Thursday, May 12, 2016

Living On The Real Edge

A conservative comic calls out fakers:
“Here’s the problem with a lot of comics … I call it ‘fake shock.'”

“A comic will come out and do something about people in wheelchairs or something and they consider that edgy. And they do something about race and it gets all quiet in the room, so it’s like fake edge. There’s a ton of comics doing it.”

One of the primary targets of this “fake edge” are conservatives, and outlets like “The Daily Show” supposedly demonstrate their “shock value” by mocking them, according to DiPaolo.

“‘The Daily Show is edgy’ people who have interviewed me before tell me. I say ‘Really?’ I go ‘Who’s their target?’ Republicans, right. And who makes up that group: white people 50 and older, that’s edgy! What are they going to do? Hit you with their f****g catheters? How is that f****g edgy?” he said.

“You can’t be liberal and be edgy. You can’t. Being white and being outspoken is being edgy. But no one will call you edgy — they’ll call you racist. But it makes it fun,” he added.
An edge can only exist if you're willing to stand on it...

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