Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flipping Points

Where the Senate is up for grabs:
Democrats' outlook in Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisiana and Alaska, where AFP has spent big against the incumbents, has diminished. And GOP recruiting successes in New Hampshire and Colorado have added a pair of seats that didn't look like they were in play a year ago.
The news over the past year has not been all bad for Democrats. They have improved their standing in Georgia and Kentucky, where capable contenders for Republican-held seats jumped in last summer. Both races are currently in Cook's "Tossup" category. And as the above map shows, things have gotten better for Democrats in Iowa, where the GOP field has been lackluster. Finally, Mississippi still looks out of reach for Democrats. But they are keeping an eye on it, given the competitive primary there that, depending on the outcome, could mean a more competitive general election.
But overall, things are looking up for the GOP.
Good news, but all the same, don't get cocky, kids...

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