Saturday, March 08, 2014

Spring Break

Never let international tensions get in the way of the weekly vacation:
Despite some apparent discussion over cutting the president's trip short, White House spokesman Josh Earnest indicated the president would be able to handle the crisis from out of the office.

"The president over the course of a very busy week has maintained his schedule and his ability to monitor ongoing events in Ukraine. I would anticipate that he'll do the same thing this weekend," Earnest said. "And the fact of the matter is what the president is doing this weekend in Florida is essentially what the president will be doing if he stayed back at the White House. It's just that the weather will be a little warmer."

He said Obama plans to spend time with his wife and daughters while in the Keys. "There are some recreational amenities on the property, including workout facilities, tennis courts, a couple of golf courses," he noted.

But he also said Obama is keeping in touch with allies in Europe and other world leaders. "So if there is an opportunity for the president to enjoy some of those amenities, then he'll do that. But we'll have to see," he said. He noted that Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken is traveling with the president. And Obama has "the regular assortment of communications tools that will allow him to convene in a secure fashion meetings with his national security team, if necessary."
Just don't interrupt his busy golfing schedule...

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