Sunday, August 10, 2014

Right Town

Which is the most conservative city?
Only 11 cities were found to be conservative-leaning, two were neutral, and the rest were liberal. Mesa, a Phoenix-area suburb with a population of about 468,000, easily grabbed the top spot for most conservative city in the country. Oklahoma City and Virginia Beach, Va., followed as the next most right-leaning.

San Francisco held the distinction as the nation's most liberal city, followed by Washington, D.C., Seattle, and Oakland.

Two other Arizona cities, Phoenix and Tucson were on the list. While both showed up as liberal leaning, Phoenix was barely left of center and Tucson was several spots further left.
Well, red and blue do make purple, and there are a lot of transplanted Californians in Arizona. D.C. and the left coast, of course, come as no surprise.

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