Thursday, May 15, 2014

Strike Day

In cased you missed it, today was minimum wage revolt day:
Protesters claim that one Burger King in Atlanta and another in Dorchester, Mass, were at least briefly closed during the strike, but Burger King spokesman Alix Salyers insists no Burger King stores were closed. Similarly, while McDonald's officials insist that no McDonald's restaurants were closed anywhere during the rally, protesters insist that several were.

In New York City, dozens of workers stood outside a McDonald's nearby Penn Station demanding higher wages and the right to form a union. Protesters partially blocked some entrances to the restaurant where they temporarily stalled, but did not halt, sales.

Naquasia LeGrand, 22, of Brooklyn, says this was her sixth strike since 2012. She has worked as a cashier at Kentucky Fried Chicken for three years in Park Slope, an affluent neighborhood in Brooklyn. She makes $8 an hour and pays $1,300 a month for her apartment. She says fast food workers all over are struggling to survive. "We live in New York City--a multi-billion dollar city," she said. "These corporations are taking everything from us."
Just a reminder-you can be replaced.

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