Friday, January 24, 2014

Four For The Price Of One

Can a candidate actually run for Congress this way?
As he sees it, all roads lead to Rome.
"No matter where you win a seat in Congress, you go to the same building. You do the same work," he said. "You can work for your constituents, which all have similar needs, but the key is you go to Washington and help solve the country's problems."
Legally, his strategy is possible. But it likely will be a logistical nightmare.
Running a congressional campaign as a political newcomer is tough enough. Multiply that by four and add a society that's quick to shun "carpetbaggers" -- people who move to a state to run for office -- and you get what some experts predict to be a waste of time and money.
It appears Levene may be the first to try the unusual tactic. But what if he succeeds? Is he blazing a trail for a new campaign model?
How much representation can states handle?

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