Saturday, May 14, 2016

All Bathrooms Matter

No, it's not the same as civil rights:
“There is simply no relation between the struggles that Black Americans have faced and the desire of a tiny minority group to violate the dignity and privacy of women and girls,” said Rev. Bill Owens in a statement sent to Breitbart News. “To suggest some sort of equivalence is a gross insult to all of those who marched with Dr. King and faced fire hoses and hatred in the name of equality.”

Owens reacted Friday to the Obama administration’s imposition of gender ideology on the United States. In the wake of a new North Carolina law that protects the privacy and safety of women and children in public rest rooms, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a lawsuit against North Carolina alleging the law violates the civil rights of gay and transgender individuals to use the bathrooms of their choice.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch argued that a person’s choice of “gender identity” supersedes communities’ common sense privacy rules that women use women’s bathrooms and men use men’s bathrooms.

The U.S. Department of Education also decreed Friday that schools must accommodate a tiny number of apparently gender confused children by taking single-sex bathrooms, single-sex locker rooms, and sexual privacy away from almost 55 million American students in 100,000 K-12 public schools.

Obama has also come out in support of legislation that would amend the Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Owens describes HR 3185 as “an affront to the Black community and a theft of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.”

“Black Pastors will not allow the homosexual and transgender community to rob Black Americans of their battle for civil rights!” he asserts. “If the Rev. Martin Luther King were alive to see this today, he would be angered in the same way that Jesus was angered when he turned over the tables of the money changers.”
Who will turn the tables on the gender changers?

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