Thursday, January 23, 2014

From Riches To Rags

Why Bob McDonnell fell:
Living beyond your means and trying to be something you're not is fraught with danger. In this regard, the McDonnells are extreme examples of modern American culture.

Sometimes people who come from humble beginnings become bitter and resentful, even as they rise in station. And folks who don't have a lot of money, but are trying to accomplish something, often don't have the luxury of holding out for the perfect situation. They have to accept some messiness.

In the writing world, this might be as simple as whether to do a project that feels hackish or trite, but pays well. When money's not an issue, you are a little bit freer to avoid anything that might offend your artistic sensibilities. But if you have a mortgage, credit card debt, and a bunch of kids, you may have to lower your standards.

This seems like a small thing, but sometimes small things turn into more small things. And then big things.

Preachers talk a lot about sexual sins, but I suspect just as many lives (and political careers) have been destroyed by the temptations associated with envy. Greed and covetousness are pernicious.
It's the appearance and attitude that get you, even if it is legal...

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