Thursday, August 07, 2014

Bug Bars

Time for a bug?
"There is obviously a hurdle to get over, in terms of the 'yuck factor,' " Jack Ceadel, founder of the Austin, Texas-based Hopper Foods, says. His company is just one of a handful of bug-infused startups that have popped up in Utah, Massachusetts and California.

Within the sector, food makers are hyper-aware of consumers' squeamishness about eating insects, Ceadel says. That's why his products only use cricket flour, where the bug is pulverized, to make a high-protein powder that can be added to almost any processed food. But more importantly, Ceadel says, consumers can't see the bugs.

"The key to this is that people don't want to see the actual bug itself. It's the legs and the antennae that scare people," Ceadel says.
Which is why we have bug sprays...

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