Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Homelessness 101

How to be a successful street person:
His main focus at the moment: a "private course in Applied Homelessness," whereby he offers folks a chance to experience the homeless lifestyle during a three-day tour. Tuition is $2000 of which 25% will be donated back to shelters and pay for expenses, like the purchase of clothes for potential clients.
Although Momany looks at the venture as a business, he's also hoping to raise awareness of the growing homeless population in Seattle which has increased by 15% since 2007. By offering a real life homeless experience, he's hoping to inspire new approaches to solving the problem.
According to Momany, students will be dressed in appropriate homeless garb, given new names as well as "a simple life script." The dense curriculum includes visits to popular homeless hangouts like the Seattle Public Library and students will be given opportunities to converse with other homeless people, pan handle and nap on benches. On one particular night, they will roam the streets at 3 a.m. Each night will be capped off with a stay in a $15-per-night hostel.
So what's next? Homeless franchises? Run from cardboard boxes?

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