Monday, June 13, 2016

Big Brother's Election Commission

What do Democrats want to do with the FEC?
"They want to take it back to the days when they loved it, when the GOP commissioners were essentially docile and at least one could always be counted on to vote with the Democratic commissioners to give the Democrats whatever they wanted, and when the agency employed people like [former IRS nonprofit head] Lois Lerner," Cleta Mitchell, a Republican attorney who specializes in campaign finance law, told the Washington Examiner on Monday.

Conservatives are worried that proposals from Senate Democrats amount to a growing effort to fundamentally transform the agency. One of those came in March, when Democratic New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall proposed legislation to completely kill the agency and replace it with a more partisan version that, he suggested, would be less divided.

"Gridlock leaves the agency powerless to enforce the few campaign finance laws remaining on the books," Udall said. "We need a new agency empowered to ensure our elections are fair and democratic."
Make them steal elections the old-fashioned way...

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