Sunday, January 26, 2014


A man and his iceberg:
As the chunk of ice floats southward to its thawing doom, he'll witness his new home get smaller and smaller until it is no more and he finds himself adrift in the ocean. He hopes to raise awareness of climate change and global warming, and to draw parallels between his mission and the broader human condition. The main challenge, however, will be finding ways to kill time; he'll be there for up to 12 months, the limit he's set on the task. It sounds tough, but Bellini's got a pretty solid track record when it comes to weird endurance stunts.

Bellini defines himself as an "adventurer." Born in a mountain hamlet in northern Italy, his life wasn't always one of great excitement. In 2001, he was a 20-year-old student in Milan, looking toward a career in banking. But as the prospect of spending his life in that sector began to look more and more concrete, he felt so turned off by the idea that he embarked on quite a drastic diversion: he left for Morocco to run the Marathon des Sables, a 254km race on foot through the Sahara Desert, with virtually no training.
Sink or swim?

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