Move On Moves Out

Whatever happened to MoveOn?
The first true online progressive powerhouse — the organization whose tactics and rhetoric prefigured both Howard Dean and Barack Obama — has slid steadily from public view since a very public confrontation with General David Petraeus, dubbed “Betray Us,” in 2007.

“There’s been a choice by them to not be as visible, to do things at a grassroots level,” said Mike Lux, founder of the D.C.-based consulting firm Progressive Strategies. “Even though they haven’t been as out there and visible to the mass media and general public, they’re still incredibly impactful when it comes to their own membership.”

“Other progressive groups are nervous about them pulling back in terms of national strategy and national coalition building,” said Lux. “That’s not what the MoveOn folks want to do, but that’s what people are nervous about — that’s the worry.”
Pity the poor lefties who no longer have a mission, or an enemy in the White House...


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