Friday, May 23, 2014

The Women's Club

Professional feminists versus real working women:
While the running in heels-types are busy networking, planning power lunches, and discussing which spa is best for when being alpha becomes too much, we are commuting to work, changing diapers, and wondering if we will ever retire. What, if anything, would an elementary school teacher from Tampa, or heck, this freelance writer in Brooklyn gain from attending one of these conferences? And what of the many women who don't identify themselves as feminists in the first place? How are these conferences reaching them by presenting the women's movement as a highly exclusive club?

The fact is, there is something inherently unwise, and kind of 1-percent, about relying on such a small group of women to make the big changes that benefit us all.
They do seem to be acting very much like the men they complain about...

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