Monday, August 11, 2014

Death Ride

China gets creepy:
"Samadhi -- 4D Experience of Death," is a morbid "escape room" game that uses dramatic special effects to bring players close to what its creators imagine is an experience of death.
When it opens in Shanghai in September 2014, it will invite participants to compete in a series of challenges to avoid "dying."
Losers get cremated -- or are at least made to lie on a conveyor belt that transports them through a fake funeral home incinerator to simulate death rites.
The faux cremator will use hot air and light projections to create what the organizers call "an authentic experience of burning."
After "cremation," participants are transferred to a soft, round, womb-like capsule, signifying their "rebirth."
And the winner?
"He'll also have to die of course," says the game's fatalistic co-founder Ding Rui.
As in life, he explains, "everyone will die eventually, no matter what they've survived."
Try to look on the bright side:

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