Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winning The Debate?

People still want to feel safe:
In places like Colorado, Texas, Ohio and Oregon, local reports have noted a surge in gun purchases occurring immediately after the Sandy Hook tragedy. (Read more: Why Gun Sales Often Rise After Mass Shootings.)

The Sandy shooting has "created a national shortage" of firearms and ammo, one Texas gun shop owner told CNBC, who asked not to be identified for fear of a backlash. "All of our suppliers are almost sold out of items across the board."

The person added that he expects gun sales in his establishment to see anywhere between 200 and 400 percent. "At a minimum we'll double our sales from last year," he added.

A representative for Colorado's Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) InstaCheck Unit told CNBC that firearms background check requests was in the throes of "record setting volume." The day following the Sandy Hook shooting the CBI received a one-day total of 4,154 requests — a new historical peak.
So much for the "national conversation." Meanwhile, there does seem to be some real change taking place.

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