Sunday, May 11, 2014

Save Our Obamacare

In the Live Free or Die state, a test for Obamacare:
In New Hampshire, Shaheen and Representative Carol Shea-Porter, a fellow Democrat, were among the earliest advocates of the healthcare law. The state's other Democratic Representative, Ann Kuster, was elected after the law passed, but also backs it.

Shaheen said in an interview she shared Obama's view that as Americans get to know Obamacare, they are embracing it. Shaheen said there was "a lot of misinformation" about the law. "The reality is, it's beginning to work for people," she said.

But 51 percent of New Hampshire adults oppose Obamacare while just 37 percent support it, the University of New Hampshire Survey Center reported last month in a WMUR-Granite State poll. Sixty-one percent of the state's voters think medical costs will increase under the act.

"The perception is, 'it will hurt my family and costs will go up'," said Andrew Smith, director of the center. "In a political campaign, that is a big boulder to push uphill."
That stone looks to only get bigger as the campaign goes on...

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