Tuesday, December 10, 2013

One Hand Feeds The Other

Collusion in effect:
Earlier this year, several members of Congress introduced a bill that would amend the IRS code to permit the kinds of changes enacted by San Jose and Orange County. "The federal government should not be standing in the way of states, cities and counties that are attempting to take the initiative in solving their own deficit problems," co-sponsor John Campbell, a Republican representing part of Orange County, said when the bill was introduced in January. The bill has bipartisan backing, including Democrat Loretta Sanchez, who also represents one of Orange County's congressional districts. But so far the bill has gone nowhere, in part because of union opposition. ...

The IRS has failed, for years, to resolve the pension issue. It has appeared several times on an annual list of priorities the IRS says it intends to address, but that has yet to result in any ruling. And the IRS doesn't comment on pending matters. Why are the bureaucrats sitting on their hands? Some critics believe the delay is thanks to the big government unions in Washington. The IRS is part of the U.S. Treasury, and from what he has been able to learn, Orange County Supervisor John M.W. Moorlach believes these unions "have a stranglehold on the Treasury Department."
As they are wont to do...

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