Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Why People Still Hate Lawyers

Because, regardless of their motives, of something like this:
Outcry over a request for permission to sue the state of Connecticut for millions of dollars in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting prompted a New Haven attorney to at least temporarily withdraw his client's petition, the attorney said Tuesday.

"I was getting hundreds of (Facebook) comments" about the potential lawsuit. "So I figured I'd take (the request) off the table for now," said Irving Pinsky, who represents the parents of a 6-year-old survivor of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school.

Last week, Pinsky said in his filing that the state had failed to protect his client from what he described as "foreseeable harm."

Since then, a flurry of online comments -- many of which surfaced on Pinsky's Facebook page -- blasted the potential lawsuit and accused Pinsky and his client of trying to profit from last month's tragedy.
Crawling out of the woodwork is never good...

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