Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Riding Lessons

Finally-bike coaches:
After two years of falling and frustration, Max's mom hired Howard Roth, a Long Island based bike coach with his own method.

"Max's problem was there was a fear factor," Roth says. He developed his technique to help his twin boys learn to ride two-wheelers 10 years ago. That's when he published the ebook, "Riding Made Easy."

Roth says balance on the bike is the key, and training wheels can hurt a child more than falling down.

"Lower the seat, take off the pedals and work with them to find their balance," he says.

Private lessons start at $90. Roth has clients of all ages and also works with children with disabilities throughout the tri-state area. And he says he isn't the only bike coach out there.

"There's a moment when they ride when they are astounded at themselves, they are amazed at their abilities, and they can't believe they can do it," he says.
But shouldn't they be able to do that on their own?

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