Sunday, May 11, 2014

Personal Guard

I guess everyone needs protection:
Operation Moonlight consisted of sending two agents from the so-called Prowler surveillance team to monitor Chopey's home in the morning and evening. The paper reported that the trips began on June 30 of that year and continued through July before slowly tapering off in August.

In addition to their work patrolling the mansion, members of the Prowler team also monitor the southern side of the executive mansion whenever crowds gather to watch the president and first family travel via motorcade or helicopter.

Agents inside the Washington field office were concerned that the diversion of agents increased security risks to the compound and the president, two people familiar with the discussion told the newspaper. A spokesman for the agency told the Post that the agents involved were not part of the president's protective detail and therefore the operation had no impact on it.

Sullivan left the Secret Service in 2013 nearly a year after a scandal involving members of the presidential protection team hiring prostitutes ahead of a trip by President Barack Obama to Colombia in 2012. In a statement to the Post, Sullivan said a supervisor in his office authorized the visits to the assistant's home without his knowledge, that they lasted only a few days and that they were appropriate given the report of threats to an employee.
Or even an ex-employee?

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