Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Barricades

Europeans aren't feeling the welfare state:
With jobless rates still high in many countries across the European Union, entrepreneurship could help ease unemployment in some of these nations by opening up new sectors of economic activity that stimulate job creation. However, majorities in many EU countries -- including nearly all Italians and Greeks -- say their government makes it difficult to start a business, potentially discouraging entrepreneurship where it is needed most.

While residents in most EU countries are more likely to feel the government makes it hard, rather than easy, to start a business, this perception is particularly troublesome to future growth in countries such as Greece and Spain, where unemployment is not expected to drop much lower than 26% this year. New jobs in these and several other European countries will largely need to come from the private sector after austerity measures forced some of the deepest public-sector job cuts in a generation.
Austerity as the mother of privatization?

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