Saturday, January 11, 2014

Not In The Zone

Has President Obama abandoned the Windy City?
The Englewood neighborhood is probably the most severe example of poverty in Chicago. It is a focal point of the street violence that plagues the South Side. On many streets, the boarded up homes seem to outnumber the occupied ones.

"This used to be a working-class poor community," state Rep. Mary Flowers said. "There used to be hospitals here, libraries, schools, transportation, stores, theaters. That's all gone now."

Walking the streets of Englewood, Rev. Jesse Jackson stopped short of accusing the president of abandoning his hometown -- but Jackson noted the lack of attention to the poverty in Chicago.

"I wish he would do something major like come to Englewood where he was an organizer and bring with him the agencies of government," he said.
Like much else in the President's political life, Chicago only mattered for as long as he needed it...

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