Friday, February 21, 2014

Takeout 9-11

Would you like arrest warrants with that?
The town of Le Cannet, close to Cannes in the Alpes-Maritimes is set to become the first to benefit from a 'drive-through' police station - as long as their car engines are switched off.

Inspired by the drive-through takeaways and supermarkets, already a familiar sight in France, the new service will allow the victims of crime to report an incident without leaving the comfort of their own car.

A police officer, manning the booth, will be on hand to deal with various administrative duties. The booth will come complete with an intercom to allow people to alert an officer at night.

The drive-through station, known as 'police drive', which features a three-metre wide window, was originally designed to help disabled people report incidents.

But Alain Cherqui, Deputy Director General in charge of security and crime prevention in Le Cannet realised the concept would work just as well for able-bodied residents.
No word on whether or not value meals will be included...

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