Tuesday, June 28, 2016

All Eyes On Them

Paranoia strikes deep in Clinton country:
CNN reporter Dan Merica appears to be one of the campaign’s main targets, according to The Smoking Gun, the website which obtained the emails.

“Watch out for Dan Merica center right,” one press staffer warned in an email sent during an event in Las Vegas in February.

“Dan Merica stage left,” a press team member wrote minutes later.

Campaign staffer Sarah Hamilton also had eyes on a French journalist.

“French journos and dan merica heading to stage right,” she wrote.

Shortly after, the press team appears to have neutralized Merica at a set of bleachers at the event.

“Dan America [sic] is on backstage bleachers,” one staffer wrote, according to The Smoking Gun.

“I’m with dan America [sic] on back stage bleachers,” the staffer added in an update.

The Clinton campaign, which has been heavily criticized for shielding the candidate from reporters at campaign events, appears to have deployed the same strategy at a campaign event in Chicago in March.
Why is she so worried? It's not like they've actually asked her anything...

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