

So, all you old potheads out there...being stoned can actually help you in your old age! Too bad you had to wait so long for it to actually work...

The Way We Whine

The Queen Has-Been just keeps on babblin' on.

Barbara Streisand opened her first U.S. tour in 12 years on Wednesday with a show that ridiculed her political nemesis, President George W. Bush.

Before a capacity crowd of some 16,000 people at South Philadelphia's Wachovia Center, Streisand gave assured renditions of standards from her long career as a singer and actress including "Funny Girl," "Come Rain or Come Shine," "Love Soft as an Easy Chair," and "Somewhere."

The show also featured a skit where an actor playing Bush uttered such lines as, "I'm concerned about the national debt, so I'm selling Canada," and "If I cared about the polls I would have run for president of Poland."

Maybe Babs should consider moving to Poland and spout of her whackiness in English. They'd find her as incomprehensible as we do.

Hanging In There

Hastert's not going anywhere.

WASHINGTON-House Speaker Dennis Hastert defiantly declared Thursday that he'd done nothing wrong relating to the growing Capitol Hill page scandal, and vowed to run again for speaker after the GOP wins back the House in next month's election.

"I'd like to run and presumably win in this election, and when we do, I expect to run for leader, for speaker," Hastert said.

The Illinois Republican said he is taking full responsibility for not being more aggressive in the investigation of former Rep. Mark Foley's inappropriate communications with two underage pages, but said he only heard about Foley's e-mails and explicit instant messages to one of the pages after it appeared in the press last Friday, Sept. 29.

Well, at least he didn't say, "I am not a perv."

Dear Ali

Well, I guess this is as good advice as any.

Deliberate masturbation during the month of Ramadan renders a fast invalid, Iranian Supreme Leader Sayyid Ali Khameini has ruled.

Khameini, who is Iran's most powerful political and religious figure, was asked on his website: "If somebody masturbates during the month of Ramadan but without any discharge, is his fasting invalidated?"

"If he do not intend masturbation and discharging semen and nothing is discharged, his his fasting is correct even though he has done a haram (forbidden) act. But, if he intends masturbation or he knows that he usually discharges semen by this process and semen really does come out, it is a haram intentional breaking fasting," the Iranian leader said, posting the reply on his website.

Well, now you know. Now you can treat your wife like a slave while jacking off in good conscience.


And the latest multicultural failure brought to you by the Islamists is...

Plans for a Muslim-only hospital in Holland have sparked a heated debate over its separate all-male and all-female wings, halal food and roster of duty imams.

A populist Right-wing party described the plan for the clinic in south Rotterdam as "a step backwards to the Middle Ages."

There will be segregation between the sexes, with male patients treated by an exclusively male nursing and medical staff and similar arrangements for females.

I understand beheadings will be available for those who violate the hospital's rules.

Uncle Pootie's Revenge

"Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

MOSCOW (Reuters)-President Vladimir Putin warned Georgia on Wednesday not to provoke or blackmail Russia as Moscow ignored international appeals to drop economic sanctions against its southern neighbor.

Discussing a dispute with Georgia over the arrests of four Russian officers, who were later released, Putin told lawmakers: "I would not allow anyone to talk to Russia in the language of provocation and blackmail."

Darned straight. Provocation and blackmail are what the Russians are supposed to do!

Keeping Abreast Of Things

The kind of people who do these studies are real boobs.

Breastfed babies are smarter because their mothers are clever in the first place, not because of any advantage of breastfeeding itself, a study suggests.

Researchers found breastfeeding mothers tended to be more intelligent, more highly educated, and likely to provide a more stimulating home environment.

However, they stressed that there were still many advantages to breastfeeding.

The British Medical Journal study was carried out by the Medical Research Council and University of Edinburgh.

Freud would have had a field day with this one...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We Suck Harder

While Fox News celebrates its tenth anniversary, it looks like poor PMSNBC is facing hard times.

Industry buzz has it that MSNBC, the perennial also-ran in cable news, is considering the prospect of dropping its live-news format and devoting itself entirely to taped, nesmagazine-style programming.

And much of the content could likely be repackaged from NBC News. One indication of the possible move came in July when the network launched a newsmagazine, "MSNBC Investigates," the industry publication Broadcasting & Cable points out in a recent edition.

Hey, guys, it could be worse. You could be CNN...Nahh. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.


Well, at least it would be of the real thing, not Ricardo Montalban.

He's one of the most famous names of the last millennium, and he;s the father of his country, which turns 800 years old this year.

That's why the D.C. region's Mongolian community would like to see a statue erected of Genghis han, the George Washington of Mongolia.

The Mongolian Embassy in Georgetown has inquired with the State Department and had preliminary discussions with a contractor who works with embassies.

I say let 'em build it. It would give John "In the manner of Ghengis Khan" Kerry fits.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hot Air Rising

When it comes to CNN, don't believe the hype.

Washington DC-On CNN American Morning today, Senator James Inhofe, the chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, engaged in a heated exchange with CNN newsman Miles O'Brien over CNN's biased and erroneous coverage of global warming. Senator Inhofe questioned the journalistic integrity of the CNN anchor for 'scaring a lot of people' with hyped climate reporting. Senator Inhofe also questioned O'Brien about his 1992 CNN report regarding fears of a coming ice age. O'Brien responded by citing the 2004 fictional Hollywood global disaster movie, "The Day After Tomorrow" to back up his science reporting. "This is 'The Day After tomorrow' scenario that we're talking about," O'Brien said after being confronted by Senator Inhofe on his climate reporting.

Senator Inhofe demanded equal time following a CNN segment by O'Brien last week that attempted to discredit the Senator 12 times in a several minute long report. Senator Inhofe debunked global warming alarmism and harshly criticized the media's unfounded climate hype last week in two separate Senate speeches which can be found here and here.

The Senator accused the media in his speech last week of dismissing "any pretense of balance and objectivity on climate change coverage and instead crossed squarely into global warming advocacy." This despite the fact that there is no scientific "consensus" that humans are causing a climate catastrophe, as a letter sent to the Canadian Prime Minister on April 6 of this year by 60 prominent scientists who question the basis for climate alarmism clearly explained.

Don't tell Al Gore about this. The last thing he needs to be bothered with are facts.

Remember The Heroes

John Howard, one of the few Western leaders with a clue, wipes the floor with lefties past and present.

PRIME Minister John Howard has named Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II as the "three towering figures" of the late 20th century.

He said their moral clarity "punctured the nonsense" of left-wing apologists for communist dictatorships.

In a blistering attack on the left's role in global history, to mark the 50th anniversary of the conservative journal Quadrant, the Prime Minister last night lauded those who resisted the "stultifying orthodoxies and dangerous utopias" of Western intellgentsia.

Is there any way this guy can change his citizenship? We need somebody to show our so-called conservatives what a guy with a spine looks like.

The Doctor Is Out

Want to know what's wrong with the GOP base? It's populated by morons like this.

Evangelical leader Dr. James Dobson said he doubts that conservative Christians would support a presidential bid by Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney because of his Mormon faith.

Dobson, the founder of the Colorado-based Focus on the Family, said on a radio program that if Romney makes a bid for the White House in 2008, "I don't believe that conservative Christians in large numbers will vote for a Mormon, but that remains to be seen."

Dobson didn't elaborate on why Christians wouldn't back Romney. But some Christians have denounced Mormonism as a heretical sect, according to the New York Sun.

Dobson did acknowledge that Romney's stands on social issues mirrored those of many religious conservatives.

If Romney runs I hope he does get the nomination. It would prove these creeps are a minority and would allow the GOP the chance to regain the populist, libertarian message they had before Bush came into office.

Dead Man Preaching

Wow. Let's see how long this guy lasts.

A LEADING adviser on Islam, Ameer Ali, has attacked Muslims who "blindly" follow their faith and fail to question the veracity of the Koran, saying that even Mohammed had "flaws".

The chairman of John Howard's Muslim advisory board yesterday warned that Islamists would continue to breed Jihadis unless the Koran was "reinterpreted" for today's society.

He also said mosques were increasingly being used by imams to deliver sermons that were not open to discussion.

Well, Mr. Ali, it was nice knowing ya...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Take A Pill

As long as we're on the subject of people with messed-up priorities...

Sept. 24, 2006 (McClatchy-Tribune Business News delivered by Newstex)--Emboldened by the anti-abortion movement's success in restricting access to abortion, an increasingly vocal group of Christian conservatives is arguing that it's time to mount a concerted attack on contraception.

Their voices were raised in Rosemont on Friday and Saturday at an unusual anti-abortion meeting that drew 250 people from around the nation to condemn artificial birth control. Experts at the gathering assailed contraception on the grounds that it devalues children, harms relationships between men and women, promotes sexual promiscuity and leads to failling birth rates, among social ills.

"Contraception is more the root cause of abortion than anything else," Joseph Scheidler, an anti-abortion veteran whose Pro-Life Action League sponsored the conference, said in an interview.

And the concept of personal responsibility is more the root cause of fear among these nanny-stating twits than anything else.

Taxi Driver, Islamist Style

Jim Ignatowski, this guy's not.

Cabdriver Muhamed Mursal doesn't wear his Muslim beliefs on his sleeve, but he soon may broadcast them via a light on top of his cab.

Mural and hundreds of other Muslim cabdrivers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport refuse to take travelers they know are carrying alchohol. No one is searching bags, but a Napa Valley wine box or a see-through bag from the dury-free store can be enough to leave a fare waiting for the next cab. Airport officials estimate that happens at least three times a day.

Now, the airport and cab drivers have worked out a proposal that calls for cabdrivers who won't carry alcohol to have a cab light that's a different color. That way, the airport workers who hook up travelers with taxis can steer alcohol-carrying fares to cabs that will take them. Airport officials hope to have the lights ready by the end of the year.

So, how long will it be before the cabbies declare jihad over the fact that they're not making any money?

Show Me The Money

Better late than never, I suppose.

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has submitted a form disclosing his financial records to the U.N. Ethics Office after initially refusing to do so, the United Nations said Monday.

Annan decided to fill out the new U.N. financial disclosure form earlier this month, days after his refusal to do so became public.

"The Secretary-General has filed," U.N. spokseman Stephane Dujarris said Monday. He said Annan's completed forms were delivered on Sept. 22 to the United Nation's Ethics Office.

I'd like to know how they got him to do this. Did they send him an angry memo telling him to comply?

A Crook In Every Port

Our elected officials are determined to protect us from ourselves, as the ban on Internet gambling proves. It's just too bad they aren't that concerned about doing the same for our country.

Congress is patting itself on the back for passing the Port Security Act last Saturday. But the day before, a House-Senate congerence committee stripped out a provision that would have barred serious felons from working in sensitive dock security jobs. Port security isn;t just about checking the contents of cargo containers, it also means checking the background of the 400,000 workers on our docks.

U.S. harbors are filled with workers convicted of serious crimes. Just last year the Justice Department filed a RICO suit charging that the 65,000-member East Coast-based International Longshoremen's Association is a "vehicle for organized crime."

But the House-Senate conference drastically watered down a Senate-passed requirement that aligned the standards for hiring dock workers with those used at airports and nuclear plants. The statute still bans workers who have been convicted of treason, espionage and terror-related offenses--a mere handful at most. Bit a severn-year time-out period on hiring those who've committed crimes such as murder, bribery, identity fraud and the illegal use of firearms was dropped in the dead of night at the behest of unions fearful that too many of their members could lose their jobs.

Well...there's always politics...

Robots Aren't People, Too

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