Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rove Rove Baby

Well here it is-a full-length version of Rappin' Rove. He should keep his day job...

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sweet Jesus

Talk about being in bad taste. Literally.
NEW YORK (Reuters)-A Manhattan art gallery canceled on friday its Easter-season exhibit of a life-size chocolate sculpture depicting a naked Jesus, after an outcry by Roman Catholics.

The sculpture "My Sweet Lord" by Cosimo Cavallaro was to have been exhibited for two hours each day next week in a stree-level window of the Roger Smith Lab Gallery in Midtown Manhattan.

The display had been scheduled to open on Monday, days ahead of Good Friday when Christians mark the crucifixion of Jesus. But protests including a call to boycott the affiliated Roger Smith Hotel forced the gallery to scrap the showing.
Let me guess: The same type of people who would call this free speech would howl in outrage of their own if the hotel had an Easter Bunny display. Even if it was a chocolate one.

Got Blood If You Want It

"Cats and dogs, living together...mass hysteria!"
A Minneapolis city worker is worried about blood in the sewer system because he said, while he was cleaning the system, blood sprayed out of a hole and got all over him.

"We could tell it was blood, I mean large amount of blood," said Minneapolis Sewer Maintenance Worker Ron Huebner.

It happened about two weeks ago in Northeast Minneapolis near a lab that does medical testing and dumps blood into the sewer. It is allowed but the city is now making changes to help protect workers in the future.
Vampires, meanwhile, want things to stay the way they are.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

NOW What?

The Feminazis are going after Dad again.
It's called the Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, and the Bush administration doles out up to $50 million annually to fund its programs to build job skills and help fathers connect better with their children. But the National Organization for Women says the effort is illegal because it's only about men.

NOW and Legal Momentum, another advocacy group, filed complaints yesterday with the Department of Health and Human Services alleging sex discimination in the initiative that is funding about 100 programs this year.

The complaints cite 34 programs, including one run by the district and two others in the Washington area, that, they say, do not offer the services to women. That, the groups say, violates Title IX, the law that prevents sex discrimination in federally funded education programs and is best known for forcing universities to offer comparable sports programs for men and women.
Considering how little regard the Feminazis have for men in general, you'd think they'd be happy with a program that helps them to shoulder more of the responsibility. But I guess they're too busy blaming men for all the evil in the world.

I Spy

Everybody's favorite Hobbit is recruiting for his own Ministry of Information.
Dennis Kucinich needs a few good men or women to conduct opposition research on his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination.

the congressman from Cleveland sent an e-mail this morning to his volunteers that asks them to help him "monitor the other candidates" and "exactly what it is they are doing to market themselves," via ads, news stories, blogs and social networking websites.

"We want the other campaigns to know we are monitoring them," Kucinich's national outrach co-ordinator, Evan Moody, says in the email, which an Iowa political blog has reproduced. The Plain Dealer independently confirmed the e-mail's authenticity. "We want them to know that we have eyes and ears everywhere."

The Iowa blogger who got the e-mail cited it as evidence that the Kucinich campaign "has completely flipped out," and noted the e-mail's sender line stated that it came from: "Kucinich for President 2208."
Well, maybe in two hundred years the world will be inhabited by midgits and Dennis will win by a landslide.

All Your Base Are Built By Us

Silly rabbit! Ethics are for little people!
Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., has abruptly walked away from her responsibilities with the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee after a report linked her votes to the financial well-being of her husband's companies, which received billions of dollars worth of military construction contracts she approved.

As reported in Metroactive, an online report from the Silicon Valley, Feinstein's resignation followed six years of subcommittee work during which time her alleged conflict of interest stemmed from her husband Richard C. Blum's ownership of Perini Corp. and URS Corp.

Feinstein, chairman and ranking member of the subcommittee, regularly reviewed and accepted contracts from her husband's companies for not only construction work for military bases, but also addressing "quality of life" issues for the veterans of the United States military services.
Well, at least she cared about the troops-as long as she got her cut...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Door Number Three

Is Al going the Ralph Nader route?
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton faces a possible new threat to her presidential ambitions.

Former Vice President Al Gore has again been entertaining offers to run for president. Gore has been discussing a run for a third party nomination with family and close aides.

"Al Gore has been energized by the attemtion he's been receiving as America's leading environmentalist," a political source close to Gore said. "He believes this might present an opportunity to become president or at least try again."

Sources close to Gore said Ralph Nader has sought to recruit the former vice president to run as the candidate for the Green Party. They said Gore has not rejected the offer and was consulting with family and friends to determine the feasibility of such a candidacy.
By all means Al, go for it! Anybody who can take votes away from the Hildebeast has got my support!


Another one of them durn libruls has joined the Rudy Express.
Republican ex-mayor of New York City Rucolph Giuliani won backing for his 2008 presidential bid from billionaire publisher Steve Forbes, who will also help lead his campaign, Giuliani's team said.

Forbes, editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine which publishes an annual list of the world's richest people, will act as co-chair on the national campaign and as senior policy advisor to Giuliani, who is favorite to win his party's nomination for the presidency early next year.

Forbes himself sought the republican nomination for the presidency in 1996 and 2000.

"Steve and I share an economic vision that embraces supply-side economics, tax relief, and spending restraint," Giuliani said in a statement released by his campaign team.
I still don't know if Rudy is entirely my cup of tea or not, but it will be fun watching the continued meltdown of the Rudy haters on the right.

Christian Like Me

Oh how I wish idiots like this would just go away.
Focus on the Family founder James Dobson appeared to throw cold water on a possible presidential bid by former Sen. Fred Thompson while praising former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is also weighing a presidential run, in a phone interview Tuesday.

"Everyone knows he's conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for," Dobson said of Thompson. "[But] I don't think he's a Christian; at least that's my impression," Dobson added, saying that such an impression would make it difficult for Thompson to connect with the Republican Party's conservative Christian base and win the GOP nonimation.

Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Thompson, took issue with Dobson's characterization of the former Tennesee senator. "Thompson is indeed a Christian," he said. "He was baptized into the Church of Christ."
Seriously, the sooner the GOP jettisons self-appointed holier-than-thou types like this the better off they, and conservatism as a whole, will be.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Rosie Rant

It must be a contest between Rosie O'Donnell and Sean Penn to see which of them can say the stupidist thing.
In yet another provocative claim, TV host Rosie O'Donnell implied yesterday the Iranian seizure of British sailors was a hoax to provide President Bush with an excuse to go to war with Tehran.

In a discussion about the 15 British personnel seized Friday for allegedly entering Iranian waters, the controversial co-host of ABC's "The View" correlated the event to the Gulf of Tonkin incident that propelled the U.S. into the Vietnam War. President Johnson's administration was accused of provoking one incident in 1964 in the Gulf of Tonkin and making up another as a pretext for war.

O'Donnell, according to the media watchdog Newsbusters, said: "But intersting with the British sailors, there were 15 British sailors and Marines who apparently went into Iranian waters and they were seized by the Iranians. And I have one thing to say: Gulf of Tonkin, Google it. Okay."
I hope Barbara Walters is happy she agreed to pair up with this oversized halfwit.

The Road To Hell

WASHINGTON (AP)-FBI Director Robert Mueller struggled Tuesday to convince skeptical senators that-despite recent abuses-the FBI should retain Ptriot Act authority to gather telephone, e-mail and financial records without a judge's approval.

"The statute did not cause the errors. The FBI's implementation did," the FBI chief told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., served notice: "We're going to be re-examining the broad authorities we granted the FBI in the Patriot Act." House Judiciary committee members delivered a similar message last week.
"What was the Patriot Act? Just a little Constitutional shredding!"

They Hate Their Wives

This is great stuff. A former insider reveals why liberals think the way they do. Enjoy!

Filth Pig

You have to admit, this is pretty damn funny.
( Israel has offered assistance to hundreds of Palestinian Authority Arabs affected by a flood of raw sewage that swept through a Beduin village in the northern Gaza Strip Tuesday afternoon. Defense Minister Amir Peretz instructed the IDF to prepare for the possibility of evacuating the injured to Israeli hospitals. The village, Umm Nasser, is near Beit Lahiya and less than a kilometer from the Gaza Strip border with Israel.

At least 25 houses in the 200-family village were immediately swamped when the local sewage system's cesspool wall collapsed and pipes burst. Between six and nine people are reported dead, dozens are injured and some 200 are unaccounted for. Hundreds fled or were evacuated by resucers, and armed Hamas members rushed to the area to search for victims trapped in the rubble of the decimated village.

Angry residents attacked rescue workers, drove reporters out of the area and mobbed government officials who arrived at the scene. When PA Interior Minister Hani Kawasmeh arrived to survey the damage, his bodyguards fired in the air to disperse the crowd.
Seriously, what did they expect after spewing crap for so many years?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lonely Days

As Bush nears the end of his second term, he's finding himself an administration of one.
Two weeks earlier on Capitol Hill, there was a groundswell of Republican demands--public and private--that President Bush pardon Scooter Libby. Last week, as Alberto Gonzales came under withering Democratic fire, there was no public GOP declarations of support amid private predictions of the attorney general's demise.

Republican leaders in Congress, who asked not to be quoted by name, predicted early last week that Gonzales will fall because the Justice Department botched the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. By week's end, they stipulated that the president would not sack his longtime aide and that Gonzales would leave only on his own initiative. But there was still an ominous lack of congressional support for the attorney general.

"Gonzales never has developed a base of support for himself up here," a House Republican leader told me. But this is less a Gonzales problem than a Bush problem. With nearly two years remaining in his presidency, George W. Bush is alone. In half a century, I have not seen a president so isolated from his own party in Congress--not Jimmy Carter, not even Richard Nixon as he faced impeachment.
Helping your party lose a majority in both the House and Senate, refusing to listen to people who try to tell you how a war is supposed to be run, and in general pissing off just about everybody--that's the Bush legacy.

Of God And Goofballs

I couldn't say it much better than this.
Sadly...many conservatives seem to have dedicated their lives to kending credence to the left's "conservatives are idiots" claim. You will remember several weeks ago I told you about one Georgia Republican (former Democrat) legislator whose campaign chairman sent out some memos and letters promoting legislation to outlaw the teaching of evolution in government schools. The letter referred the reader to the website of "The Fair Edcuation Foundation, Inc." In this website---and I'm not kidding you here---you will learn that the Earth stands still in space...not even rotating...while the Sun and everything in the universe rotates around the earth every 24 hours. Think I'm kidding? Check it out for yourself.

Well...there's more. Sunday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution tells us about another website, this one run by Andrew Schlafly, the son of Phylis Schlafly. Conservapedia pushes the creationism theme with revelations that dinosaurs and humans roamed the Earth at the same time. [video] You'll also learn that atheism has led to a large increase in bestiality. But once again you'll learn that not only is the Earth standing still, but it's actually flat...and sitting still in space while everything revolves around it.

Tell do you counter the "conservatives are ignorant" argument, and how do you manage to recruit more people to the cause of lower taxes, less government and more individual responsibility when you have people running around loose calling themselves conservatives, getting elected to office as conservatives, and running websites as conservatives all the while telling us that the earth does not spin on its axis and does not revolve around the Sun...and that everything in the known universe revolves around the Earth?
Somewhere along the line, conservatism changed from being about what are essentially classic libertarian values to being about telling people they're right because God said so. I have no desire to live in the intellectual dark age these cretins want to push on us, and if that makes me a heretic then so be it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Et Tu, Pakistan?

Pakistan, our number one ally in the War on Terror.
RAWALPINDI: Federal Minister for Railways Shaikh Rashid Ahmed while expressing fear of a US attack on Iran has categorically stated that Pakistan would never offend a Muslim neighbour at the cost of a fair-weather friend, the US.

"We would support Iran if attacked by the United States and would not provide airbases to America," he stated in categorical terms.

Addressing a ceremony held in connection with Pakistan Day celebrations at Lal Hawaili here on Friday, Rashid said it is now Iran;s term after the US attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. "The US is sitting ready to attack Iran but Pakistan will never allow Washington to use its territory for launching an attack," he said.
Gee, I didn't realize it was up to him. Nice to know who our friends are, isn't it?

Ve Are Der Nanny State

It sounds like a Monty Python routine, but it's just business as usual in modern Britain.
Teenagers who drop out of school or training at 16 face criminal action and 50 pound on-the-spot fines under plans to raise the age for leaving full-time education.

Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, said that droputs would be served with ASBO-style "attendance orders" specifying a study course that they are expected to attend.

Breaching an attendance order will be a criminal offence, punishable by a 50 pounds fixed penalty or prosecution. Ultimate sanctions include community sentences or fines.

Mr. Johnson accepted that there was no point in forcing nonacademic teenagers to struggle in the classroom. But he emphasised that compulsory education or training to 18 was essential to ensure that the next generation of workers could compete in a knowledge-based economy.
You know, maybe that Vendetta guy had something there...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Love Thy Veggies

So what were all the fish for?
A controversial new public relations campaign by animal-rights group PETA proclaims Jesus Christ to have been a vegetarian, and portrays the Last Supper-complete with 12 "disciples" including Beatle Paul McCartney and lesbian country-music singer k.d. lang-as a spectable meant to inspire mankind to forsake eating meat.

The outreach has been built into a 28-foot 1955 Silver Airstream trailer wherein the "Last Supper" is re-created, surrounding Jesus with famous vegetarians, officials of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told WND.

Dallas artist Greg Metz's work first was displayed in his hometown, then in Columbia, S.C., and now is headed for Norfolk, Va., according to campaign coordinator Mike Brazell.
So that's what He meant by "Lettuce pray." Sorry, but nothing I say could be lamer than what these morons claim.

Ve Have Vays Of Making You Talk

Where have we heard this before?
The Iranian military has questioned 15 detained British soldiers and said they confessed to illegally entering the country's territorial waters.

Iran has accused Britain of "blatant aggression."

The tough comments came after Britain demanded the return of the sailors and denied they had strayed into Iranian waters while searching for smugglers off Iraq's coast.

The eight Royal Navy sailors and seven Royal Marines were taken to Tehran for questioning, and a top military official, Gen. Ali Reza Afshar, said they "confessed to illegal entry into Iran's waters."
I just hope Tony Blair doesn't start taking advice from a certain peanut farmer on how to deal with this situation.

White Men Can't Burn

Good riddance to this scumbag.
Charles Voyde Harrelson, hired assassin of a San Antonio federal judge, professional gambler and father of movie star Woodie Harrelson, died last week in the maximum-security cell where he was serving two life sentences.

A heart attack apparently claimed the 69-year-old inmate in his sleep last Wednesday, said Dorothy Twellman, the coroner in Fremont County, Colo., where Harrelson was held at the federal prison known as "Supermax."

Not the most notorious inmate in a lockup that holds the likes of Unabomber Ted Kaczynksi, the hit man nonetheless inspired considerable hyperbole and was prosecuted four times in three murders.
And to think that of the two, Dad was the saner one.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Let Then Drink Sand

Even for California, it's pretty hard to top this.
The state must stop running the giant pumps that send water to Southern California unless wildlife officials approve the continued killing of protected salmon and Delta smelt, a judge ruled today.

The decision by Judge Frank Roesch of Alameda County Superior Court gives the state Department of Water Resources 60 days to get the necessary permission from wildlife officials. Granting permission could, in turn, require massive efforts to increase salmon and smelt populations elsewhere.

(snip) Shutting down the pumps could paralyze the state's water system, but activists behind the lawsuit said they doubted that would happen.

"We're pleased that the judge has dissipated the smoke screen that DWR and water users tried to put up. Now our attention turns to getting full mitigation for the salmon and smelt," said Bill Jennings, head of the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance.
So does that mean the fish will be testifying in court? Welcome to California.

Trust In The Yellow

I like the Japanese; really. But every once in a while they remind us that Americans aren't necessarily the most racist people in the world.
TOKYO (Reuters)-Blond, blue-eyed Westerners probably can;t be as successful at Middle East diplomacy as Japanese with their "yellow faces," Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso was quoted by media as saying in a weekend speech.

"Japan is doing what Americans can't do," the Nikkei business daily quoted the gaffe-prone Asa as saying in a speech on Sunday.

"Japanese are trusted. If (you have) blue eyes and blond hair, it's probably no good," he said.

"Luckily, we Japanese have yellow faces."
Yes, I'm sure it was lucky for Japan's Eastern neighbors in 1939, too.

Cheese Eating Space Monkeys

Fox Mulder would be a genius in France.
A UFO shaped like a baquette was among the 1,600 strange sightings revealed yesterday when France became the first country to open its "X-files".

France's agency for the study of "non-identified aerospatial phenomena" unvelied a website that provides detailed accounts of sightings and will be updated as new cases are reported.

Jacques Patenet, the aeronautical engineer who heads the UFO office-which was created by President Charles de Gaulle and is part of the national space agency-said the site was a "world first."

Mr. Patenet hoped that the opening of the archives would "help scientists, and that the UFO phenomenon will become at last an object of study like any other-without blind belief or prejudices."
Yes, but think what you'll know tomorrow.

Dirty Laundry

Those who make their own beds deserve to sleep in them.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters)-The editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Times abruptly quit on Thursday after the paper killed a special edition of its opinion section that had been edited by a Hollywood producer with ties to his girlfriend.

Andres Martinez, in an angry note posted on his Times blog, said the paper's decision to scrap the section edited by movie producer Brian Grazer and planned for publication on Sunday "amounts to a vote of no confidence in my continued leadership."

Critics accused the paper of a conflict of unterest after word surfaced that Martinez's girlfriend, Kelly Mullens, works for the public relations firm representing Grazer and his Imagine Entertainment.
Well, Hollywood and the media have been in bed for years anyway.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Baby Blues

Racism. It's not just for red states anymore.
NEW YORK-A couple can proceed with a lawsuit against a fertility clinic they filed after the wife gave birth to a daughter whose skin they thought was too dark to be their child, a judge has ruled.

Thomas and Nancy Andrews, of Commack, N.Y., sued New York Medical Services for Reproductive Medicine, accusing the Manhattan clinic of medical malpractice and other offenses. They claim the Park Avenue clinic used another man's sperm to inseminate Nancy Andrews' eggs.

Three DNA tests- a home kit and two professional laboratory tests-confirmed that Thomas Andrews was not the baby's biological father, state Supreme Court Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam quoted the couple as saying.
Just more evidence that you can never be too careful-or too shallow.

Motor City Mayhem

When you're right, you're right.
A Republican congressman representing rural southern Michigan is taking heat for saying that most of Iraq is at least as under control as Detroit is.

Freshman Rep. Tim Walberg's comments, made Monday on WILS-AM in Lansing, didn't sit well with Democrats-who issued a news release Wednesday-or the office of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

"Any reference to Detroit as a war zone is absurd," said Matt Allen, the mayor's spokesman.
He may be right. Baghdad is at least inhabited. These days Detroit is more like a post-nuclear wasteland.

God Save The Queen

Now this is pretty cool.
A U.S. Marine helicopter pilot who helped save a British marine's life in Iraq was awarded the British Distinguished Flying Cross on Wednesday, the first time an American has received the honor since World War II.

In a Buckingham Palace ceremony in London, Queen Elizabeth II pinned the medal on U.S. Marine Maj. William D. Chesarek Jr. He has served as the weapons and tactics instructor with the British 847 Naval Air Squadron since 2005 as part of an exchange program between the two countries.

His actions during a deployment last year to the British area of operations in Iraq, centered in the southern city of Basra, were cited in receiving the prestigious award, roughly the equivalent of the American Silver Star.
Thanks, Mum. Hoo-Rah!

Deep In The Heart Of Texas

When these folks say "Big" in Texas I'll bet they mean it.
They say everything is bigger in Texas.

But the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas makes one Texas-sized claim that few would expect in the conservative Bible Belt state-it says it is the world's biggest gay church.

"I think this shows that God has a tremendously great sense of humour," says senior pastor and rector Jo Hudson.

On a more serious note, she says the church, affiliated with the United Church of Christ, is a spiritual refuge for gay people of faith in a region associated with more conservative brands of Christianity.

"Becase we are in the Bible Belt we have a lot of people of tremendous faith," she said in an interview.

"But a lot of them have been alienated and rejected by theur faith community, which is funadmentalist, so they hanker for a place where they can encounter God," she said.
Watch for the fundie reaction. My guess is they will be a lot more uspet over this than God would.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Picture This

These people have lost their minds.
The South Carolina house has given key approval to a bill that would require women seeking abortions to view an ultrasound first.

The bill passed a second reading Wednesday. A third, usually formality third reading will take place later.

If this bill is passed, it would be the first of its kind in the nation.

Rep. Greg Gelleney (R-Chester and York Counties), is the bill's key sponsor. "I'm just trying to save lives and protect people from regret and inform women with the most accurate non-judgemental information that can be provided," he says.
Non-judgemental my ass. Idiots like these are why the other idiots are now in power.

A Hollow Victory

For a majority party, they sure have trouble acting like it.
None of the elements of the newly minted Democrats' congressional agenda have made it to President Bush's desk, and the prospects of signature bulls such as federal funding for stem-cell research or homeland-security improvements becoming law any time soon are doubtful.

Much of the Democratic agenda--dubbed "Six for '06"--sailed out of the House with bipartisan support, but all of it has stalled in the Senate as leaders scramble to deal with the Iraq war.

"I don't think they've gotten anything done," House Minority Leader John A. Boehner of Ohio said of the Democrats. "How many bills have they sent to the president? None? Somewhere around there."
The Dummycrats ran on the moonbat vote and now find themselves under seige from them and can't do squat. There's a lesson in this for the Republicans; I hope they listen and take advantage of it.

Their Day In Court

The good guys are fighting back.
Lawyers and a Muslim group say they will defend at no cost airline passengers caught up in a lawsuit between a group of imams and U.S. Airways if the passengers are named as "John Does" and sued for reporting suspicious behavior that got the Muslim clerics booted from a November flight.

The six imams are suing the airline, Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission, and the unamed "John Does" to be named later, for discrimination, saying they were removed from the flight for praying in the airport.

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a Pheonix-area physician and director of American Islamic Forum for Democracy- a group founded in 2003 to promote moderate Muslim ideas through its Web site ( The Washington Times his group will raise money for legal fees for passengers if they are sued by the imams.

"It's so important that America know there are Muslims who understand who the victims are in air travel," said Dr. Jasser. "But I hope it doesn;t get to that point because the backlash will be even greater when Americans see Islamists trying to punish innocent passengers reporting fears."
When they lose their case, maybe the imams can get work as cabdrivers. Then they can be as arrogant as they want.


How Nazi-like.
BERLIN-The Berlin Zoo's abandoned polar bear cub Knut looks cute, cuddly and has become a front-page media darling, but an animal-rights activist insisted Monday he would have been better off dead than raised by humans.

"Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal-protection laws," animal-rights activist Frank Albrecht was quoted as saying by the mass-circulation Bild daily, which has featured regular photo spreads tracking fuzzy Knut's frolicking.

"The zoo must kill the bear."
Seriously, you can't make this shit up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Choke on this, Euroweenies., Britain's first politics web tv station, has launched a two minute viral campaign to combat growing anti-Americanism across Britain and Europe.

The two minute campaign that has been posted on YouTube, and is being distributed to thousands of British email addresses, paints a world that would be less free, less healthy and less prosperous if America had never existed.

Through five fictional news reports from the 1950s onwards it protrays a world dominated by Soviet Russia and warns that much of the world's prosperity and medical advances would have been lost.
That's America for you-saving the world whether the rest of the world appreciates it or not.

He's Super Serial

What Manbearpig wants, Manbearpig gets.
From behind the scenes on Capitol Hill: Former Vice President Al Gore, despite being given major preferential treatment, has violated the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee's (EPW) hearing rules.

Gore first demanted to be granted an unprecedented 30 minute opening statement to the Senate EPW Committee for Wednesday's (March 21) global warming hearing scheduled for 2:30 pm ET.

The GOP minority on the EPW committee agreed to the 30 minute opening statement.

But then Gore demanded a waiver of the EPW committee's 48 hour rule that requires all witnesses before EPW to submit their testimony in advance. The GOP minority on the EPW committee then agreed to waive the the 48 hour rule in favor of allowing Gore to submit his testimony 24 hours before the hearing.

But in a breaking news development on Capitol Hill--the former Vice President has violated the new 24 hour deadline extension by failing to submit his testimony-even with the new time extension granted to Gore.
Silly committee! Didn't they know? Rules are for kids, not Manbearpig!

The Governator Versus The Truth Detector

I like Rush, but I have to side with Arnold here.
During the one-on-one interview, the Republican-registered California governer was asked about criticism from Limbaugh and other conservatives that he has become a Democrat in disguise for supporting stem-cell research, mandatory curbs on carbon dioxide emissions and universal health care. Schwarzenegger said he is "the people's servant of California. What they call me-Democrat or Republican or in the center, this and that-that is not my bottom line. This is for them to talk about."

In recent weeks, Limbaugh has complained that Schwarzenegger's views on global warming are "no different than what Greenpeace would say." When the governor called a proposed $12 billion levy on hospitals, doctors and health plans a "loan, because it...goes back to health care," Limbaugh couldn't stop laughing on the air. He said Schwarzenegger's rhetorical spin was no different than former President Bill Clinton calling tax increases "investments".
I'll say this for Arnold: Whatever he does, he's doing it at the state level as it should be done. And isn't that a definition of conservatism, too?

Propaganda On Parade

I presume this is their way of passing the torch to the current moonbats?
The songwriter, labor organizer, and folk hero Joe Hill has been the subject of poems, songs, an opera, books and movies. His will, written in verse the night before a Utah firing squad executed him in 1915 and latere put to music, became part of the labor movement's soundtrack. Now the original copy of that penciled will is among the unexpected historical gems unearthed from a vast collection of papers and photographs never before seen publicly that the Communist Party USA has donated to New York University.

The cache contains decades of party history including founding documents, secret code words, stacks of personal letters, smuggled directives from Moscow, Lenin buttons, photographs and stern commands about how good party members should behave (no charity work, for instance, to distract them from their revolutionary duties).

By offering such an inside view, the arcives have the potential to revise assumptions on both the left and the right about one of the most contentious subjects in American history, in addition to filling out the story of progressive politics, the labor movement and the civil rights struggles.
I'm sure the Party's founders would be more than pleased to see how well their ideas have flourished in today's Democratic Party.

The Greater Evil

The anti-smoking nazis have struck again.
FREDERICKSBURG, Va.-An anti-smoking group called on the U.S. National Slavery Museum to return a donation from tobacco giant Philip Morris USA, saying the company targets children "for another form of slavery."

Matthew L. Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, sent a letter to the museum's executive director, Vonita Foster, last week. Myers said the association with the nation's largest cigarette manufacturer would counter the museum's goal of educating children.

"This is indeed a laudable goal, but by taking receipt of this donation, the museum is joining forces with a company that continues to target children for another form of slavery," Myers wrote.

The museum, which is in the midst of a $165 million capital campaign, does not plan to return the $200,000 donation, spokesman Matt Langan said.
So, smoking that evil weed is worse than owning an entire population for generations, right? Give me a break.

The Three R's Of Jihad

"Daddy, what's peace?"

"Something only infidels believe in, not us. Now be a good boy and go blow yourself up like your brother."
New textbooks for 12th-grade Palestinian students reject the existence of Israel and make no attempt to educate students about peace or coexistence, according to Palestinian Media Watch, an organization that monitors Palestinian Arabic-language media and schoolbooks.

The primary findings of the report will be presented to the Knesset Education and Culture Committee today.

"The teachings repeatedly rekect Israel's right to exist, present the conflict as a religious battle for Islam, teach Israel's founding as imperialism, and actively portray a picture of the Middle East, both verbally and visually, in which Israel does not exist at all," the group wrote in a February report entitled "From nationalist battle to religious conflict: New 12th Grade Palestinian schoolbooks present a world without Israel."
And the Religion of Pieces, the Next Generation, marches on.

Monday, March 19, 2007

D.C. For Dummies

No wonder Washington is so heavily Democratic, where ignorance is bliss.
About one-third of the people living in the nation's capital are funtionally illiterate, compated with about one-fifth nationally, according to a report on the Dictrict of Columbia.

Adults are considered functionally illiterate if they have trouble doing such things as comprehending bus schedules, reading maps and filling out job applications.

The study by the State Education Agency, a quasi-government office created by the U.S. Department of Education to distribute federal funds for literacy services, was ordered by Mayor Anthony A. Williams in 2003 as part of his four-year, $4 million adult literacy initiative.

The growing number of Hispanic and Ethioipian immigrants who aren't proficient in English contributed to the city's high functional illiteracy level, which translated to 170,000 people, said Connie Spinner, director of the State Education Agency. The report says the district's functional illiteracy rate is 36 percent and the nation's 21 percent.
And the illiteracy rate doesn't even include local elected officials.

Welcome To Gaynada

As if being French-Canadian wasn't gay enough.
A report issued at the behest of the provincial government of Quebec directs the government to fight homophobia and heterosexism in every sphere of public life and expeically in schools. Quebec's Justice minister asked the Quebec Human Rights Commission to create a task force in 2005, and that group has published its report called "From legal equality to social equality: toward a national strategy to fight against homophobia."

(snip) The report calls for an all out assault on homophobia and heterosexism, going so far as to demand a separate government ministry to be established to oversee the fight against homophobia. It recommends that the new administration to fight homophobia be granted adequate resources to ensure development and implementation, and that the government engage in media campaigns to promote positive attitudes towards homosexuality and lesbianism. "Let us take as a model the public awareness campaigns concerning drinking and driving, smoking and marital violence," says the document.

In addition to calling for the institution of a "national day to fight homophobia" the report also calls on the government to maintain and increase funding to homosexual activist groups-or "LGBT community organizations" as the report refers to them.
Well, if they ever need a lesbian prime minister, Hillary will need something to do when she loses in '08. Government stupidity. Don't vote without it.

It's Been Nice Knowing You

As I expected, Gonzo is history.
Republican officials operating at the behest of the White House have begun seeking a possible successor to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whose support among GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill has collapsed, according to party sources familiar with the discussions.

Among the names floated Monday by administration officials are Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and White House anti-terrorism coordinator Frances Townsend. Former Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson is a White House prospect. So is former solicitor general Theodore B. Olson, bit sources were unsure whether he would want the job.

(snip) In a sign of Republican despair, GOP political strategists on Capitol Hill said that it is too late for Gonzales' departure to head off a full-scale Democratic investigation into the motives and timing behind the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.
Bush has no one to blame but himself for this. Maybe he ought to pick Harriet Myers. At this rate she'll be the only Bush crony left available to help Bush fill out the next year and a half.

Got Chocolate?

Oh shut up already.
The slow pace of New Orleans' post-Katrina recovery is part of a plan to change the city's racial makeup, Mayor Ray Nagin told a national newspaper publihsers' group last week.

According to The Washington Post, Nagin made those remarks at a dinner meeting Thursday of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a trade group for newspapers that target black readers. He told editors and publishers that the slow recovery is part of a plan to change the racial makeup, and hence the political leadership, of the city.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what happened in New Orleans could happen anywhere," Nagin told the association. "They are studying this model of natural disasters, dispersing the community and changing the electoral process in that community."
Having an incompetent buffoon running the city doesn't help matters either, you moron.

Mom And Pop's Porn Shop

Ah, the family business. The backbone of America!
Sunny Lee has some really supportive parents.

The 20-something gal has made a name for herself as the "Shirley Temple of Porn," thanks in large part to the help of her loving parents, ABC News reports.

Lee (not her real name) still lives at home with her parents, Mike and Shelby, who help her in every aspect of the business-from helping her create a doppelganger sex doll to bagging her dirty underwear for sale online.

"We're not kinky parents," Mike insists to ABC News.
You said "Gang her." Uh-huh huh huh huh huh!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Long Arm Of The Law

Now this is ironic.
A man who spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn't commit was convicted Sunday of murdering a photographer, whose charred bones were found in a burn put outside his home.

Steven Avery, 44, put his head down and shook it when the verdict was read. He faces a mandatory life prison term for killing Teresa Halbach, 25, on Halloween 2005 near his family's salvage yard.
Well, at least his new home will be a familiar one...

Big Mother

I'd never vote for Obama, but this is pretty darn good.
It may be the most stunning and creative attack ad yet for a 2008 presidential candidate--one experts say could represent a watershed moment in 21st century media and political advertising.

Yet the groundbreaking 74-second pitch for Democratic Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, which remixes the classic "1984" ad that introduced Apple customers to the world, is not on cable or network TV, but on the Internet.

(To see the video, go to:

And Obama's campaign says it had absolutely nothing to do with the video that attacks one of his principal Democratic rivals, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Indeed, the ad's creator is a mystery, at least for now.
Is this really the future of politics? Whatever it is, it's effective.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Prison Bound

Now this is a kid who's apparently looking forward to grabbing his ankles for the rest of his life.
NELSONVILLE, Ohio-An Ohio seventh-grader was being held Thursday on 128 felony counts in connection with a crime spree that targeted homes, businesses and vehicles.

Andrew Riley was in juvinile detention and facing delinquency counts of burglary, theft, vandalism and witness intimidation.

"There are dozens of victoms," Prosecuting Attorney David Warren said.

(snip) Full Brooks Cafe was one of Riley's targets, Assistant Prosecutor Keller Blackburn told The Ohio News Network. Owner Miki Brooks said the restaurant has been robbed twice.

(snip) "He's so young," Blackburn said. "We need to try and get him rehabilitated through the system."
Well isn't that nice. It should only take about 10 to 25 years...

The Great Bay Area Catfight

You gotta love San Fran Whacko politics.
A looming battle between two of San Francisco's best-known gay and lesbian officeholders already is splitting the Bay Area's Democratic faithful more than a year before their June 2008 face-off.

Assemblyman Mark Leno, 55, is taking on state Sen. Carol Migden in her bid for re-election, and plenty of Democrats are unhappy at the prospect of two powerful progressives duking it out.

In a statement after Leno's public announcement earlier this month, state Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, D-Oakland, urged Leno to reconsider. Or else.

"I am disappointed by Mark Leno's challenge of a fellow Democrat with Carole's experience, accomplishments and skill," said Perata, who warned that all 25 Senate Democrats "will vigorously defend Sen. Migden. To get her, Mark must come over us."
Now hold on there. While I might not agree with the guy's politics or lifestyle, the last time I checked, state legislatures weren't supposed to be Communist politburos. On the other hand, it is California...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Niether Rain Nor Snow

I love it when Mother Nature has a sense of humor.
NORTHAMPTON, Mass.-As the world's warmest winter on record drew to an end with a weekend snow storm, a group of religious leaders started walking across the state Friday to bring attention to global warming.

"People have been asking me what happens if it snows," said the Rev. Fred Small of the First Church Unitarian in Littleton. "I tell them: 'we walk.'"

The nine-day haul from downtown Northampton to Copley Square in Boston was planned far before forecasts called for a weekend of snow and sleet just a few days before the start of spring.

"It was windy and cold. I was walking on the front of the line and I felt like I was the bow of a ship with the wind just coming into my face," said the Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas of the Grace Episcopal Church in Amherst, where the group warmed up on bowls of lentil and minestrone soup after walking eight miles in deep snow from Northampton to Amherst.
Now that's what I call getting bitch-slapped by your Mother...

It Be Ebonics

Yo, this be whack fo mo homies, yo!
The Rochester City School District has moved to "normalize" ebonics, saying that "Black English Vernacular" is as valid as conventional English and that students and teachers are welcome to use it.

Teachers, in fact, are even encouraged to use ebonics themselves in the classroom.

It's part of the multiculturalism and diversity cult. The belief that all things are equal, even when they clearly aren't. And the deep thinkers at the worst school district in the state have decided that their students will have better self-steem if their "home language" is respected in school.
Let's hear it for diversity-and if you can't understand what somebody else is saying in ghettospeak, you're obviously a racist.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

And Reagan Wept

It says much about what has happened to the conservative movement when I actually agree with these guys.

These are gloomy and uncertain days for conservatives who-except for the eight-year Clinton interregum-have dominated political power and thought in this country since Reagan rode in from the West. Their tradition goes back even further, to Founding Fathers who believed that people should do things for themselves and who shook off a monarchy in their conviction that Big Government is more to be feared than encouraged. The Boston Tea Party, as Reagan used to point out, was an antitax initiative.

But everything that Reagan said in 1985 about "the other side" could easily apply to the conservatives of 2007. They are handcuffed to a political party that looks unsettlingly like the Democrats did in the 1980s, one that is more a collection of interest groups than ideas, recognizable more by its campaign tactics than its philosophy. The principals that propelled the movement have either run their course, or run aground, or been abandoned by Reagan's legatees. Government is not only bigger and more expensive than it was when George W. Bush took office, but its reach is also longer, thanks to the broad new powers it has claimed as necessary to protect the homeland. It's true that Reagan didn't live up to everything he promised: he campaigned on smaller government, fiscal discipline and religious values, while his presidency brought us a larger government and a soaring deficit. But Bush's apostasies are more extravagant by just about any measure you pick.

The people who call themselves conservative-the Christian Socialist wing of what was once the movement of Reagan, Goldwater and Jefferson-have no one to blame but themselves for what the GOP has turned into, and why they are now a minority. I hope they're happy.

Just Like Old Times

Quite frankly, I'm surprised Bush didn't think of this first.
President Vladimir Putin has decreed the creation of an agency to regulate the media and the Internet, sparking fears among some Russian journalists of a bid to extend tight publishing controls to the relatively free Web.

Putin signed a decree this week merging two existing agencies into one that will license broadcasters, newspapers and Web sites and oversee their editorial content.

The step, taken with national elections due next year, unites the organization supervizing media and cultures, Rosokhrankultura, with the federal body controlling telecommunications and information technology, Rossvyaznadzor.
In Russia this is what ex-Communists do. In America this sort of thing is promoted by Christian Socialists.

Not By The Hair Of Their Chinny Chin Chin

Let me guess: The big bad wolf is Bush in the new version.
Little Red Riding Hood...Hansel and Gretel...the Three Little Puppies?

That's what one British school renamed the traditional Three Little Pigs story for a school play, so as not to offend Muslims in the community, London's Daily Mail reported.

Organizers of the children's musical theater performance changed the lyrics' character's names in a move some-including Muslims-are saying went too far.

"The vast majority of Muslims have no problem whatsoever with the Three Little Pigs. It's always been the traditional way of telling the story and I don't see why that should be changed," Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra from the Muslim Council of Britain told the Daily Mail, saying the name change was "bizzare."
This is 21st-century England we're talking about here. Of course it's bizzare.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Coward Fesses Up

All that waterboarding has paid off.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, confessed to that attack and a string of others during a military hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a transcript released Wednesday by the Pentagon.

Mohammed claimed responsibility for planning, financing, and training others for bombings ranging from the 1993 attack at the World Trade Center to the attempt by would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight with explosives hidden in his shoes.

In all, Mohammed said he was responsible for planning 29 individual attacks, including many that were never executed. The comments were included in a 26-page transcript released by the Pentagon, which also blacked out some of his remarks.
I have many problems with the way this administration tries to get information, but in this case I have no problem with helping this guy meet Allah as soon as possible.

A Prius Primer

Attnetion all environmentalists: That fancy hybrid you like to brag about is even worse for Mother Nature than those evil SUV's.
Building a Toyota Prius causes more environmental damage than a Hummer that is on the road for three times longer than a Prius. As already noted, the Prius is partly driven by a battery which contains nickel. The nickel is mined and smelted at a plant in Sudbury, Ontario. This plant has caused so much environmental damage to the surrounding environment that NASA has used the 'dead zone' around the plant to test moon rovers. The area around the plant is devoid of any life for miles.

The plant is the source of all the nickel found in a Prius' battery and Toyota purchases 1,000 tons annually. Dubbed the Superstack, the plaque-factory has spread sulfur dioxide actorss northern Ontario, becoming every environmentalist's nightmare.

"The acid rain around Sudbury was so bad it destroyed all the plants and the soil slid down off the hillside," said Canadian Greenpeace energy-coordinator David Martin during an interview with Mail, a British-based newspaper.
In South America, rain forests are clear-cutted to make way for soybeans to please veggies. In Canada, the environment is being destroyed to make liberals feel better and thumb their noses at the rest of us heathens. So you tell me-who are the bigger hypocrites here?

Banana Boondoggle

This is a big "whoops!"
Banana company Chiquita Brands International said Wednesday it has agreed to a $25 million fine and admit paying a Colombian terrorist group for protection in a volatile farming region.

The settlement resolves a lengthy Justice Department investigation into the company's financial dealings with terrorist organizations in Colombia.

In court documents filed Wednesday, federal prosecutors said the Cincinnati-based company and several unnamed high-ranking corporate officials paid about $1.7 million between 1997 and 2004 to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, known as AUC for its Spanish initials.
That's bad mojo. When you start paying protection money, it can quickly lead to a Slippery Peel.

Cleaning Up the Town

The Lamestream Media will not be pleased.
The rate of killings of US troops in Iraq has been on the decline, down by 60 percent, since the launch of the new security measures in Baghdad, according to statistics revealed by the Multi-National Force-Iraq Combined Press Information Centre.

Only 17 members of the US military in Iraq have been killed since February 14 till March 13, compared to 42 from January 13 to February 13; the rate was on the decline during the first month of the security crackdown, compared to a month before.
I've always maintained that if the surge works, by all means keep at it. Any good news that gives the moonbat brigade fits is OK by me.

In My Room

We all need our space from time to time, but isn't this carrying things just a bit too far?
Master bedrooms are on the way out. These days the best homes don't have one. They have two.

And they're known as 'his and her realms'.

An increasing number of couples are insisting on separate bedrooms, according to U.S. housebuilders.

They sasy it has nothing to do with marital problems and everything to do with getting a fabulous night's sleep. But the bright-eyed fans of sleeping alone don't seem keen to discuss it with anyone-apart from their architect, of course.
You know, wives have already had a "His" for their husbands for years. It's called a sofa.

Bumology 101

Young man, meet reality. Reality, meet former liberal.
Steve Wood spent last week living on the streets of Philadelphia. But he's not homeless or even close to it.

The Temple University student from Washington, N.J. was gathering material for a series of articles he hoped would "put a face to the homeless."

(snip) Five days into his project, Wood told the Philadelphia Inquirer things were going differently than he had planned.

"I had plans of sleeping under the stars," he said in comments reported in the paper's Saturday editions. " "I thought I'd be buddy-buddy with people who'd give me the scoop. And I'd checked the weather. Everything said therre was a 10 percent chance of precipitation and no temperatures below 40 degrees."

(snip) As for his experience living on the street, Wood said he was resentful when he saw people who had coffee, but that he lost patience when he heard some homeless people talking about what the city owes them.

"I don't want to be a junior-varsity social worker, but to some extent they make their own bed," he said. "I feel bad for them, but a lot of them have a sense of entitlement."
Welcome to the Dark Side!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Breck Girl Goes Green

No more hair spray for Potsie Webber?

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said Tuesday his campaign would seek to elminate its contribution to global warming by becoming "carbon neutral."

Speaking to a crowd of college students at Bennett College, the former North Carolina senator urged all Americans to help reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

"It's time for the president of the United States to ask Americans to be patriotic about something other than war," Edwards said. "This is an emergency. This requires action now."

Hmm. I wonder if this includes the Senator's new digs:

Bottom Of The Barrel?

Hey, GOP! Want to lose in '08? Just listen to this nimrod.
A leading pro-life advocate says she doesn't think any of the top three Republican presidential candidates are sufficiently strong enough on abortion and other pro-life issues. Janet Folger, a talk show host and founder of the Faith 2 Action group, urges pro-life voters to look further down the polling results for better candidates.

(snip) She called Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor who tops most polls, a "Republican in Name Only" who is "pro-abortion" which makes him "disqualified" to be president.

However, Folger doesn't care for John McCain or Mitt Romney either.

(snip) Instead of the top three Republicans, Folger suggest pro-life advocates look at lesser-known candidates like Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and Tom Tancredo of Colorado, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.
Yes, because pandering to the religious right did so well in the last election...

An Inconvenient Objection

Not everybody is on Al's global warming bandwagon.
Several experts on climate change, including both proponents and skeptics of the man-made global warming theory, question former Vice President Al Gore's assertions in his Academy Award-winning documentary film "An Inconvenient Truth."

"I don't want to pick on Al Gore," said Don J. Easterbrook, a geologist at Western Washington University, told an annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, according to a report in The New York Times. "But there are a lot of inaccuracies in the statements we are seeing, and we have to temper that with real data."

(Snip) "He's a very polarixing figure in the science community," Roger A. Pielke Jr., an environmental scientist at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado, told the Times. "Very quickly, these discussions turn from the issue to the person, and become a referendum on Mr. Gore."
Which is of course the way Manbearpig wants it. After all, if it's not about him, then it can't be important, can it?

I Learned It From Watching You

The Father of the Month Award goes to:
HILLSIDE, N.J.-Police here say a man charged with drug possession had an unusual place to store his stash: his 6-year-old daughter's jacket pocket.

Dennis Riker, 41, raised suspicions Monday morning when he stopped by his daughter's school in Hillside, saying he had left his keys in her jacket.

But the staff at the A.P. Morris School would not let him in because Riker was not the girl's legal guardian. That role belonged to the girl's grandmother.

Police said Riker, unbeknownst to the school, called the woman to ask her to come to the school. Meanwhile, school officials called her, too, but believed someone else answered and impersonated the woman. And then, the actual grandmother arrived, saying she wanted the girl's jacket.

It was all so strange that principal Tracey Wolff called police to the school. An officer checked the coat and found 25 vials of cocaine and a half-ounce rock of crack in the pocket inside.
That would have been one heck of a "Show and tell" in class...

Top Cop Cop-Out

Pardon me if I think this sounds just a little too Nixonesque.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales accepted responsibility Tuesday for mistakes in the way the Justice Department handled the dismissal of eight federal prosecutors but he rejected calls for his resignation.

At a Justice Department news conference, Gonzales said he would find out why Congress was not told sooner that the White House was involved in discussions of who would be fired and when. He did not, however, back away from his stance that the dismissals that did take place were appropriate.

"I stand by the decision and I think it was the right decision," Gonzales said.
Well, I hope he remembers that when Team Bush leaves him twisting slowly in the wind.

The Comeback Conspiracy

It's baaaaack. At least according to Her.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday described past Republican political malfeasance in New Hampshire as evidence of a "vast, right-wing conspiracy."

Clinton's barbed comments revived a term she coined for the partisan plotting during her husband's presidential tenure and echoed remarks she made last weekend in New Hampshire, which holds the nation's first primary.

Her rhetorical red meat to a sympathetic audience of Democratic municipal officials comes as Clinton courts New Hampshire voters and squeezes donors for dollars ahead of a March 31 fundraising report deadline. She also continues to face criticism from the party's liberal base for her failure to repudiate her vote authorizing military force in Iraq.
With Republicans as unpopular as they are now, they'd need a conspiracy to win votes. But I don't think they're that smart.

I Love A Man In Uniform

Yeah, right, because with a gay-hating regime trying to get nukes, this is the most important worry in the world right now.
The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday he considers homosexuality to be immoral and the military should not condone it by allowing gay personnel to serve openly, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Marine Gen. Peter Pace likened homosexuality to adultery, which he said was also immoral, the newspaper reported on its Web site.

"I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way," Pace told the newspaper in a wide-ranging interview.
Well, I'm sure Newt Gingrich will be glad to hear that...

Here In The Real World

Damn straight.
We wise heads in the Washington press corps have pretty much decided that Rucy Giuliani is leading in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination because of ignorance.

Republicans obviously know very little about him. And when they wake up and smell his stands on social issues, he will sink like a rock.

But...maybe not.

Maybe Republicans voters are not so ignorant after all.

Maybe they figure that after losing both houses of Congress in 2006, after Katrina, after Iraq, after the current veterans' care scandal, and taking into account a natural desire for change, the Republican presidential nominee is going to have an uphill fight in 2008.

And maybe some Republicans figure that they are going to need something more than the same old hot buttons they have pushed time and time again.
If the GOP wants to get its act together they are going to have to realize that maybe alienating most of the country isn't the way to go. Pragmitism-an idea whose time has come.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Go Tell The Spartans

OK, now I really want to see this movie.
Iran on Monday strongly condemned the US film company Warner Bros. over the allegedly "anti-Iranian" blockbuster film 300.

Javad Shamgadri, art advisor to President Mahmoud Amhadinejad, told Fars news agency that the film was an insult to Persian culture and in line with the American "psychological war" against Iran.

Zack Snyder's film, based on a comic book by Frank Miller, tells the story of the battle of Thermopylae in Greek history in which 300 Spartan warriors led by Kind Leonidas heroically fought a massive Persian army attack, delaying an invasion by King Xerxes' forces and giving Greeks time for a counterattack.
An insult to Persian culture? That's funny; I thought that's what Abby Dinnerjacket and his fellow cretins running Iran were.

Backing Down Again

It's their new campaign slogan: "We backpedal harder than anyone else. We're the Democratic Party."
Top House Democrats retreated Monday from an attempt to limit President Bish's authority for taking military action against Iran as the leadership concentrated on a looming confrontation with the White House over the Iraq war.

Officials said Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of the leadership had decided to strip from a major military spending bill a requirement for Bush to gain approval from Congress before moving against Iran.

Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible impact on Israel had argued for the change in strategy.
Bush may be a screw-up in a lot of ways but nobody can take his ability to play rope-a-dope with these clowns away from him. Not that it's all that hard to do in the first place.

Camp Oprah

And liberals say Club Gitmo is bad.
Johannesburg-The rules at Oprah Winfrey's ultra-posh school at Henley-on-Klip near Johannesburg are apparently so strict they make a reformatory look like a holiday resort.

That's the word from upset parents, who say the school rules make it difficult for them to keep contact with their children.

They would have aired their concerns during a satellite link-up with the chat show qyeen a week ago, but that was cancelled at short notice by the school's management body.

Meanwhile the school seems to have made the rules even stricter. Until now, the girls could receive visitors every fortnight, but parents can now only visit them once a month.
Oprah's cult needs a new generation of followers. Brainwashing takes time, you know.

Allah's Climate Experts

It's because we're still infidels, naturally.
Radical sheik Mohammed Omran told followers at his Brunswick mosque that out-of-control secular scientific values had caused environmental disaster.

"The fear of Allah is not there. So we have now a polluted earth, a polluted water, a wasteland," he told a meeting this year.

"What are the people now crying for? The prophet told you hundreds of years ago, 'Look after the water'."
It must make the greenies feel good to have guys like this on their side.

Persian Snow Job

No luchre, no nuke-ay.
Russia warned Iran Monday to expect delays in launching the country's first atomic power station, adding to mounting pressure on Tehran to compromise with the international community over its controversial nuclear programme.

Amid signs of frustration in Moscow over Iran's combative stance, state contractor Atomstroiexport announced that Iranian financial problems mean a probable set-back in completing the power station at Bushehr in southern Iran.

"Insufficient financing of the project means that there is a real delay in the timetable. The delay will probably be two months, according to experts," Atomstroiexport spokeswoman Irina Yesipova told AFP.
Considering Russia's recent tactics, I'm surprised Putin's not sending a few guys down there to break some legs. I guess that's only with countries that won't play ball with Uncle Putin.

They're Coming To America

Quite frankly I don't blame them.
Jews fleeing anti-Semitism in France are flocking to southern Florida, according to a local newspaper. Most of the 14,000 who have fled since 2001 have moved to Israel, but the Florida coast is a close second. Jewish organizations estimate that 2,000-4,000 French Jews live in the Miami-Dade County area.

"The general hostility of Muslims in France toward Jews, is...behind my decision to leave," Rod Kukurudz, who now lives with his wife and their three daughters in Surfside, Florida, told the Miami Herald. "French Jews see the handwriting on the wall and say, 'We're not goint to wait until it's too late,'" said Greater Miami Jewish Federation official Jacob Solomon.
Well, we for one won't turn you away. Let the rest of the French surrender to the Islamists.

Fat Boy Revealed

There's no more love for Mikey Moron from these guys.
AUSTIN, Texas (AP)-As documentary filmmakers, Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine looked up to Michael Moore.

Then they tried to do a documentary of their own about him-and ran into the same sort of resistance Moore himself famously faces in his own films.

The result is "Manufacturing Dissent," which turns the camera on the confrontational documentarian and examines some of his methods. Among their revelations in the movie, which had its world premiere Saturday night at the South by Southwest film festival: That Moore actually did speak with then-General Motors chairman Roger Smith, the evasive subject of his 1989 debut "Roger & Me," but chose to withhold that footage from the final cut

The husband-and-wife directors spent over two years making the movie, which follows Moore on his college tour promoting 2004's "Farenheit 9/11." The film shows Melnyk repeatedly approaching Moore for an interview and being rejected; members of Moore's team also kick the couple out of the audience at one of his speeches, saying they weren't allowed to be shooting there.
Fat Bastard can dish it out but can't take it. Unless it's a platter stacked with cheeseburgers.

ACL-What Now?

Why am I not surprised?
In contrast to their almost obsessive coverage of the Catholic Church child sex-abuse scandal, the leftist media has buried the arrest of a top ACLU official on child pornography charges. The Washington Post ran one small piece in section two of their paper, while the New York Times has not reported the story at all. None of the major networks nor the cable news outlets have covered this story.

Instead of reporting on an ACLU lawyer who not only defends child pornography in court but is himself seemingly obsessed with the vile material, the press decided to carry more news on the death of ever-inebriated Anna Nicole Smith. On March 2, 2007, the watchdog group Think Progress recorded the number of Anna Nicole references made by the three cable networks. The results are as follows:
-Fox News...121
So the two scorned (usually rightfully so) competitors of Fox actually had less coverage of the dead drunk than the "Fair and Balanced" network. I guess another video of one dead Ho is worth more than a thousand pictures of kiddie porn.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Au Revoir

They won't have the head cheese-eating surrender monkey to kick around anymore.
PARIS (AP)-Jacques Chirac, admired and scorned during 12 years as president of France, leaves a legacy as mixed and ambiguous as the man himself.

As widely expected, the French leader announced Sunday that he will not seek a third term in presidential elections in six weeks. In a televised address, Chirac said he would find new ways to serve his country after leaving office: "Serving France, and serving peace, is what I have committed my whole life to."
Well, now he can committ his life to surrendering as a private citizen. So long, Jackie. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Be Green Or Die

Ah, those tolerant leftists.
Scientists who questioned mankind's impact on climate change have received death threats and claim to have been shunned by the scientific community.

They say the debate on global warming has been "hijacked" by a powerful alliance of politicians, scientists and environmentalists who have stifled all questioning about the true environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions.

Timothy Ball, a former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, has received five death threats by email since raising concerns about the degree to which man was affecting climate change.

One of the emails warned that, if he continued to speak out, he would not live to see further global warming.
Al Gore's hitmen are on the move. Dissenters beware.

School's Out Forever

Here come de judge, here come de judge, watch out, parents, here come de judge.
A Superior Court judge in New Jersey says homeschooling is just about the same as deliberate child abuse.

In fact, he says, he just might name a school district in his state as a defendant in a current court dispute, citing the district's "shocking" failure to monitor and test all students-including homeschoolers.

"In today's threatening world, where we seek to protect children from abuse, not just physical, but also educational abuse, how can we not monitor the educational welfare of all our children? A child in New Jersey, who recently was found unfed and locked in a putrid bathroom was allegedly 'homeschooled' and because no one, such as a teacher or nurse, was able to observe any abuse in a school setting, it went undiscovered," wrote Judge Thomas Zampino in a case that came before him.
So he used an actual case of abuse to slam all homeschooling. Because the state has done such a stellar job, right, Your Honor?

At Least It's Not Flouride

This is just too damn funny. "Do you know what dihydrogen monoxide does to a man's bodily fluids, Mandrake?"

Hungry Like The Wolf

We are sending some badass mo'fo's to look for he of the failing kidneys.
AN ELITE group of native American trackers is joining the hunt for terrorists crossing Afghanistan's borders.

The unit, the Shadow Wolves, was recruited from several tribes, including the Navajo, Sioux, Lakota and Apache. It is being sent to Tajikstan and Uzbekistan to pass on ancestral sign-reading skills to local border units.

In recent years, members of the Shadow Wolves have mainly tracked drug and people smugglers along the US border with Mexico.

But the Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan and the American military's failure to hunt down Osama Bin Laden-still at large on his 50th birthday yesterday-has prompted the Pentagon to requisition them.
Happy hunting, guys. Give Osama a feathered lance for me if you find him. Huka Hey!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Evil Woman

So this explains Rosie O'Donnell!
BUDAPEST, Hungary, March 9 (UPI)-Anger, hostility and aggression may be genetic in women, research released in Budapest, hungary, said.

"Aggression and hostility are predictors of hypertension, glucose metabolism and heart diseases," said Dr. Indrani Halder of the University of Pittsburgh, who planned to present her findings at the American Psychosomatic Society's Annual Meeting in Budapest.

"The genetic marker we found for hostility also may be useful for predicting a person's predeposition to such diseases," she said.
So when your wife or girlfriend yells at you, just smile and take it. Remember, you'll outlive her...

Peace Of Mind

Wow, this sucks.
ATKINSON, N.H. (AP)-Brad Delp, the lead singer for the band Boston, was found dead Friday in his home in southern New Hampshire. He was 55. Police said there was no indication of foul play.

Mr. Delp sang vocals on Boston's 1976 hits "More than a Feeling" and "Longtime." He also sang on Boston's most recent album, "Corporate America," released in 2002.

He joined the band in the early 1970s after meeting Tom Scholz, an MIT student interested in experimental methods of recording music, according to the group's official Web site. The band enjoyed its greatest success and influence during its first decade.
I still have their first album, which was one of the first records I ever bought. Formulaic? Maybe. But they represented a time and place in music that will never come again. R.I.P.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Laws Are For Sissies

"Constitution? We don't need no stinkin' Constitution!"
The nation's top two law enforcement officials acknowledged Friday the FBI broke the law to secretly pry out personal information about Americans. They apologized and vowed to prevent further illegal intrusions.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales left open the possibility of pursuing criminal charges against FBI agents or lawyers who improperly used the USA Patriot Act in pursuit of suspected terrorists and spies.

The FBI's transgressions were spelled out in a damning 126-page audit by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine. He found that agents sometimes demanded personal data on people without official authorization, and in other cases improperly obtained telephone records in non-emergency circumstances.
The American people will rue the day they let Bush and his cronies get away with this stuff. But hey, we're at war, remember? Anything goes, right?

Lock And Load

Long live the Second Amendment!
WASHINGTON (AP)-A federal appeals court overturned the District of Columbia's long-standing handgun ban Friday, rejecting the city's argument that the Second Amendment right to bear arms applied only to militias.

In a 2-1 decision, the judges held that the activities protected by the Second Amendment "are not limited to militia service, nor is an individual;s enjoyment of the right contingent" on enrollment in a militia.

The ban on owning handguns went into effect in 1976.
An armed society is a polite society.


Yet more proof that the U.S. doesn't have a monopoly when it comes to government stupidity.
A pensioner has been threatened with prison or a 50,000 fine if he takes windblown sand back to the beach where it came from.

Arthur Bulmer's seafront garden became carpeted after a week of storms swept tons of sand from the beach across the road.

It seemed like common sense to shovel it into his wheelbarrow and take it back, load by load, to its rightful place.

But the local council did not share Mr Bulmer's idea of logic.

Doing that, they told him, would class as fly-tipping, for which the maximum penealty is a 50,000 fine or six months in jail.
Ah, local bureaucracy. Where those who are too anal for any other work go.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Axis Minus One

Evil is as evil doesn't.
TOKYO-The United States has already agreed to take North Korea off Washington's list of states that sponsor terrorism and a follow-up development will happen soon, Kim Gye-gqan, North Korea's vice foreign minister, said yesterday.

The United States is expected to release a new list in April. Mr. Kim said no conditions were placed on North Kora's removal from the list. After two days of talks in New York with his American counterpart, Christopher Hill, Mr. Kim arrived at Narita International Airport in Tokyo last night and spoke to reporters briefly on his way back to Pyongyang.

"Spring is coming, so the atmosphere will change," Mr. Kim said, describing the first round of normalization talks as "constructive."
Tell me again-how is this any different than what a Dummycrat administration would have done? Bill Clinton must be getting a good laugh out of this right about now.

Boo Bust

Be polite. Be very very polite.
From brawls on professional basketball courts to out-of-control parents at Little League games, unsportsmanlike behavior can be a problem.

Now, some high school sporting officials in Washington state are considering tough new rules-including a ban on booing.

Those who support the ban say that too often, spectators are cruel.

"It's the organized effort to try to intimidate or try to make fun of someone that becomes personal in nature that can escalate then into other concerns that we might have," said Mike Colbrese, executive director of the Washington Intersholastic Activities Association.
We have officially entered the age when nobody's feelings can be hurt for whatever reason. Tolerance Camps won't be far behind.

Cockroach In A Coal Mine

While high-tech gadgets in the War on Terror might be in our future, scientists are discovering that Mother Nature may be the best defense of all.
Annoying as they are, you might want to think twice before you crush a cockroach or swat a fly-you could be killing a future foot soldier in the war on terror. Increasingly, scientists are turning to insects and other creatures for better ways to identify biohzards. "Cockroaches can detect all kinds of things, from anthrax spores to DNA," says Karen Kester, an entomologist at Virginia Commonwealth University. With $1 million in funding from the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), Kester is studying ways to use roaches and houseflies as toxin sentinels isnide contanimated buildings or subways. This, or course, spares humans the job, and it may prove more effective than mechanical sensors, which often lack the range and sensitivity of their living counterparts.
Mother always did know best.

Riding The Rudy Train

Here's yet another one a'them durn libruls jumping ship to catch Rudy's wave.
Rudy Giuliani has wooed Rep. Peter King away from Sen. John McCain. King c0-chaired McCain;s New York campaign in the 2000 White House race, but the Long Island congressman says he'll now be lining up other House members for Giuliani. The ranking Republucan on the Homeland Security Committee tells us he thinks Giuliani is "best qualified to fight terrorism." Giuliani and King got to know each other while serving as summer legal interns. "We'd both rid the Long Island Rail Road into Manhattan," recalls King. "Last Friday, we took Amtrak down to D.C. for a conservative conference. I said to myself, 'Forty years later, and I'm still riding the train with Rudy."
Meanwhile McCain is still piloting the Hindenburg to its eventual fate.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Down With The Sickness

Guess what? Eating like a hippie can be bad for you.
Parental trust in organic food could be a reason more children are suffering from allergies, an academic has suggested.

Jonathan O'B Hourihane, a professor of paediactrics, told peers yesterday that nearly half the population is now prone to allergies. But while many follow the accepted advice to eat a varied and fresh diet, it is the sheer variety of fresh foods now available that may be to blame for the prevalence of allergies.

"The impression that organic or exotic fresh food is better for children may be linked to the appearance of allergies to foods that would have appeared bizzare to previous generations," Prof O'B Hourihane said.
Don't worry. The health nazis will say that all that coughing and sneezing is worth it.

Privacy Is A Dirty Word

Big Brother knows where you live-and wants everyone else to know, too.
WASHINGTON-The Census Bureau inadvertently posted personal information from 302 households on a public Internet site multiple times over a five-month period, the bureau said Wednesday.

The information included names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and family income ranges, said Ruth Cymber, the agency's director of communications. No Social Security numbers were posted, and there is no evidence that the data was misused, Cymber said.

But, she added, posting the information violated bureau policies and federal law.
Well, considering this happened under Bush's watch, I'm not surprised. Because we know how much this administration cares about the law, don't we?

Green Love Machine

Is your sex life green enough?
You've heard of green cars, green tourism and green weddings. Now Canadians should ready themselves for green sex.

For those who like to make love to the soundrack of the global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth, Greenpeace has released a list of strategies for "getting it on for the good of the planet," suggesting "you can be a bomb in bed without nuking the planet." TreeHugger, an online magazine edited by Ontario;s Michael Graham Richard, has just published a guide on "how to green your sex life." The famed adult store Good Vibrations announced last week they would no longer sell sex toys containing phthalates, controversial chemical plasticizers believed by some to be hazardous to humans and the environment alike.
If Canada really wants to be eco-friendly, they can start by recycling Celine Dion CDs into something that's actually useful.

Parliament Of Whores

Wasn't this a Night Court episode?
Federal prosecutors want to gag an indicted former Washington , D.C. madam who has recently threatened to go public with details about her former customers. In a motion filed Monday in U.S. District Court, investigators are seeking a protective order covering discovery material to be provided to Deborah Palfrey and her lawyers. Palfrey, 50, was indicted last week on racketeering and money laundering charges stemming from her operation of the Pamela Martin & Associates escort service, which closed last summer after 13 years in business.
Seriously, how many politicians do you think are desperate to keep her quiet? Will they find her body floating in the Potamac at some point?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Texas Express

"Billy, have you ever been in a Texas prison?"
AUSTIN, Texas (AP)-Police went to 22 Texas Youth Commission facilities and the agency headquarters Tuesday to investigate claims that young inmates were sexually abused and that agency officials covered it up.

Jay Kimbrough, appointed by the governor to look into the allegations at a West Texas youth prison, said the officers would conduct interviews at the prisons and halfway houses, secure equipment and collect documents if necessary.

He also issued a warning to agency employees.

"If you are part of this gig, you need to move on or we're going to find you and prosecute you," Kimbrough said.
The way things are going, it looks like a whole lot of people will soon be grabbing their ankles, and it won't be the kids.

Count Slobula

Meet Miroslav the Slobbo Slayer.
On Saturday, Miroslave Milosevic, a well known member of the Resistance from Pozarevac, invaded the grave of Slobodan Milosevic through his neighbour's coutryard and put up a hawthorn stake, report Serbian media.

The time of vampires

He visited Milosevic's grave twice that Saturday: the first time at 1 A.M., when he wrote the following words in th Book of Memory: "Dark to dark, he is buried in the dark, my mother rests in a grave, and not in a courtyard, it is midnight, the deaf night, the time of vampires, this time I came without anything, without a hawthorn stake, and next time I will come with the hawthorn stake."

He fulfilled his promise in the afternoon of the same day, when he brought a hawthorn state and drove it in the grave.
It couldn't have been done to a nicer creep.

"Burn, Witch, Burn!"

Islamofascists aren't the only ones who want to live in the Dark Ages.
A Long Island elementary school teacher is suing the Hampton Bays school district after she was fired because her administrators allegedly believed she was a witch teaching witchcraft to heer students. Her lawyer is calling the case a "21st century re-enactment of the Salem Witchcraft Trials."

Lauren Berrios told CBS 2 that she was terminated after she was told that she "enticed children into witchcraft and magic through literature."

Berrios, who was born a Catholic before converting to Judaism, said she was fired in 2001 after being falsely accused of being a witch, which is now the basis of her $2 million lawsuit. Her attorney, John Ray, says she was the victim of a public school district trying to push Christian values.
One side wants to behead nonbelievers in the name of Allah, the other wants to burn them at the stake in the name of Jesus. The difference is that our side does it with a smile.

No Republicans For Them

Republicans? Republicans, anyone?