Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Transparent Fiction

Members of the Fourth Estate continue to rebel against the one they enabled:
While Congress is on recess and President Obama vacations in Martha's Vineyard, a coalition of free press groups is escalating an already-aggressive campaign against the Obama administration for allegedly freezing out the press and cracking down on reporters.

The flood of critical letters and petitions and statements from First Amendment groups marks a new level of tension in a relationship that for years has been deteriorating. Though Obama, as a candidate in 2008, was widely seen to enjoy favorable media treatment, his administration now is fielding accusations that it's one of the least transparent in history.

Society of Professional Journalists President David Cuillier, in a statement earlier this week, blasted the administration for what he called "excessive message management and preventing journalists from getting information on behalf of citizens."

Press groups' complaints about the administration are manifold. They say agencies are prohibiting staffers from talking to journalists without public affairs office approval -- and sometimes without public affairs employees sitting in on interviews. Further, they complain about long delays in getting information and about communications staff speaking "confidentially" even on routine matters.
Silly press, promises of transparency are for rubes...

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