Thursday, November 08, 2012

What If They Held A Strike And No One Cared?

Eurocrats don't like the idea of giving up their perks:
Trade unions on Thursday took the first in series of rolling one-day strikes when officials at the Council of the EU, which represents national governments, walked out in protest at demands by the Prime Minister, and other leaders, for European spending cuts.

The first strike led to 18 meetings of national officials, working on areas from "technical harmonisation and standardisation" to Middle East diplomacy, being cancelled. A second walkout on November 16 is expected to close down the European Commission, the EU's biggest Brussels institution.

A letter sent to governments by the three main European civil service unions accused national leaders of scapegoating EU officials.

"Budgetary cuts envisaged for administrative expenditure are such that the institutions would no longer be able to meet their responsibilities nor to implement decisions and even less to attract competent staff," it said.
Because they were accomplishing so much before...

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