Monday, April 28, 2014

Eat And Drink Me

At long last, bottled bottled water:
A team led by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez has been working on the Ooho water bottle, which, according to Smithsonian magazine, could reduce to obsolescence the 50 billion plastic bottles that Americans use each year.

The Ooho water bottle resembles a jellyfish and is made of edible material.

Gonzalez took inspiration from the culinary technique 'spherification' by legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adria, who used this technique to add juice-filled pearls to bubble tea.

"The main point in manipulating the water as solid ice during the encapsulation is to make it possible to get bigger spheres and allow the calcium and algae to stay exclusively in the membrane," Gonzalez told the Smithsonian.

The scientists received accolades from critics for his invention, but he also revealed that not all reactions were positive. He compares the edible water bottle's fortified layers to a fruit's skin.

"The jelly texture around [the bottles] is something we are not used to yet. Not all of the reactions were positive. Some people say that [the bottles] are like breast implants or jellyfish," he said.
Now, if they could do this with beer...

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