Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Failing Grade

The case of the school and the classes that weren't there:
A 2012 investigation found that some UNC-Chapel Hill students were receiving grades for classes which they had not attended and which required no work beyond writing and turning in a single paper. Many of the classes had been offered by the school's African and African-American Studies Department since the 1990s.

In all, 216 courses were found to be problematic. This past December, the department's former chair, Julius Nyang'oro, was indicted for defrauding the university after allegedly being paid for a class that he didn't teach.

Folt admitted that the scandal of the fake courses had "undermined our integrity and our reputation." However, the university has pushed back hard against claims made by Mary Willingham, a former researcher who claimed in 2012 that athletes had been steered toward the fake classes and added that her analysis of test data showed that 18 of approximately 180 athletes could read only at an elementary school level.
Welcome to the diploma mill...

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