Friday, March 07, 2014

Blogging In the Years: 1992

Does Dan Quayle need spelling lessons?
Given a stack of yellow cards, Mr. Quayle and a student both spelled the first word, president. Mr. Quayle even made a joke, using it in this sentence: "The President always tells the Vice President what to do."

Then the word potato came up. Mr. Quayle instructed William to go to the board. The bespectacled lad quickly printed P-O-T-A-T-O.

"That's fine phonetically," the Vice President said, "but you're missing just a little bit."

With Mr. Quayle's coaxing, William warily added an E. Rumbling From Reporters

That set off rumbling from the dozens of reporters crammed into the classroom. Several of them near the back of the room sought the nearest reference, "The Rainbow Dictionary," to confirm that the standard spelling of potato is without an E.
Next thing you know, he'll be taking shots at fictional TV characters...

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