No More Dishpan Hands?

The dishes you'll never have to clean:
The innovative tableware is comprised of a special variation, known as nanocellulose, that’s not only lightweight and malleable, but also durable enough to withstand accidental drops. In fact, the wonder material’s strength is on par with Kevlar, a synthetic fiber that’s used in manufacturing bulletproof vests and other impact-resistant products. Shaping the material into usable dining sets involves producing a flexible sheet that can be heat-pressed into a specific mold. To decorate the bowl, the designers employ a marbling technique, giving it a blended blue-and-white glazed appearance.

Self-cleaning properties are added through the application of a super-hydrophobic coating that Glansén describes as all-natural and engineered to mimic the the water-shedding ability of the lotus leaf. A surface is considered super-hydrophobic when it repels liquids at a very high “contact angle” (175 degrees), meaning the angle where a water droplet comes in contact with the surface. The higher the contact angle, the better it is at causing water to bead off.
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