Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bully Pulpit

President Obama's solution for the still-struggling economy:
President Barack Obama will use his State of the Union address this week to focus on job creation and the struggles of American families, marking a renewed emphasis on the economic issues that defined his first term.

The president will offer proposals for spending on infrastructure, clean energy and education, according to a senior official briefed on the speech. He will also stress the agenda laid out in his inauguration address, pushing Congress for action on immigration, gun control and climate change.

Obama previewed his Feb. 12 speech in remarks before House Democrats meeting in Virginia last week, where he advocated “an economy that works for everybody.”

“I’m going to be talking about making sure that we’re focused on job creation here in the United States of America,” he said.
It's nice to know that Obama still cares about job creation, but why now? More to the point, why the same old ideas that didn't work before?

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