Friday, January 17, 2014

The Buck Finally Stops Here

Is President Obama finally getting blamed for the economy?
Some polls suggest things haven't changed. A Washington Post survey last month found that 50 percent of those questioned said Bush is more to blame than Obama for the state of today's economy, and 38 percent said Obama is more to blame. (Seven percent blamed both equally.) The figures are pretty much the same as they were two years ago.

But Republican pollster David Winston, who works closely with the House GOP leadership, has tried to get at the question another way. The names "Bush" and "Obama" are so politically loaded that people sometimes retreat to party corners at their very mention. So Winston has been asking this instead: "Which is causing more problems in the economy? The policies of the past? Or the policies of the present?"

When Winston asked the question in November 2012, 53 percent of those surveyed said the policies of the past were causing more problems, and 44 percent said the policies of the present.

When Winston asked the same question not too long ago, in November 2013, 41 percent said the policies of the past, and 49 percent said the policies of the present.

That's a pretty significant change. Take the hot-button names out of the question, and Americans see the government's actions today as a source of current economic woes. "When you talk about policies, they've done a flip," says Winston. "It's the transition from President Obama being a solution to the current situation to his being part of the reason why the current situation exists."
If you're not part of the solution...

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