Monday, January 06, 2014

Vacations For Me

But not for thee?
A day before his Sunday return to Washington, DC, from a two-week holiday visit to the state of his birth, Obama criticized Republicans for going home for the holidays:

"Just a few days after Christmas, more than one million of our fellow Americans lost a vital economic lifeline - the temporary insurance that helps folks make ends meet while they look for a job. Republicans in Congress went home for the holidays and let that lifeline expire. And for many of their constituents who are unemployed through no fault of their own, that decision will leave them with no income at all."

As the Washington Post reports, Obama spend Saturday golfing, hiking, and dining with his family in Hawaii:

"Before taking off, the Obamas enjoyed a family dinner at Buzz's, a casual restaurant with tiki torches in Lanikai, near their Kailua vacation home. Earlier Saturday, the president and first lady went for a 15-minute hike before the president headed out for one last round of golf, this time with aide Marvin Nicholson and White House chef Sam Kass."
Maybe he wants to do all of their vacationing for them?

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