Friday, December 27, 2013

Nerds In Jail

What's it like to be a geek on the inside?
Yes, it will be scary.

This anonymous writer worked in IT consulting before he was sentenced: "It was scary, since I hadn't punched anyone since the seventh grade, and most of the people I might have to fight were 20 years younger than me ... Everywhere you go, you have to be alert. There are so many dangers. You could be in danger if you bump into somebody, if you look at someone wrong, or for no reason at all. I am so much more vigilant of my surroundings, even years later. My ability to read people is greatly improved, because it was so important there."

But you'll also get opportunities.

"Before prison, I liked to play guitar. Inside prison, I got to play in the music program and got pretty good. It was a matter of putting in the time. I also had books sent in so I could study music theory. Before prison, I had six years of junior high and high school Spanish. In prison, I made friends with many people from Spanish-speaking countries and got fluent. I didn't just talk with them; I watched TV with them, studied the Bible in Spanish with them, read novels in Spanish. In those eight years I went from high school Spanish to fluent. I also found a job where I could program computers, creating databases used within the facility for things like tracking sports leagues or scheduling medical appointments. I then had books sent in to study new languages, design patterns, Xtreme and Agile methodologies, and more. I left knowing so much more than when I arrived."
So it's like going back to college, but with more jocks around you...

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