Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Last Primitives

A "lost tribe" makes contact:
The tribe, which numbers about 200, lives in Acre State. The Government follows a policy of not contacting them but monitors their land as it is threatened by logging, mining, cattle ranching, fishing and hunting.

Leaders of the Ashaninka tribe, which shares territory with this tribe and other uncontacted ones in the Amazon, have asked the government and NGOs for help in controlling the encroachment of these tribes in their own area, according to Reuters.

According to Survival International, an organisation working for tribal people's rights worldwide, this particular uncontacted Amazonian tribe grows crops, peanuts, bananas, corns and more.

The pictures also show banana plants near the tribe's straw-roofed huts.
They don't have to deal with government bureaucrats-the tribe may be better off than they realize...

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