Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Anti-Libertarian Dream

Liberals lament digital freedom:
The digital revolution has given us 3D printers--which help people make guns regardless of regulation. It has given us the means to gamble from our own homes. It has given us an experimental currency outside government control and management. It has allowed communities of affinity to discover facts and arguments they would not have the means to encounter in a more centralized world of news and communication, and propelled strange candidates like Ron Paul to prominence.

All that has not been accident. It is inherent in a very libertarian-at-heart "digital revolution."

The Left alas, will have to invent its own institutions and methods to get what it wants--like, say, an attempt to register and restrict access to and prohibit tools of personal defense, picayune shaping of people's choices of fun, a huge central bank by which to manage the currency for its elite needs and enrich the well connected, and politicians who say only those things that near majorities want to hear. Wherever will the Left find its dream coming true?
I suppose that's what the physical halls of power are for...

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