Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Manila's New Man

Meet the Philippines' version of Donald Trump:
eeking to break the establishment mold exemplified by outgoing President Benigno Aquino, voters embraced Duterte’s promises to reduce traffic jams on Manila’s congested roads and fight crime and graft. His support didn’t falter through a campaign that saw him make light of a rape incident, deny accusations of undeclared wealth and back the extra-judicial killing of criminals.
Duterte now faces the challenge of sustaining investor confidence that helped fuel economic growth that averaged more than 6 percent under Aquino, while managing the expectations of an electorate swayed by populist pledges such as taming crime within six months. Investors have previously expressed concern over his lack of economic experience and at-times whipsaw policy promises.
“For six years all I have to do is work,” Duterte told reporters on Monday in Davao. “Judge me not with the newspaper articles they come up with everyday. Judge me at the end of my term. If I do bad, shoot me.”
Careful, sir, in the Philippines that can be an option...

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