Friday, January 24, 2014

The Decline And Fall Of CNN

They certainly seem to be on their last legs:
I'm telling you, folks, this is stunning: 98,000 viewers in prime time on a national cable news network that, by the way, used to have a monopoly on cable news. Up until 1996 or '7, they were it. They just sit there and lose their audience. They just keep losing it and losing it -- and to those of us on the outside, it's clear why, and apparently it is not clear to them. It just stunning.

In the old days of broadcasting and media, this wouldn't have been allowed to get to this degree. There would have been heads rolled and massive changes years ago. They would not even be permitting this, and there certainly wouldn't be anybody remaining at that place called a star, and there wouldn't be an exec that was considered at the top of his game. It's just... The corruption of everything, achievement-wise, that the left touches, to me is just remarkable.

Now, in addition to that, they're laying people off left and right. We just learned that 40 senior journalists have been laid off at CNN, including a pregnant producer who is due to give birth I think to twins in two weeks. It may not be twins, but the birth is in two weeks. They've actually been laying people off since November. So it's stunning, to me, it truly is.
They could never accept that they were no longer the kings of cable news. Now they're paying the price of arrogance.

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