Sunday, January 06, 2013

This Inauguration Has Been Brought To You By...

Some people aren't happy with President Obama's acceptance of corporate cash for his second inaugural:
Despite the relative paucity of corporate money donated to date, advocates for tighter restrictions on political donations have not greeted the about-face enthusiastically. "It's not worth indebting yourself to corporate interests just to have a big party," Craig Holman, an advocate with the watchdog group Public Citizen, told the Washington Post. "It's very unfortunate and quite a reversal of what this president stood for."

Holman also criticized the lack of transparency in the PIC's disclosure. In 2009, inauguration organizers released the employer, amount donated, and state of residence for each individual donor. This time, however, the president provided "just a list of names," Holman told the Post.

An inaugural committee spokeswoman, Addie Whisenant, pushed back on complaints about transparency, telling the Post, "The Presidential Inaugural Committee is continuing its pledge of transparency for the American people and is taking extra steps to provide the public with ongoing updates about who is donating to the inaugural. In keeping with the FEC requirements, we will also make public the final list of donors and the amounts they contributed to the [committee] 90 days after the presidential inauguration."
Transparency certainly hasn't been Team Obama's strong suit...

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