Friday, June 17, 2016

The Great Whitewash North

Stephen who?
On Jan. 27, 2016, the govern­ment asked Google to remove dozens of sites contain­ing Harper’s news releases in English and in French from search results.

Cameron Ahmad, spokesman for Trudeau, insisted the prime minister’s office did not make the request to have the websites related to Harper removed from Google search results and was not aware it had happened.

Chris­tiane Fox, assis­tant secre­tary for commu­ni­ca­tions in the Privy Council, said the requests to Google were part of the Privy Council’s standard transi­tion from the Harper govern­ment to Trudeau’s. She said the content of Harper’s prime minis­te­r­ial website was trans­ferred to Library and Archives Canada but did not know whether it was online and avail­able to the public.
There is no history here...

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