Friday, December 20, 2013

The Politics Of Slumming

Going homeless can be bad for your health:
Two days into his three-day experience of living as a homeless person, sleeping on subways and visiting shelters, Queens City Council member Ruben Wills came down with a case of pneumonia.

The Democratic politician was diagnosed at a Brooklyn hospital Tuesday night, which he entered without an ID or insurance card. The next morning, Wills opened doors for customers at a McDonald's and pumped gas, using the money people gave him to pay for a $25.99 bottle of antibiotics.

The councilman returned home but vowed to try again when he receives a clean bill of health from his doctor. "I needed to experience homelessness to really properly advocate for the homeless population," Wills told the New York Daily News at the start of his challenge.
Even if it kills him?

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