Saturday, May 03, 2014

Cheese Head

There apparently won't be any hood giveaways after all:
A Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial hopeful backed off his plan to distribute Ku Klux Klan-style hoods at the Republican state convention Friday, acknowledging that it was a ploy to draw media attention to his campaign.

Brett Hulsey, a bombastic state representative from Madison, is vying with better-funded Mary Burke for the Democratic nomination to take on Republican Gov. Scott Walker in November. Burke is widely seen as the front-runner, and Hulsey's campaign has been little more than a sideshow so far, with invitations to join him for beers, farmer's market outings and at a tailgate party.

Husley told reporters Thursday that he planned to dress up as a confederate soldier and hand KKK-style hoods to Republicans at their annual gathering in Milwaukee. He said he wanted to mock a GOP proposal calling for the Legislature to affirm Wisconsin's right to secede and what he called racist Republican policies.

Democrats and Republicans alike have distanced themselves from Hulsey's antics over the last few weeks. Wisconsin Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate has said handing out KKK hoods has no place in the public dialogue. Gerard Randall, chair of the state GOP's black caucus, on Friday called the plan a reprehensible stunt.

"He's brought dishonor upon himself and other members of the Democratic Party," Randall said.
How? By reminding Democrats of their own racist origins?

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