Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When Opportunity Works

Confirmed: Liberals hate poor kids and the programs that actually help them:
This program would have died four years ago, unceremoniously, had Senate Democrats and President Obama gotten their way. Since then, whole new classes of high-school students have graduated. In the past, such students have gone on to Howard and Brown, among many other colleges. No educational solution is perfect for every student, but this one has been weighed on the scales, in public, over and over, and found to be more than sufficient. It has shown results, for the exact students we wish to help, at a lower price than failing them costs at some of the area’s public schools.

Ignoring this opportunity and others like it to do what works is unconscionable. But it’s amazing how quickly the urge “to help even just one child” disappears as soon as a program veers anywhere near a liberal sacred cow.
Some sacred cows were meant to be slaughtered. It's for the children!

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