Saturday, August 09, 2014

Bicycle Races

Can a DA go after satire?
The Manhattan DA is asking for account information, contact information, IP addresses, email accounts, telephone numbers and all IP logs associated with the account, according to the document.

A spokesman for Twitter confirmed the authenticity of the subpoena.

"Our policy is to notify users of requests for their account information, which includes a copy of the request, prior to disclosure unless we are prohibited from doing so,” said the company, through a spokesperson.

The account — which satirizes the ‘power’ of the bicycle lobby with over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek pronouncements — recently took credit for an incident where white flags were raised on the Brooklyn Bridge by unknown vandals in place of the usual American flags placed on the bridge.

@BicycleLobby clarified on Friday that it was a parody account.

“None of the claims made here have ever been true. We did not fake the Moon landing or go for a ride with BeyoncĂ©, for example,” it said, referring to two previous over the top tweets.
When parody is taken as truth, prosecute the parody...

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