Monday, June 30, 2014

Need For Speed

You could call it a case of role reversal:
The trucker used his horn to signal the officer as the officer sped by and they both pulled to the side of the road. The officer approached the vehicle and stepped up into the passenger doorway. He introduced himself and indicated that he had pulled the truck driver over because he wasn't sure why he was blasting the horn. The trucker accused the officer of speeding, using a cell phone and driving recklessly in wet conditions. The officer denied the charges.

"Police officers can actually use technology when they're driving. We're exempt," the officer said. He then asked for ID.

The officer asked for the trucker's speed. The driver said, "You passed me! How fast were you driving? Are you above the speed limit as well?" The trucker said he had his cruise control set at 65 mph. When the police officer said that the police car was going 70 mph, the trucker responded, "You were going well over 70."

The cop quickly changed the subject to using a horn "when there's no good reason to," and began to issue a ticket for "unlawful use of horn." At this point, the trucker tells the officer that he is being recorded and the officer says, "You are. too."

As the two argue over who did what, the officer collected various forms and headed to his cruiser to write the ticket.
Speed for me, not for thee...

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